: Don't be verbal don't get banned. It's not difficult to mute people.
You got your answer before even see your comment. Find another excuse all of you "unflammers" and "Riot community"
: Sure
And before you say "good bye , better for us" after 8 acc it was time. No. after 8 @@@ accounts being demoted the same way. Being banned or perma banned after the same situation. No i dont call this "deserved" . I call this bulls..t. Always for you "they got bad day" and they can give 10-15 deaths to enemy , but 1 time we have a bad day(and no we cant just make 1-2 games and say its ok lets play tomorrow...no fkacign tommorow i dont know if ill be alive. htf you make logic from this???) ooop banned. This is just sad. And btw...these people in whole 8/10 games(the other 2 is the only wins...fsake) in all all cry..."jungle diffrence" , goes adc having 1-0 your support feed your top never helpteam-feed then play like lcs and make you from 1-0 1-4/1-6 and "boosted adc...sell account. "You can mute" (Yes like you can just permantly ban chat but 7 years at least who you "work it" never thought about this)like they can fakcign get just banned insted of make anger the other people and make them lose fakcgn min from their life in horrible games like those. I really dont know what exept of money you guys think in the community. You really sad people.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: > I want something for exchange! I dont care this will be LP, it will be cancelation of the ban? It will be a skin of my choise? I dont care. i want somthing back! You allready have taken much of my time and nerves. Fair enough! Spoiler warning, you won't get anything :P I think the issue is, you keep leaving matches, have you tried maybe not doing that?
well.. i accually didnt expecting anything :P its just the time you are in anger ahahahhaha
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Marvin123 (EUNE)
: Annie is bugged
https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=Metildas This guy just did this with annie. Perma him. name Metildas
: Same to me just right now. pure f@@ cancer
getting who getting hard f%% stuck in same divisions because boosted useless people. just did lose 19lp also...trash company
: Critical Error
Same to me just right now. pure f@@ cancer
: Ajfjhdbakskbd
10 games chat resistant : ...show me the verbal or the harrasment Game 1 i dont really understand...this is his jacket, muscles or he is just fat on that skin : 3rd game in row i dont have jungler but offcurse enemy has kind 5 ganks in 11 min : better jungler wins... : as always xd : you kidding me shaco? : you had 2-0 and i was he did gank you again at 13 min : while you are FACIGN 2-0 : this guys is just trash : i want to see you carry with only 'top ganks'(about kayn who totaly blamed while making ganks only top and almost 6 ganks in 10 min bot from enemy) : enjoy your lose and l2p : lol...you are really trash person(for kayn again because flamed me) : nah...you just play with wrong strategy this game : accually our junger : may i guess btw : shaco kayn premades right? : im just wating how shaco will carry with 8-0-8 : you still didnt get me shaco : my problem is not with you : but with this low skilled jungler : #whole gaem no ganks and then just blame : report kayn totaly toxic : whole game verbal blame and wish you know what : repot kayn..this guy eeds perma ban Game 2 In-Game : use wards guys..thsi udyr likes ganks : i said use wards : guys plz...use wards and play def : we got this : ok : this happends when i m saying whole game use wards : and you use 0 wards : ........................... : boosted team : no..you guys are just feeders : muted : just look at this cait mid and top : ff this : you guys are horrible plaeyrs...i dont want to play with ou anymore : y really dont deserve this win : vote ues : mainly udyr Game 3 Pre-Game : well...i cant reallyhandle it : when whole game you dont push you ward everyone from other side is ganking mid : and a cancerkid like that kha just never show up and only ping if he needs help : this is the reason im getting permanltly banned on my mains accounts : lol : xd(those are massages with a premade that we forget to say it on PM. but no any reason for a teamate to report me. while i dont offend anyone or call this way anyone of them and talk about somthing else...it could be for football..so yes no reason for riot to ban me for that)(thats what we call democracy right? cant talk with a friend for smting else...funny...but guess what...we were talking about lsat game so yes riot and players find a reason for report) : i couldent use it : trap : this low cait got the kill...lol : second game in row no jungler...holly this game : boosted : nah...someone should just dodge the game : we are 4v5 : no jungler no game : 1-5 no ganks : you accually lost your lane what you talking about : YES : and kind 4-5 ganks in 10 min : this guy from 2-1 2-6 : that int in purpuse : 21 -5...why do we even try this shi t : jsut report lee sin for int negative and afk : gg wp
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: i can give you 2 tips 1) don't punch your pc, it tends to broke it 2) use a cable
I have ordered a Cat6 cable already man, i just maked this post so anyone can tell me if maybe there is something else for example from the game or smthing extra that i have to close or smthing.. but with cable i kind had same problem, but with my fps not ms
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