Cyptix (EUW)
: your ult doesnt do that much dmg and your E also doesn't do the most dmg but it's kinda decent. I don't rly know how good you are but using your abilities and auto attacking at the same time is the key to doing a lot of dmg as i know (i played corki like 4 times). Since you build trinity force on corki, every autoattack dmg is amplyfied by shen after you use an ability. I personally don't recommend building voidstaff unless they rly build a lot of MR since Corki does even more AP than AD dmg.
Finron (EUW)
: Corki's good dps in Teamfights resolves from his Trinity Force empowered auto attacks. You can use the ult every two seconds so that a 200% AA every two seconds. After Trinity Force you build crit (you had that with RFC). I think (not entirely sure though) that IE would be better as second major item (sorc shoes not counting) since you deal dmg over abilities + aa and not only aa like Cait. That way Corki deals more dmg over his abilities since at least the rockets scale with AD and the empowered auto attacks are even stronger. I think the best Items to start with Corki are: {{item:3078}} + {{item:3020}} -> {{item:3031}} -> {{item:3094}} /+{{item:3087}} Since you rerolled into Corki I assume that you played an ARAM. The package he gets every eight minutes is pretty strong (especially in pro play) since you have high mobility and a good roaming oportunity. He looses that in ARAm since you can't do good flanks. You guys can roast me now.
My english isn't the best so let me correct myself: I re-rolled, from 3 champion shards, that's what I ment to say (and because why not I tried him), but anyway I apperaciate your comment! Thank you :)
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PaladinNO (EUNE)
: In my case, it was me as Support (Lulu main) with a skilled, premade ADC or jungler. We did a few "cheap shots" games with my premade as Caitlyn. _Poke, poke, poke from safe distance -> they back -> free farm -> win by attrition._ And some more tryhard games with my premade as Jax jungler. _Jax + Lulu W, E and R, and it's shield plus stickyness overload = NO escape!_ 9 wins, 1 defeat...and placed in Platinum 3.
Thank you the advice! We will definitely try this duo :*
: I just went yolo with critical varus . kda was like 12/4 in silver elo :D
My first main was varus, but I completely dropped him after dft and him got nerfed. I know the general build about ADs, but what do you prefer building? I mean you take runan or statikk first? Or what did you build usual? :D and ofc you take warlods as mastery am I right?
bmlevi (EUNE)
: Please help me! What champions did you play at your placement games?
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