: If I'm not mistaken, Riot took the company that made Mobile Legends to court. I don't know if the case was settled though. Anyway, if you want a MOBA for mobile I suggest you give Vainglory a try. It's not that bad and it's very well optimized and well maintained.
Will do. Thanks.
: dude, theres like a bajillion out there. They're all broken af, you can win so many games in a row just with the knowledge you gained from league. Honestly, i feel bad for saying this, but plsying those mobas and just rekting everyone for the first few levels feels so satisfying and fun xd well, until you meet ppl who are around the same skill level as you. Then it stops being fun... but yeh. its all copied garbage. this is the cycle. -> league -> Moba game copies league -> another game copies that game -> another game copies that game -> and so on theres a bunch of shit out there, aswell as Mobile Heroes. The characters there are just complete rip offs of the League champions.
indeed... I have been playing for a couple of weeks and after 50something games I have a 100% win ratio. I am not kidding. Not even one loss. And I am a bronze in lol after years here. MobileLegends suck in terms of balance but from a technical perspective, it IS playable. Which is why I would like to see a serious approach on this.
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