Yehlemena (EUW)
: So I'm a smurf
45 kills and 17 deads...i mean you smurf from sivler to bronze or what?
I am stuck in this moment also :D shoud i leave? EDIT: I did lb
Smerk (EUW)
: Did you try playing against bronze players? Difference is very noticeable, even when I'm playing with my silver-gold friends I can feel that games are much easier for me
I never been lower yhan silver 3...but i assume this is how they play since in plat people dont know to freeze lane and play around CD
Benarr (EUW)
: im quitting lol
This is best thing you can do! I am plat 4 and i tell in this game is all about luck! There is 0 difference between plat and bronze/iron
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: Can we talk about how they have turned the game we all used to love to a oneshot simulator????
in next season will be easy to survive early game, in mid-late ypu have to one shot people, otherwise games will be too long...and we just lose precious time for day 2 day life :D
: Unfortunatelly Faker wasn't enough to carry a trashbag team
Faker did nothing! He was benched cause he was not good enough! I was a SKT fan, I watched almost all games
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: SKT T1 why ?
SKT is not a good team Did you see how bad Faker is against Rookie for example?
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: Noc is one of the best junglers atm. Trynda is picked regularly in korean challenger so you should think a bit before you call something trash. Hes winning games with both full ad and full ap builds.
Both suck vs other champs! Of course you can carry with trynda (he is a hiper carry - but compare him with vlad, swain ). there is also sejuani picks in Korean and every other champ - this doesnt say nothing. In my xp of games trynda is not a hard champ to play against! Even if faker play him, i keep my opionion!
carcaroff (EUW)
: If you have to nerf a shield from 6 seconds to 2.5 seconds duration, then it means you're a shitty game developer. Champs like Nocturne and Wukong are still there untouched being op af. Zoe is still %%%%%%ed. Yi still breaks games. Trynda is utterly %%%%%%ed. The map is still unbalanced af baron and dragons wise. Well, gg rito, gg.
Nocturne useless after lane phase, Zoe is easy to dodge (banshee, cleanse, zhonya, qss), trynda is can u even win a game with that shit champ? Yi - cc him (I am p4 and main imobile mages and nocturne)
Mana Pot (EUW)
: Chat Ban for nothing
I said worse things than you in my games (rare, but happend, but I never surr and try to win whatever happens) and never been banned in 4 years. Sure it was nothing else, like afk, griefing, etc?
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ßesta (EUW)
: Fps drops - can't get more then 60fps
820m is weak. try to choose close client during gameplay and enable low spec mod.
: About "League is dying" discussions
people just want 100% win rate. if they lose = game suck. I stat to play the game from s5. I heard lol suck and dying from then, i think there are just stories. Ass says there are so much players as s6,7,8 in rnk
: someone is playing on my account
no offence but is yout fault! How can they be sure is your account?
: Why do i lose games because of one lane?
I feel lol like that: from 4 games: 2 you have to carry (if u play very good - you win if not u lose), 1 even if u are not fed you win together with your team and 1 even if u are ahead and doing good for yourself you still lose
Inaphyt (EUW)
: I have near a million mastery points on vel. This is how i handle mid lane, if you can W the wave early because your opponent can't hit you too hard level 1 (zed, yasuo, ahri, le blanc, annie) etc take W first. If your opponent can hurt you very much at level 1 (orianna, lux, lulu, brand) take Q. Always max Q first as W with passive is enough to waveclear and Q allows you to poke your opponent. W for waveclearing Q for keeping people away from you. Using this method you farm safely until lategame where vel'koz excels. But let me make it clear you don't want to fight too much early with vel, vel is a monstrous lategame threat but until you have max cooldown and damage you should try to play passively.
Ophion (EUW)
: 15 minutes means that you are asking about both the laning phase and the mid-game, which are different. What you want to do in lane depends on the matchup. If you have superior waveclear, use that to your advantage and force the opponent into their turret. If your opponent has superior waveclear, then you should instead focus on harassing your opponent. If your opponent is low on health it becomes much safer to then last hit with auto attacks. Vel is very good at poking the opponent under their turret, which makes it difficult for them to both secure CS and respond to your poke, so that is always a good option if you can't get punished for it (keep their jungler in mind). I strongly recommend watching the Skill Capped YouTube channel, which has many great educational videos on the laning phase. Later on the typical pattern is to clear the waves very quickly, giving you time to gank the side lanes. Oftentimes you can walk halfway to a lane, then judge whether or not you think you will be able to make something happen, and then walk back to lane to catch the next wave if necessary. You can use the time away from lane to also check on scuttle or place a ward. In general going for kills is more important if there are objectives available to take on the map. For example if there is an Infernal Drake up, then getting a kill may also mean safely taking that Infernal. If there are no objectives up, trying to go for kills may be an unnecessary risk. Also keep track of the enemy jungler. Ganking can be difficult for an immobile Vel if there are wards up, unless you gank a lane with a good initiator, but it becomes much easier to catch opponents off-guard if you instead countergank.
Thank you! Good advice!
: Having insomnia
Hello! Try to drink a beer before sleep (I am serious) ! If this doesn't work go see a neurologist! There are a lot of meds that can help you sleep like benzodiazepines (but is better to avoid if possible!) Also try to make order in your life! Gl
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: > [{quoted}](name=drOIA,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HOV7FevV,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-06T09:03:56.854+0000) > > I have my main p5 and my smurf low silver where i play for fun (troll builds, wierd picks) :) - i just kill people and take no objectives. If you want people to play serious enough climb at least to high gold. If u are decent you can have 70% win rate in bronze ane silver soloq. Not when you get in games with trolls like you. Who play for fun just to troll others, you are not the only one and people are sick of trash like that, But unfortunately nothing can be done about it.
i am usually the best on field when smurf :D if u cant win a game when your midlaner is 15 0 but doesnt take objectives problem is on you...which is 0 4 in min 7. I am not here to help others. If u want to climb do it yourself ! until high gold you dont really need a good team!
Shiwah (EUW)
: Didn't you quit every other week?
I also quit lol for so many times :)) is worse than drugs
Febos (EUW)
: Most likely. That's honestly the worst type of smurf. No way a Bronze player could ever pull this off: AP GP, Perfect KDA, 94% KP. Yeah right. I'd ban this dude on the spot. Not that it matters since he probably has more accounts. This one is level 36, so he only recently go into ranked. He's doing it with a premade, that's why he can lose every game. It's really hard to win 3v5.
Is not against the rules to have a smurf account
elin990 (EUW)
: A "Bronze 4" player with 500 farm at 30 minutes.. You kidding me?
I have my main p5 and my smurf low silver where i play for fun (troll builds, wierd picks) :) - i just kill people and take no objectives. If you want people to play serious enough climb at least to high gold. If u are decent you can have 70% win rate in bronze ane silver soloq.
: ADC needs ability to SELL SUPPORT for gold
in low elo (under plat 5 - which i am) 2 bot in early is useless :D you can easily play 1 vs 2 :D so supp also should be able to kick that useless adc
: So people won't pick champs they don't know how to play only to earn chest on them while playing ranked where you have to be serious.
I play first time champs in rank and also build troll items sometimes and carry :D Maybe i ll be higher if i play serious but rank is just a color is about having fun
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: When being flamed by all of your team mates in the chat isn't enough, lets hear them in voice too. Just give them a discord link and invite them to chat, you'll see how many people actually want to talk lol
you have the option to mute. let s 1 in 5 games you find a flamer and u can mute him. it should be an option, is better for coordonation! for example in middle of a tf you can say who to focus, to tell team if enemy flank you, to say what abilieties are on CD, etc I think those aspects are more important that flamer you can mute
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: Oh nuuuu
u can mute....i always mute all players from start of the game
: The matchmaking in silver
You have nothing to lose! In silver platinium and high gold are the same players! There is no difference between s4 and g1/p5 players (i am g1 at the moment and was also p5 this season). until diamond maybe is still low elo :D
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TTekkers (EUW)
: Not for being drunk as such. But if you're an aggressive drunk and still able to type, you could get banned for flame. Or if you're just utterly incompetent when drunk your gameplay may be misconstrued as trolling and inting and you could get banned for that. And then there's the losses eating into your MMR (and LP if ranked) which is probably enough of a deterrent in itself :P Personally I hate playing league after more than just one drink. Maybe it's because my mains need you to be sharp on your mechanics, reflexes and borderline pre-cognitive with positioning, but I start noticing those slip after one drink, and lead to straight up feeding after 2-3.
thank you for long anwser! i never flame :/ and even someone is harsh I try to calm him...i think this is why I got to g1 not beacause I am better than 90% of players, cause I try win till last minute and never flame or surr, I also know I am bad when I am drunk...I forgot to ward, to keep cd, to look on other lanes :D
Cheini (EUNE)
: no, you can't.. it is still unfair towards your teammates, however, and for you as well.. you sure you want to do it? :p
:D i admit i am obsessed by this game...and when you are drunk you don't take the best decision always :D but u are right I was in promo for plat and I got to g1 0 lp in one night :D
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Eratos (EUW)
: Troll pick is not bannable??
of course not! i keep my flex rank down so I can take chest on champs and I usually take champ i dont know to play or not meta picks - like soraka mid or shit like this (but i try to win - so i dont break rules)
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Yasuo is op
Every champ you listed here is kinda early farm, stay under tower and mid game (dont let the game go to late) group all team (with a supp like Rakan). They are strong 1 vs 1, but in tf and if play with a minimum strategy = bad picks. Riven, jax or Yi OP? no way! Alistar, Zac, Chogath - this is some serious shit!
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