: Yeah, I had this problem and I figured it out. So, you need to live in UK in order to be able to see your tickets. Since it is region restricted you need a VPN (which I used) in order to "fool" the website that you are in UK, that is what I've done. Or you can file a ticket to Rito (riot) to pls change this weird restriction... Since UK (soon to be) isn't a part EU anymore also...
Yeah i fixed it with just clearin my history cookies and etc
: sorry to disapoint you cuz i don't have a recomendation but that ain't jinx having an orgasm it's actually a referance to something else it's called the yandere face and it's a referance to this girl Yuno from Future diary where the girl is oppsessed with this boy and that's one of the faces she makes
okay i don't watch that anime but maybe i will weeb friend
: {{champion:78}} Now don't come with the arguments that she's "not over 4800 IP" and "sucks". {{champion:78}} Best champion anywhere anytime. Here are some facts: - She shares her name with flowers. Can't get more badass than that. - She's a tank. And you know what tanks are all about? Popping squishies. - She's exceptionally good at being a tank with her E stunning people and her Q popping them. - Don't wanna fight that 40/0 Ekko? Just ult him away. - Hate it when people just dash away? Poppy is the only champion who punishes people trying to use dashes. - Nothing says "I like to kill people" like an oversized Hammer. - With all that badassery she still manages to be cute at the same time. - She has the best skins without having any legendary or ultimate skins. - Wanna tilt the enemy extra hard? Combine the 2 most tilting factors into 1 with Lethality Poppy. ADC mains are {{champion:86}} teed to cry.
i have star guardian poppy and she doesn't suck plus i said it has to be a jungler
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