Cypherous (EUW)
: Its based on the percentage of the match you missed, being gone for 5 minutes in a 20 minute match would mean being absent for 25% of it, if you missed 25% of your shifts at work they would be firing you :P
If that's the case, I should get my LP back for sure, was gone for about 5-7 mintues in a 35:55 mintues game.
Shamose (EUW)
: Riots leaver system is shit. If you can't connect for 5 min there is no point in returning because you'll be flagged as a leaver anyway.
but I have proof, my score in-game. Shouldn't that be enough to prove that I came back and helped?
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: Pyke is broken
You have a nice argument, full of reasons and examples, however I have to disagree with you on this topic, since Pyke can be easliy countered by just Control wards.
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: LoL Movie!
I want to say that it's too much work, but after that cinematic... A movie and an MMO, thank you.
Hunt3rK1l (EUW)
: I more had an idea of making a hybrid damage with high defensive and sustain capabilities, like Jax or Aatrox, so more of a top laner. You could build full AP with like lich bane as a (on hit) mage in mid
Hunt3rK1l (EUW)
: Champion Concept: Luna - Arsenal Mage
I had a very similar idea of a wandering storyteller, collecting stories and books to manifest them in battle. In fact, the Q of yours and mine are very similar. This sounds like a good idea, do you plan that she'll be a midlaner only champion, or will she also played as a support?
Febos (EUW)
: When you consider how **vast** many MMORPGS are, League is **really tiny**. Just look at World of Warcraft, Warframe, GW2. etc. That's what Riot would be competing with.
Remember, there are still places and factions yet to be heard of, as we can see that there other place that don't have a name in the map.
: Marc Merrills MMO tweet
We definitely a MMO of League, so many good charcters and stories, thet already have so many items and runes to choose from, plus the lore will finally get a good spotlight again.
Takejin (EUW)
: Perm ban for that?
Well, I'm guessing it something about negetive attitude, but I've got to admit it looks like there isn't something wrong here. I might be wrong, yet you should try and make a ticket in the support section, maybe it was a mistake.
VaVoem (EUW)
: plz explain. i dont understand
Dude, she can scale of both AD and AP, the whole buying items changes and upgrades abillities thing.
VaVoem (EUW)
: i did not know Kai'sa has no AA delay. the % is the dmg distribution. not the dmg output.. and i did not give any numbers about raw dmg. so all the points you made about that are not valid. ( the AP ULT dmg distribution was not explained properly. mb.. i edit it.) the lore is something Riot will never copy. so i do not bother with it to much. tnx for the compliment about the ability design :) the whole idea for this champ is that it is suitable for all roles, a real Flex pick by design.
I meant the whole picking your damage type.
Well, think about which insect is the most similar to the champion you made and start changing it until you found one that you like. Don't limit yourself to your own language too, find how it's called in other tounges too, for example, Latin is a great language to find charcter names from.
VaVoem (EUW)
: ES! 'The Equilibrium Sphere'
Oh boy, where do we start. Passive is basically Kai'sa, with too much of a scale. Q is fine. W is a really OP version of Rammus's roll. E sounds seriously broken in tank form, and quite weak in others. R- AP version starting at 100% is some crap, change. AD version- Sounds seriously like one of the best, if not the best team fighting ult in all of league, said so in a bad way, charging time is way too short, why can he move while doing so and why does he also pull them, and again, 100% of dmg, bad idea. Tank version- wow you really like the tank form. A SLOW WITHIN THE RANGE OF A GLOBAL ULT, WHILE DOING DMG ON A TANK'S MAX DMG. WTF. In short, quite an OP champion abillity design. Although the champion design is quite nice, the lore could use some more work.
: Balance team is a joke
That's the actual point. Irelia does takes some skill to play, but combine both the mechanical skill power from a good player and the actual power scale of her abillities and AA's, and you've got an unstoppable player. That's why they nerfed her, to make sure the combination of both mechanical skill and scale is balanced, that's why they also rework Akali, so that it will take even more skill. Garen however, is a different story. Since his kit is pretty simple, it can be outplayed pretty hard too. That's why he was given good scales on his abillities, so that he has a fighting chance. A good Garen player can outplay people, no doubt, but only if he has the scale he has now. Tl:Dr - Irelia was nerfed for too much damage, while Garen won't be nerfed because he needs it to survive.
: Remove stopwatch and alike items from the game.
Oh no, a way to outplay people once with an item that costs 600 gold to get back, darn those Riot Gameplay team members with those stupid and broken ideas. Let me guess, you're either an assassin or a bruiser main.
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: 2M mastery riven main here, played about 40 games of new aatrox since he came out. That claim is bullshit. Very few aspects of their mechanics actually coincide, and their play patterns are different all around too. Aatrox is about bringing sustained AOE damage to a fight and take his opponents down over the course of drawn out confrontations, whereas riven is all about accelerating your combos as fast as possible so you can kill them before they get a chance to retaliate.
However, they share a similar theme of using skill combos and abillities more then just straight AA's, so I wanted to know if the players of new Aatrox can play Riven better then everyone, and maybe Vice Versa. As a main Riven, would you say you had a better time then others learning and playing the new Aatrox?
: The entirety of the claim that he is riven 2.0 is he has a 3 part Q and a dash on E... which also means yasuo is riven 2.0 So the whole claim is false, people heard a YouTuber say it and then just repeated without actually understanding anything
Well, to be honest, on the first day I thought he looked similiar with the whole Q thing, but when I looked deeper and talked with people about it, I understood that they are different champs. Yet still, they share a similar theme of melee champions that rely mostly on skills, therefore I wanted to know if someone checked that.
: To put it simply, anyone with a brain already knew from day 1 that they are completely different champs. Point is, the youtuber that started this meme probably was well aware of the medium IQ of the people who use to follow him (either that, or his IQ is more or less the same), so he was 100% sure that these people were going to scream the same just because "he said that". Nothing more.
Well, to be honest, on the first day I thought he looked similiar with the whole Q thing, but when I looked deeper and talked with people about it, I understood that they are different champs. Yet still, they share a similar theme of melee champions that rely mostly on skills, therefore I wanted to know if someone checked that.
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ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Shouldn't Ornn's E deal damage to turrets?
I would agree with this, but then remember that he can take Demolish, which gives him 30% of his maximum hp, so combine the damage with his E and the Demolish hit, and you got a possible bigger threat to turrets then Heimerdinger with the old Banner of Command and Z'zroth. Not a bad suggestion, only can be used in a really OP way.
: Honored by rest of team, call out a troll, and i get banned for 2 weeks... because logic...
There's a little line I like to remember in these kind of situations: "Don't argue with an idiot, he'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience." True, he fed the enemy team, inted, and trolled. But since you flamed him, and probably the most since you got a ban (but we can't know becaue you didn't posted the chat logs), you are equally worthy of a ban as the inter.
: > [{quoted}](name=calibergunsaint,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=TKUAuB0I,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-07-16T10:22:45.737+0000) > > We've all been there buddy, just ignore them. If it happens so consistently like with rs it is actually the best decision to abandon it for the sake of team harmony. Actually. after we had 1500+AD rageblade jhin, how can people not see the worth of hoa? They should have learned by know, am I right?
: You can't troll picking runes. They are free to choose. While some may be bad choices in certain circumstances it is still ok. Meta-/guide-/popular-opinion-slaves are often very toxic if you don't play the _right way_... For example, in preseason i played klepto-ez with relic-shield. At some point I stopped doing it, although I know it was a good and very viable choice, because in every game almost every teammate pinged on it especially after they made mistakes in a fight I participated in. So I made the choice to give up buying it so my team could focus on other things instead of blaming something they simply did not understand. edit: with jhin I often had problems when I bought ias because people did not understand his passive ("Attack speed is useless on Jhin you idiot!")
We've all been there buddy, just ignore them.
RogueDek (EUW)
: Like Riot cares, got a smurf on my ranked game last day, when he was trying to throw on purpose, went AP Trynd, litterally *confessed* he was trolling, and he hasn't got banned to this day. So, by this logic, why would Riot care if I went and got a friend to hop into my account so both me and him could get 200 BE and an icon? We're not causing any harm to anyone, neither are we doing anything that is stated as illicit in the rules.
"by this logic"- wait, what? There was actual logic behind that example? Just wait for him to be punished, the report system is big, it can't handle all of that pressure. If you want, you can send a ticket, maybe that'll help. And let me ask you this, don't you think that getting some currency through a scam, cheating the system, is something that's not morale, even iillegal?
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: >And with that second mastery it's obvious that someone at least knows the skills of picked champion. On that note, they should reset the mastery count when they rework a champion. I got level 5 on Irelia, and in the 2 matches I've tried the new one, I played her exactly like the old one. And naturally that went to shit.
HAHA, no, that's a horrible idea. Think about it this way, to mains that don't play that champ anymore since the rework, the only actual reward and physical mark they have from that time are those points. Do you really want to be the guy to even suggest reseting millions of mastery points, countless hours and some really great memories?
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: Learning champs on ranked?
That rule of the mastery system is actually pretty good, but consider this: Riot is planning to rework a lot of champions, meaning people will still have the mastery points for them but they now need to re-learn the whole champ again, and like so you can have an Irelia with mastery lv 7 who fed like all hell since it's his first time playing the new Irelia. IN RANKED. YES THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED, AND I'M STILL PISSED.
: I wasn't expecting any of that, just wanted to say how shit this game is right now
I was going to say just "lol bye then", but then I saw your name. Dude you're just going to return next season/ meta and complain then, so this converstion is kinda useless.
: Honestly down voting is a child game,
Well, if ain't gonna "phase you down", I'll just go ahead and downvote this.
: I'm done with this game
"WAIT NO COME BACK WE NEED YOU PLSSSSSSS NOOOOOOO" what would you like to hear? Sorry to disappoint buddy, ain't gonna happen. BTW something that bothers me > because of the gameplay, it sucks, you either one trick a champion, play meta or get smashed Like, do you know any other way to play league? Seriously, it always has been playing the meta or running through it with a one trick champ as a shield.
RogueDek (EUW)
: Riot litterally asked for it. And it's not account sharing, he's just logging into my account to do the mission and then leaving. If you count that as account sharing, when it's one bot game, which won't even hurt anyone, yeah, seems bannable.
> Riot litterally asked for it. "MOM HE WAS PISSING ME SO I HIT HIM OFF HE ASKED FOR IT BOO HOOO"- That's the level of you just wrote. Nice. And not bannable, but rather reportable, since you cheated the system, and now they also have proof of it. So yeah, rather then keeping your mouth shut and do like most people would do, you actually bragged about it. Congrats.
: New Mission: Playerbase vanishing?
The Coca Cola Company still makes new commercials, are their products not selling and the company is going to get bankrupt? Exactly the same case with this mission.
jeronimo88 (EUNE)
: I helped Riot back when it had morals and was actually fun. Now has none and is not fun anymore. The only reason I am still here is cause I believe they can change. If they wont they are doomed! Grow up and start thinking!
Dude, you sound like one of those crazy priests that keep lecturing about the end of the world at the streets. You don't like this game anymore? Ok, goodbye then.
RogueDek (EUW)
: Im just gonna make my friend log into my smurf account so he can play there for me, then I'll do the same so he gets the reward aswell. Doesn't take a %%%%ing genius to realize this can be abused for 200 BE and a shitty icon, which is barely even worth it.
...You do realize that writing this in a public forum, a proof of account sharing, is a really bad idea, right?
: If u pick something that in your opinion is bad, _with the precise intention of lowering your team chance to win_ then IN THEORY that's punishable. NOTE: is not the same at ALL of picking something sub optimal cause you think is "more fun for you" or "it suits better your playstyle" yadda yadda yadda; you need to do it with the precise goal of making yourself less useful (hence lowering your team chances). You being less useful (cause of bad runes or w/e) must be the _end goal_, NOT simply the outcome. OFC you would NEVER be actually punished for it, the system atm struggle to even catch inters so...
But if you chose something for being less useful as the end goal, as you say, but it somehow works and is actually useful? Is it still a troll pick?
Sys (EUNE)
: I don't believe there are such things as troll runes. Every rune helps you in some way. Some people make really weird rune combinations work.
Then what about runes that help you the least? Such as Soraka with Domination? There's no way it can work properly and help your partner in lane, let alone your team. But if it actually works, is it still a troll pick?
jeronimo88 (EUNE)
: Do not fall for this... Take a stand!
"This game abused me, thrown me out of the house, beat me up sevreal times, took my finest years of my life and then made it so like it never happend!! -is that why you left the game? HELL NO, my breaking point was when it told me to bring a friend the last time I left our secret BDSM dungeon, what a greedy A-hole!!" Btw, you do realize that the moment you opened an account, you helped Riot, right? Sorry, mister revolutionary speeches, you lost from the very start.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Breakhz (EUNE)
: League of legends is a moba game. Beside this game is really well done.Why would you change that...The only think they must focus on is balance and keeping the game clean from inting and other stuff like ragequit etc. What you suggest..Is weird.Seeing that my own ally block my skills is really god damn weird.Like its against me...
So is Tahm Kench eating you against your will and Taric changing the link to someone else not playing against you?
: >Yasuo is somehow able to compress air in such a way he can shape it, while he shouldn't be, cause the force of the air pressure plus the actual force it takes will kill him on the spot, you know who else can do that? you know why? because **they are both fictional characters**
> because they are both fictional characters ...who use and bend physics that stay the same here and there. Your point? Besides, I answered your question, so...
: no. because it's a magical ability. just like braum and yasuo's abilities. and magic can't be explained by science
I just did, in a previous comment. Yasuo is somehow able to compress air in such a way he can shape it, while he shouldn't be, cause the force of the air pressure plus the actual force it takes will kill him on the spot, but ok. Braum's shield is a really strong alloy, of which we can compare the metals it is made of to our metals. Him shooting out Ice from the shield is the force of the impact of his punch, traveling through the door, and leaving through the other side, which is coated with Ice, which makes the Ice pop out from that energy. Should it break his arm? Yes, but tbh we don't know if he's actually human, so... Boom.
Pan Gohr (EUNE)
: > Why does it matter what kind of genre it is that you take the idea from? dont rings you a bell the simple fact that most of your examples only involved shooting or simple swordsmanship with shield theories? lets put it another way..if you think this thinks you tell makes any sense then the following must make sense too.. they must add elemental weaknesses..cant mere frejilords champions do nothing to brand shyvana and so vs ice we know the story.. how sense makes this? :P for pokemon makes sense..for guild wars make sense..hell even in Lineage 2 makes sense..but in lol? GIGA JOKE :)
Ego fight? Seriously? You didn't even mention why you think it's a bad idea, besides "no other MOBA does it, why should lol do it?"
: facepalms are not insults
: >Yasuo's shield is made of condensed air, both can be caculated and bended with our rules. Janna's shield has no actual form, she just gives it out, there's no explantion for that. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} you're basically cherry picking what can make sense and what can't in order to support your argument
Can you give me an actual scientific explantion of how Janna's shield works?
Pan Gohr (EUNE)
: > giving out some examples from other games we can't compare to real life, such as lasers and plasma shields. WTF dude? LOL have not lassers and plasma shields?? its compared to real life??how????????????
Oh yeah, forgot about Lux for a mintue. BTW, lux's ult logically can go through Yasuo's wall, since what she shoots is just a plasma beam, which can go through the compressed air that Yasuo makes, however it doesn't explain how Braum is able to block it. That's weird. and just like that, compared it to real life. Boom.
: but we can't compare braum's and yauo's shields with real life either.
We can, it'll be just really weird and the numbers will be unreasonable, like for instance Yasuo creating tornados and blocking things with air creates so much pressure that everyone within a certain radius should sufficate, his arm would be shattered using it one time, don't even get me talking about the debris. Braum probably has some sort of Carbon alloy, something really freaking strong, probably some made up metals we can compare to our metals in real life. You were saying?
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