: Patch 9.13 Eune Release?
There is an update, with no update at all. No TFT, no Qiyana, at least it is stated "Qiyana arrives to conquer the Rift on June 28!", and for TFT we just see -"Teamfight Tactics will be coming in 9.13 to players all over the world!" - what this means is, during 9.13, which could be anytime in two weeks time. Guess we are stuck with looking at the map on the client home page and watching streams of the game.
: Patch 9.13 Eune Release?
Before the patch - "TFT available in 9.13" After the patch - "You may not get TFT immediately!" - Once again, we wait for TFT, those who have no PBE accounts and even those who have PBE accounts but are not whitelisted streamers and have to wait 9999 hours in que........... But lets wait some more, maybe we can lose interest!


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