Valzuuuh (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kowa1,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=bJzM6yHw,comment-id=0001000000000003,timestamp=2017-04-22T13:24:45.057+0000) > > Yes i didnt do it correctly, here is the latest "LoLPatcher.log" file > The log you pasted once was correct one, now you pasted the wrong one again :( This was the correct one: You should run patcher in safemode: * Press Windows Key + R to open "run" * Type "msconfig" and hit enter * Go to the "boot" tab, and check "Safe Boot" * Put a dot in "Networking" * Apply/OK, then restart * After your computer started, launch League of Legends as administrator and let it patch, does same issue occur? **** * When complete, repeat these steps but uncheck "safe boot" to return to normal boot.
Thank you it worked, but another thing has been happening to me , am i cursed?!? , i went into a normal game and after champ select nothing happened the client just dissapeared and game didnt start, it goes back to the client with my only choice to click is the recconect button, do you perhaps know a solution to my problem?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: Did you surely paste correct log? Looks like that log is "LoLPatcherUx-gpu-process.log" file, this is wrong one, i need "LoLPatcher.log" file, would appreciate if you could provide it!
Yes i didnt do it correctly, here is the latest "LoLPatcher.log" file
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: Rakan "the Charmer" Montage | Life is GG
he is incredibly fun to play :) {{champion:497}}
: Seems your internet is not stable enough for a download. Try to connect to the internet via cable and see if this problem persists
Yea i figured it might be the cause , but how did i patch in the past then, if my internet is unstable
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