Insidi0us (EUW)
: But the thing is i am on windows 8 so the security menu is different and the tweaks are different. So i was wondering if you have the same vid but fo windows 8?
i guess its the same issue , so many records are under win 8 , 8,1 and 10 and those are destroying the performance i guess . i am not sure about win 8 but that was the only solution which helped me under windows 10 , miss you good old xp .
Insidi0us (EUW)
: Thank you so much bro, gonna try it out and see if it works. I really hope that it does.
Welcome under my 2 days off i cant play the game , hope its gonna work for you as well .
Insidi0us (EUW)
: Lag spikes (patch 7.16)
first of all , sorry for my english, I had the same issue , i just re installed windows league all the drivers etc. I found a youtube video this was the only helpful thing to me , since then endless i can play like before . Its not RITO's fault actually its fkn windows updates fault and privacy records etc . Not advertisement , hope its helpful .


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