: Dear Coevals, To understand how to counter some champ, you need to understand you own kite and your opponents kite. First look at the skills of {{champion:121}} Kha'Zix: 1. Unseen Threat (Passive) *To counter his passive: I suggest to stay away from bush, for example play on the river side. Another tip is to ward the bush, or to use a pink ward to lure him to your first bush (so with pink ward you put pressure on him, so your minion wave will stay further from tower) 2. Taste Their Fear (Melee-skill)(range 425) *To counter his first skill: You can call for your jungler, because when your jungler is nearby and is going to gank, he lost his extra power he got from this skill, so he is extra vulnerable when you are not alone. 3. Void spike (Ranged skillshot)(range 1000) *To counter his second skill: Just stay away when he cast void spike, because he benifit from void spike. It heals him if he can be nearby. So if he free harass you, Kha'Zix:get free health. 4. Leap (Gap closer)(700) *Most champs have one gap closer, to counter this: Use your own gap closer when he used his cap closer, because ones leap is used it is on cooling down for 20s on first skill level (20s / 18s / 16s / 14s / 12s). Be aware that your jungler doesn't die when ganking, because he just leap after a kill (cooling down reset after kill) 5. Void assault (Ultimate) *If he use his ultimate and engage, you have no escape. Because he will leap on you, and will heavily damage you. and can escape because of stealth. Team coordination: 1. One Crowd Control (CC), can stop his leap. He is also vulnerable when CC, because he doesn't have defence spells. He is an assassin. {{champion:58}} Renekton Skill use: 1. **Reign of Anger **You gained fury when you get hit. 2. **Cull the Meek** (range 325) is a damage skill (melee skill), remember this skill benefit if you are on 49% health. You can then engage easily. Because even if Kha'Zix want you, you got self heal "tripled", but don't engage when you are on low life, because then your self-heal is not enough. 3. **Ruthless Predator** (range 75) your damage is increased by 50% when below health. _synchronised with cull the meek_ also your stun is increased by 0.75s 4. **Slice and dice** Range (450). Remember his leap has a range of (700), so you can run farther from him, by slice forward > dice back (total 900) 5. **Dominus**, you gain health and damage people around you. this skill is great when you want to kill kha, so kha thinks I can kill you, but you use this skill, to get health back so your health is around 39%-49%, you use this skill and your cull the meek is tripled, you gain huge amount of health. Remember dice also break armour by 50%, so use dice before ruthless predator if you wan to damage him. This matchup is more for {{champion:58}} Renekton: harass {{champion:121}} kha and get health back, if he wants last hit, you punish him for it if he overextend to much. He is mana reliant. So he can't use void spike forever to farm minions. Also remember {{champion:58}} Renekton has a CC, so you can stun him and walk away. Yours faithfully, Demigod Rory
Extremely helpful, thank you very much Demigod! Co.
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