: Things new panth E shouldnt block.
i dont know actually but i think riot tried making his e like his passive but i dont know much
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: Leaver Buster Change
freind i agree and i made something as same as you just now but tell me what about players who leaves the game without actually leaving yes i mean people who afk intentionally to ruin games like i had a game where someone just stayed in the fountain not doing anything but still moves and use abilities so he wont be detected as an afk person thats the probelm with leave buster that i see
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: Idea for an Ultimate Skin - 4 Seasons : Map Changer
hey freind i see that your idea might not be bad but i dont not think it might happen soon because ivern is not popular is most champions like lux ezreal udyr sona or miss fourtune but i agree on an ultimate skin for ivern its still a good idea
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