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SinsanitY (EUW)
: LoL Ranked & in general is the worst it's ever been. The game is dying.
I don't know if it is dying or not, but as a game it is definitely over its peak. Now it is a show. It is all about pro games with continuous fighting. Instant blowing up enemies. One-two successful ganks or just lucky situations and the game is yours. And one more reason: forced losses motivate you to play more games. And if you spend all your time here, you eventually buy stuff. Instead of complaining about balance, do more things. Playing this game now is wasting your youth.
: Is turret plate a healthy mechanic in the game?
I supported this idea from the beginning but I would give only a minimal amount of gold for a plate. Free farming and other advantages should be good enough. But riot likes a double kill on bot should lead to 1000 gold advantage and a free victory.
: Ty LCS players
I love them as an opponent. You just play aggressive and they are 0.
Memuru (EUW)
: Thanks for responding as a player of Bard! So are you saying you think it's best if he remains a niche pick for OTPs?
I don't think you can make him a common pick, or he would be too strong. And would got a sequence of nerfs to useless afterwards. Just leave him alone please :)
Memuru (EUW)
: I miss Bard, lets bring him back!
Bard problem is his range. The popular supports outrange him and more mobile. His q is too slow. But .... as a bard your task is not getting ahead early. Your primary task is to make an 5v5 teamfight to a 3v5 and 2v5 fights, which is super easy to win for a half decent team. You only need lv6 for it, and wait for the right opportunity. Yes, bard requires a lot of practice and waiting. People hate both. Overall bard does not require any buffs, and nerfs cannot hurt him as long as the ulti disables enemies for a forever 2.5 sec.
: Summoner spell “Enhance”
The only thing I want to enhance is my teammates brain. Would be good to have a mastery or summoner spell for that :D
: Silver 4 to gold 1 in 98 matches
The nature of soloq involves a lot of luck. If you have no problems, you belong to the lucky players. But think about this: just because the lottery winner says "if I can do it, anybody can do it", it is not necessary true.
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: Worst season so far? Let's argue!
They say the problem is reduced player base, and less games. The matchmaking is designed for many players, and many games. They would need to adapt the matchmaking.
: You need to gain an attitude where you realise that there is nothing wrong with losing. You HAVE to lose in order to win. Thats how life works in general. Nobody always wins. Look at faker, his win ratio is not above 60 procent, that means he loses almost every second game. Understand that there is no shame in losing, cast away your ego and learn from mistakes.
I think the low-elo problem is that the game does not honor if you play well (you still get the same amount of lp loss if 1-2 players are afk and/or feeding), but rewards you if you play bad (you get easier opponents). The mentality is simply the result of this.
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: Should i play Lux supp?
Lux is good on paper but in my experience she is bad support. She requires lot of gold to be relevant, which needs to be taken form the adc. Her skills are easy to dodge, her shield is just a shield and offers nothing more, and she has no stun, so the enemy has plenty of options even if caught by her q. In short she is good if the adc is bad, which should not be the assumption normally. If you like lux playstlye I recommend morgana.
: I assumed it was just gonna be a hotfix that'll last a week at most but guess not. We need a fix to this. Maybe make the items only purchasable if you're assigned as a support? No abuse and you can get the old passive back. While we're at it, can we make a Relic Shield also work when there's not ally nearby. Sucks to be something like Leona when your carry is afk and now you can't get any gold 'cause you can't farm due to getting poked without any sustain.
There should be an item called elixir of support. It should be 0 gold, but you have to buy it before 1.30 min or before you leave of fountain the first time (whichever comes later). You automatically consume it if you buy it, but clicking on undo reverts the effect. Should alter the gameplay in a way which is only good for supports.
: You know, I don't really care for an explanation. Lore is something you can write and rewrite to fit your purposes, your character design, not the other way round. We already have a champion who's got a wing-made cloak that is a bit like tail. That's Xayah. We already have a champion who's got 'wings' growing from just above her ass. That's Evelynn. We already have a champion whose wings are folded. That's Aatrox. And that means that Morgana's wings should have been done in a different manner, and the lore had to be written to support that. Think of it: they were doing just now, just recently! They could do it.
I agree. You play with a champ much longer time than reading its lore. And a satisfying look is more important than a half page text. Especially if you actually play with the champ like me.
: Morgana VFX update
For me the rework is a disappointment. No new skills, not even a grounding on her w. Her wings are removed and replaced with a lizard tail. Her skins lost their uniqness. She does not look like a dark angel anymore, just a pathetic witch.
: The whole game is designed in a way that a negative player easily has more impact than a good player. Unless there is a player ~3+ tiers better than everyone else in the game, the game is won or lost by which team has more trolls and afks. You don't even need a real troll, if the match is even remotely even, the dude with potato internet will lose it. No reason to try your best, it's just a giant coin toss
Funny. The game should be a competitive game. But nothing fun in a coin toss.
Yuka (EUW)
: "in order to receive credit you’ll need to watch 10 or more minutes of a live game or VoD on" :)
This is great news. Many times I skip champ select and post game talk because they are uninteresting. I can draw the conclusions myself.
: don't exactly care for the other games, if league started doing it NOW means that nobody is watching those things at the moment
Perhaps this is a compensation. If you watch a broadcast, you cannot play the game and you get less xp. Unless you cheat :) For me this is not bad since many times I can watch games but cannot play the game anyway.
: Future of Prestige Skins and a major suggestion
This new system is just like a cheap variant ultimate skins: same cost much less value. Perhaps just an ultimate skin price for a chroma. Maybe riot badly needs money.
Smerk (EUW)
: there is free rotation for those who don't have many champions. Also adding a possibility to pick same champion will require extra work and coop is just not the mode you should spend resources on, especially in such game as League
I think clearly part of the new player experience and games spent resources on new players if they want to be relevant. Not necessary implementing this one though, but the argument is not valid in general. Btw I am neutral with this idea.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Impossible Daily?
: Is it just me or does playing leona feel pretty bad at the moment?
Leona is team specific like rakan. If you engage and nobody follows its gg. Also, if you play with a defensive adc its over. The rest is poke, if the enemy pokes your adc below 50% health you cannot engage as well. However if you get the offensive adc (e.g. an aggressive jinx), you can win anything.
: well i use to play duo with a friend. he always starts his day with an aram to check the stabilty of his network. it happens quite often that he still disconnects later on that evening
There is no point playing ranked with an unstable, high latency network, since you will perform poorly regardless of your skill. You can play plenty of other game modes instead.
: Wish we would get LP losses softened when you get an AFK. But a solution like that brings problems, since people can exploit it.
What about hardening it? Double LP loss? Most players like me disconnects 1-2 times from 100 games, so it is not relevant. But if somebody disconnects frequently, its gg. If it is a net problem fix it before you play ranked.
: Make an intelligent bot to play instead of afkers.
Maybe they should increase the punishment of leaving. 40% lp loss from all players are given to the afk.
Zanador (EUNE)
: I mained her quite a bit, and she can be annoying to play against, i will not deny that. However she is at her strongest if you try to attack her head on. If she can land her E-Q combo on both you and your ghost, then you probably should retreat, and if there is also a tentacle nearby for a bonus hit after her W, then the fight becomes very difficult before it begins. In general, approach her at an angle, and try to kite out her E before you actually engage. If you find her in a narrow corridor, it is usually best to leave her alone unless you have ranged back up. Rooting or knocking skills can be very devastating against Illaoi, especially if you can knock her away from her tentacles and the captured spirit.
Yes, she is the the type of champ you cannot kill with brute force, but with little strategy she is managable. I think her strengths and weaknesses are clear at least.
Rudrim (EUNE)
: Exchange keys for chest
In the current event you can get 4 chests. I did it as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=dark100dark100,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PExjldnQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-23T10:01:39.367+0000) > > Of course. You don't even clicked on my match history. pls just last game u had 12 deaths. in ur last 10 games u had ONLY ONE GAME where u had less than 10 deaths If that is not feeding then i dont even know what is as a comparison i had 2 games with more than 10deaths in the last 20 games. so in my eyes you're the biggest feeder there can be.
That is a match history of another guy.... Please at least learn to search a match history....
: well.... From your match history, you fed plenty of times.... so i dont get what ure complaining about?
Of course. You don't even clicked on my match history.
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Young MaYki (EUNE)
: Locked honor 0 without warning
Yes. Maybe your account was hacked. Check your matches.
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: Ranked games are unplayable.
This is intentional. Forced losses increase game addiction, since you want to get back that lost LP, don't you? That increase riot income.
: If you AFK for 2 minutes, Just don't bother coming back !
I am fine with +0 lp. It is not for the sake of afk player, but for the other four, who does not deserve the loss, which can be prevented if the player comes back.
WildDoggy (EUNE)
: Game stuck when it's finished
Its me. Every time I reach promo, riot servers break. Last time it costed a win and a promotion, but this time somehow the system recognized the win. Hopefully this issue will go away in the future. I am sorry.
: I'm very disappointed in the LoL support team and Riot Games
My story was similar. When there was the major breakdown a few weeks ago, a promo win "disappeared". Since that I got garbage teammates, and still no advance. The reply? They are confident in my abilities. And I think they are also confident in their matchmaking to find bad teammates, so I will never advance :D
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: The new Akali is healthy in every single aspect compared to the old, but the W... I am fine with it blocing every type of vision, but not the turrets... Their is a reason why turrets have "TRUE VISION" to begin with, they see everything that is not visible, that´s the whole point. Turrets are there to protect you for a while, a safe zone. They arent a damn minion...
They don't really do more damage than minions these days. Their only purpose is give gold to enemy. They are just treasure chests.
: Stuck in game after game finished.
I think riot wants us to do more real life things. This is actually a great thing even if the way is a bit cruel.
Sunwise (EUNE)
: stuck at Game is still in progress... and Game window keeps poping up after finishing the Game
I won my promotion. And get this. It will probably not count as a win anymore :(
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King Lego (EUNE)
: Why riot doesn't listen to the community?
The game is decided by matchmaking. The rest is irrelevant. Bad players loose game whatever the meta is, good players win. Putting 3 bad players against 3 good and force a loose upon the other 2 is the fault of matchmaking. That is all.
: For all of you ARAM-ONLY-ACCOUNT-users
It is probably a business decision to not make all of them available. You cannot spawn games (and leave early) to try all champs. Probably the same reason you cannot try all champs in practice mode.
: League has changed from "good players carry games" to "bad players lose games"?
These bad players are not actually bad, just unlucky most of the time. However one death is enough to loose a lot of minion gold, which allows the enemy control the lane, resulting in tower losses. Furthermore no teammate can help early game without sacrificing a lot. Junglers may help, but babysitting is costly. When teamfights actually starts, the game is usually over. With some good players, you can make a 30 min game to last 50 min, but it is still a loss (or win if the enemy has the feeder). It is often easy to predict who wins after 10-15 min. Before you can do anything.
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: Tahm can't eat ally Pantheon
Panth spear is bad for tahm stomach.
Mattie010 (EUW)
: No XP after game
was that a short game? You don't get anything for shorter than five minute games.
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