: get scammed lol
It's not funny!
Azopt (EUNE)
: Be warned. Only trade with people you know, not random people. Not everyone here is nice. Be careful next time!
Thank you Azopt, I really wanted Xayah... I sent Riot a message hopefully they will do something about it
: Help!
I know but can't riot do anything about it?
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Wip (EUNE)
: Urgot the forgotten champion
Soon he will get a big rework. It is coming. If I remember good, he's next on Riot's rework list. All you have to do is wait till the time of his rework is here ;)
: When Will Xayah/Rakan Get Cheaper?
Anyone wants Xayah or Rakan? We could do an exchange, just add me on game please
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: ^____ this ____^
I can't see the link
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