Ocean69 (EUW)
: You deserved it.
I think it isnt worth more then a chat restriction.
: There's a lot of reasons why you are banned. You are very deluded if you don't see them. So cool off and look at it again. Game 1. > The insults are on > Die What even? > .i. We all know what that is lol > maokai grow up pls geez these kids meh i wont argue, mute will do somebody is mad : ' ( jesus these kids,ffs grow up This is not okay,you're degrading them and flaming them,but you're just as same as them. I don't know how old are you but you are childish af. Calling them kids and telling them to grow up doesn't make you look any better or any more mature than they are,so stop doing it. No need to say that stuff or curse so much,it'll make him feel uncomfortable and it sure won't help him play better,he will just argue back and so will you and it'll ruin the game for others too. > u cant report somebody for inting u stupid peace of shit, muted from now on You can't..? Um,yes you can. Inting is not okay and is very reportable. Also rude name calling. Also,telling people how you will mute them for a while and not doing it,just proves you like to argue and go back and forth rather than concentrating on the game,I understand it's the heat of the moment but if you're gonna mute someone or everyone just do it already. Another thing,Report Calling is also punishable. If someone is flaming or trolling,shush and endure it or just mute them,report after the game. One report is enough to trigger the system for it to check up on them and if they did something bad they will be punished,no need to spam the chat or All chat with 'Report him for this and that' Enemy team doesn't care most of the time so it just looks like whining. Besides,don't call people to gang up on someone, 1 report is enough and if they deserve punishment they will get it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Game 2. This game was mostly you flaming Cho and once again trying to make yourself look like the bigger person,I'm not gonna quote anything since it pretty much explains for itself. Did it come to your mind that he just sucks? That he's doing bad this game? He is most likely not trolling,just doing bad and you complaining so much is for sure not helping or making him want to help your lane. You also again said you'll mute him and you didn't,probably until near end of the game. Once again,you're report calling and it's just annoying,how are you not bored of repeating that every game when someone plays bad? ----------- To sum it all up,you didn't avoid flaming and you didn't mute people when you said you would,you just talk too much and you keep arguing. 'I did say some offensive text like twice' My dude,it was much more than twice. ' ITS 2 GAMES AS EXAMPLE FOR 14 DAYS BAN' Tbh it can be just one game if it's really bad. You said it would be different if we saw what they said but that's not the point here,you get judged based on your actions and the way you act,look out for yourself first and then how others act and what they do. Now,don't try to justify yourself to me,you seem like a cocky person so idc do you reply with anything/nothing or trying to prove you don't deserve a ban. I'm not here to argue with you,just to explain what got you banned. After the 14 day ban,the next one is permanent. So stuff like slight flaming and negativity/being toxic could ban you forever unless you can change your attitude,keep your cool and learn not to argue with people,just report at the end if they did something that deserves a punishment. I don't know how much time,effort and money /If you did spend any/ did you put in your account,but if you care about it,please try to change.
Nah, cho gat wasnt bad at all, he was just refusing to help anybody and keep telling that it isnt his fault for losing the game while everybody else spoke otherwise, and yes, u are right, i like to argue, but i dont seem u get that just ignoring something and not getting pissed is easy. Also thanks for the feedback.
bluefirenb (EUNE)
: I got banned, okey : )
I think all of u kinda missed my point, there are far worst players that get chat restriction, i got 14 day ban for this so yeah.
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