JoaoXuxa1 (EUW)
: can´t log into game
Same here.. Any update on this issue? Just stuck at 0% loading.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Am I too old to play video games?
Too old? Nah, I'm older than you... Addicted? Possibly. This part in particular definitely doesn't sound good: > spend every seconds from when I get home until I go to bed playing / watching / boards and mostly thinking about this game !!!
: THIS is what is wrong with LOL
Playing without 4 friends is literally a gamble, no way around that I'm afraid :/ One (or even two) just can't carry the rest of the team, so if you're not lucky, you're basically screwed.
: Varus gay - Please NO!!
I can't believe people who're saying the story is more interesting. The whole premise is forced in a huge way. They took a character who absorbed the dark power he was supposed to guard so he can avenge his family and they instead made him a killer who absorbed two gays. Wow, that's deep. If they wanted to represent the gay community for whatever twisted reason, they could just release a new champion and be done with it. No, they rather pissed existing varus players, cause reasons...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
The actual reason behind the revenge is VERY important too, in case you haven't noticed.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Even if it was "just" family, it still ruins the whole character. There's a difference between having a guy who's trying to avenge his dead family, and having a character who's just a plain killer who absorbed two gays to set himself free. I'm sorry, but this is just ridiculous. Looking at the whole story like "he's still a vengeful badass" is a very shallow looking way at things.
: You really think that Riot stopped handing out compenastion is a good idea? Then awnser me this Im challenger on a sever that curretnly cant play ranked.And since its challenger i havet to play and avg of 1 game per day or i loose 100 lp daily.If i cant get to play 1 game today ill loose about 30 spots in the challenger ladder because of Riot themselves.You think i dont deserve a compensation? Of course a goldie like you wouldnt even think about how this can influence some players
If there are problems like this, it doesn't count. If you get demoted or whatever, contact support. Also, you're not the only one affected, everyone is.
vikinator (EUW)
: Is ban for flaming justified?
Your whole argument is "I've seen worse", which is just silly. Also... > Because outside of chat, what harm can he do? Oh, you'd be surprised. Actually, Riot DID try this way back. Didn't work. If someone wants to abuse others, he will. Chat restricted or not. That's why the next punishment is ban from playing.
bhisikidi (EUW)
: It's once a year.
Usually it's much more often, but there was a pause due to an update to the client and this feature wasn't implemented until now.
WaLkoNnN (EUW)
: Level 0 honor hard stuck !
You don't have to do anything except behaving like a decent human being.
: Why League of Legends will never be ''balanced''
I don't care about champions balance, because that can be exploited any time as you've just pointed out. The biggest problem with balance is the matchmaking. Either stomp or get stomped. I honestly don't remember when was the last time I had a balanced match, it always feels like either of the extremes. I play numerous games, among them Dark Souls, Bloodborne etc, and I NEVER feel as frustrated playing them as I feel when playing LoL. When I die in Bloodborne and have to start over, I know it's completely my fault. That feeling is never present here. You can get completed f..ed over by 1-2 strangers.
Dreamtails (EUNE)
: I don't think those are the only two options in the universe though, I sure hope not
As long as Riot doesn't make the support role more appealing to the wider audience, they are.
Ârzo (EUW)
: Can someone explain me this situation with the MMR?
> With the next game I won my mmr decreased quite a bit, from silver 1-ish to silver 3. Let me guess - you know this because you checked in, right? Nobody except Riot has the correct algorithm and Rioters have already confirmed is off when it comes to calculation.
Nachosman (EUNE)
: Super Low spec mode
If your pc can't handle LoL's client even in low-spec mode, how do you play the actual game???
IgorCvet100 (EUNE)
: low client?
What? Don't squeeze anything, bugs are living creatures too.
: I didn't get either Zaun nor Piltover icons, but I visited the pages -_-
You had to click on a button "Claim icon". Only visiting the pages isn't enough.
: Birthday skin competition
Sebastian | Theodore | Elliott I know, not on EUW with this account. If I guessed correctly, buy yourself a beer, it's your birthday :)
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's not the impression I got from OP. I think the answer is pretty similar to why the amount of female grandmasters in chess is only about 1% compared to the male grandmasters: Far less females play chess. [Source]( If more females would start picking up LoL, you'll start to see more females in the top end of the ladder and eventually in the competitive scene.
Well, questionable practices like putting Hou Yifan against 7 women in 10 games at Gibraltar Masters don't help that much either. Anyway, let's just hope we won't get WChallenger titles in LoL too... If I was a woman, I would feel offended.
: Is creating videos like this a superb idea ? I think it is somethink unique let me know though!!
I'm afraid there's a good reason why your idea is unique. Thumbnails are just bad (more info in GLurch's comment) and that text-to-speech... It just made my headache even worse that it was :/
: > Matchmaking is flawed at best. All the time it's just a stomp - either you stomp or get stomped. Maybe 5% of my games > were actually balanced. > If every match was like that, I wouldn't even mind losing, but when your team goes 2:15 in 10minutes and you're playing > a squishy ADC Did you actually made real statistics about your games or are there, once again, random number which just popped in your head ? Lets check that, if you dont mind (all your ranked games for the lasts 7 days): Balanced until 20 minuts so, here are our 5% i guess, I shouldnt find any other balanced games. Not really a stomp but ok, it was decided before 20 minuts -won This one is a stomp - lost This one as well - won Really disputed game until 26min - balanced 300 gold difference at 26min - balanced :) (why would you play with FH vs a yi who can't be slowed tbh ?) Stomp : won Stomp won Stomp won Stomp won Stomp lost Stomp won Stomp lost not really a stomp, (2k5 difference at 28min), but i'm generous tonight : stomp lost Stomp lost Stomp lost Balanced : won (994 gold diff at 36min) Balanced : lost Out of 18 games: 5 Balanced ( 27.8%) 7 Stomp won (38,9%) 6 Stomp Lost (33.3% I think this answer my question, stop making up fake numbers please you have no clues what you are talking about and it's painful to read. Worse, it insults your readers intelligence.
You mock me about stating 5% balanced games, yet you're perfectly fine with 72% stomp games... Just wow. Btw, judging balance by seeing numbers on a website is a very questionable approach as well.
: > They are based on your perception playing this game as a Rioter With respect, I've been a Rioter for 6 months, but a player for 5 years, and I've been Diamond since season 3. My perception has not changed since I became a Rioter. A lot of your post I can't really respond to, but I just want to mention that I work in security; I cannot see who got banned or punished, I know nothing about how the algorithms work past what I know about the MMR system back in Season 2 (which I don't even know if we are still using). I take all of this stuff on faith level as well. To be 100% clear: I have access to all of the same information that you do and nothing more. I guess I just look at it in a different light. I totally understand your point about having bad experiences for a long time, but I simply don't experience that in game for the most part. I can't speak for what is or isn't going on with regards to research at lower ranks, but I would be surprised if we aren't doing any.
> To be 100% clear: I have access to all of the same information that you do and nothing more. Even if you really wanted to? You couldn't just approach some colleague/boss/whoever and ask him about it? Or do you have secrets between your departments so no one can talk about other parts of the "machine" at all?
Praes (EUNE)
: 1st of all, how does it help if a player got punished or not, and you also know if a player you reported got punished. I'm frustrated about one-sided matches and I believe Rioters feel the same frustration. I doubt most if any Rioters can change the system or parts of it. If you're working in the right team you might be able to influence it I wouldn't know, but most Rioters don't work in those departments so they have no influence over it, no more than the average Joe at least. I don't think just because you work at Riot you get more information than most players, you'll just have the necessary information that you need to do your job, nothing more. Since you work in departments some Rioters don't have information that isn't available for the average Joe. So no, I don't have usch options or insights but I don't think Rioters have it either. I find it somewhat stupid to base your whole point into your assumption into something that you've no proper knowledge of. Your guess is just as good as mine is, so making a point based on it is just idiotic.
> 1st of all, how does it help if a player got punished or not, and you also know if a player you reported got punished. If you read Boards, in any language, you must have seen the frustration that comes with the belief that the report system is useless and people never get punished. Rioters on the other hand can easily disregard such feelings just by checking those people manually and actually see if the system is working or not. So how does it help? It helps to lessen the frustration from bad experiences. > I don't think just because you work at Riot you get more information than most players, you'll just have the necessary information that you need to do your job, nothing more. In a job where people cooperate and discuss things, this is pretty much never the case. Of course, I don't know the level of secrecy that's going on in Riot particularly, but generally speaking from my 10 years of working experience, there's a huge difference between a person who works at the company, no matter the position, and between an average joe, who is just a customer. If you find that "stupid" or "idiotic", that is your problem. It can be said more politely though.
Praes (EUNE)
: Just so you know, not all rioters are super high elo. They're average players just like you, assuming you're silver. Rioters are players who love the game, there's nothing special about them except that they work for the company that made the game.
Sure, except they can check how the system works and if not directly see the source code and algorithms, they can always ask their colleagues about certain parts of the system. For instance it's probably very easy to check if someone got punished or not. Take a regular person in contrast to understand what I'm talking about. Are you never frustrated about one-sided matches? Do you think Rioters feel the same frustration? Knowing they can actually change parts of the system? Or maybe have influence of what's going on? Or at the very least - understand what's actually happening and know plans of the company how they intend to deal with it? Do you have such options and insights to the system? Probably not, eh?
: > [{quoted}](name=duckarp,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=5AFh5ON7,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-03-07T09:11:07.941+0000) > > Yes. And it lacks images. You can't just run around stating facts without proper documentation. I've read most of it somewhere on the internet, and since i wrote it again and it's on internet, it is facts
That makes perfect sense.
HUN Nemut (EUNE)
: 70% of the playerbase isn't stuck in some magical elo hell machine, they simply belong to those tiers. The distribution isn't linear, nor constant, it's hyperbolic. I dont say that someone who got silver I from season 1 till this season didnt improve, but so did the playerbase around them. A todays plat 5 player would probably be challenger in season 1 with the same knowledge, but a plat 5 in season 1, today would just be a low gold, or even high silver player. You probably never thought about the underlying statistics of the elo system. If you view the ranked ladder through the statistics, you see that there is mathematically no space, nor need to a magical elo hell function that makes players unable to climb. If you are a programmer you should clearly see what i say, and why there is just pure math behind it.
Do yourself a favor and re-read the comment again. Who said anything about elo hell? I'm talking about a frustrating experience that doesn't seem to get better over the years.
: I mean, the problem is that the reality is innately subjective. What I said is how I feel things are and are based on my perception of playing the game for 5 years, and what you've said how is you feel how the game is based on your perception of playing the game for 6 years.
They are based on your perception playing this game as a Rioter. There is a good chance you know things most of the people don't even have an idea about. You know the algorithms, you can see if someone got punished etc. Regular players don't have that luxury and it's pretty hard to keep it at the "faith" level, when we encounter bad experiences every day for such a long time. Without any feedback and with one-sided matches decided by who got more lucky this time... Sure, if you're very good and can make it to diamond or above, the situation might be different there, but if I recall correctly, 60-70% of the playerbase is stuck in bronze/silver. At best gold. When was the last time Rioters did actual research on what's going on in those tiers? Played at least 100-200 games with anonymous accounts? Seen the amount of botting accounts, trolls, ragers... As I'm a programmer as my profession for several years, I can understand more than the average Joe, but it's difficult sometimes even for me and it's getting harder to explain it to others.
saibot420 (EUNE)
: New Cho' Gath is overpowered.
> Luckily for me they had no such thing as Vayne or BORK. Enough said. He's still easily countered, but I imagine it's not that obvious in lower tiers.
: skinpreview
Just head to YouTube and watch . You don't need to risk a ban to see what is the skin like.
: > [{quoted}](name=YoureAnAsheHole,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=Ycx6e5EJ,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-03-19T00:29:54.682+0000) > > well do you know what a clinet is? I don't i know that unless you are not an english speaker, or you have significant mental disabilities you can tell a typo. not sure which of the two are the reason you cant read such a basic typo. probably the second since your typing english seems pretty good.
You don't have to be a native speaker to see it's clearly a typo. The guy is just being a jerk.
: Here's how I view it. 33% of the time you're going to lose, no matter what you do. 33% of the time you're going to win, no matter what you do. The other 33% is up to you. You'll have loss streaks, but eventually you will recover. However, if you're on a losing streak, don't forget that sometimes it's best to take a break. The game is not rigged against you personally, it's just sometimes you'll have bad luck, and you'll notice your streaks of bad luck much more than your streaks of good luck. All you can do is just try and learn from each game, even a loss, and incorporate those learnings into the next games you play. With all this said and done: you have *significantly more* losses than wins, and they haven't just occurred in the most recent loss streak you had. I don't mean to imply that you deserve a demotion to Gold, but a 45% win rate over 650 games does not happen in a single losing streak without you being responsible for at least some of the losses. All I can suggest is that you take this as a learning experience. In your past 5 games you've had very low kill participation, ranging from 23% (Nasus top) at minimum to 39% (Annie support) at maximum. This tells me that in most of your games you're just hoping your team will win for you rather than trying to impact the game; you should try to roam more with teleports. Mundo and Nasus are both not very good at this, so this might be something to consider if you're wanting to climb: Consider picking champions that can contribute more to the team than split pushing and damage. CC in solo queue in king. Kill participation is not a perfect measure, of course, especially in very bloody games, but generally speaking if I find myself below 45% kill participation I feel like I got carried. Additionally, in the game where you were against a 22/8 Kog'Maw, you didn't build a magic resistance item, you only built a Sunfire cape against a team that was primarily magic damage and continued to build a Trinity Force until you lost. Maybe consider adapting your build to the opponents strengths (and weaknesses) a bit more? Mundo does not really benefit from Trinity Force; he has a lot of damage in his kit already and all he really needs is a single offensive item to do well (Titanic Hydra). Trinity Force is very expensive and offers little in the way of defensive stats, but you were your teams secondary tank that game, so you can't afford to be building full offense. Your team had enough damage in Caitlyn and Katarina; so why did you build offensively instead of defensively to itemise against the Kog'Maw? There's always something you can change in each game, including in games you do well. I understand your frustration in your loss streak, but I don't think it's a good idea to absolve yourself of all responsibility.
> 33% of the time you're going to lose, no matter what you do. > 33% of the time you're going to win, no matter what you do. > > The other 33% is up to you. Please, let us know when the objective reality actually starts to reflect this theory. It sounds good on paper, but after playing this game for 6 years I can assure you it's far from being the truth. Matchmaking is flawed at best. All the time it's just a stomp - either you stomp or get stomped. Maybe 5% of my games were actually balanced. If every match was like that, I wouldn't even mind losing, but when your team goes 2:15 in 10minutes and you're playing a squishy ADC... well.. there's not really much you can do after your "teammates" start spamming "FF 20! OPEN MID! THIS IS LOST!!!".
Marowak (EUNE)
: Getting a ribbon from co op?
It shouldn't matter in which mode you earn them, as long as it's consistent and high enough frequency.
: I never proposed an answer to OP's question, so how exactly am I supposed to be right or wrong? You were just being needlessly negative. It was pointless to down-vote the comment it was more than enough to post your response 'No?', but for some reason you went further - is there something up, have you had a bad day?
Nope, my day is perfectly ok. Not sure what's negative about expressing my opinion. Even you say that you didn't propose an answer to OP's question, so your comment was just useless. Last time I checked expressing own opinion wasn't something to be frowned upon.
Noomie93 (EUW)
: You are right that there are two parts to this letter and people leaving the game is my number one cencern. The second concern isn't the value of their ping and wether it's high or not - It's simply the complaining. What good does complaining ever do? What is the point in telling me that you are used to 50ms, and now can't play with 125ms because it messes up your game? It doesn't do any difference at all in the end, you're still in the same situation as you were before you wrote it. When you play with strangers all it does is put the team in a negative situation and mood, and often end up losing the situation. As I've stated in another comment; > I don't care if you play 'worse than usual' because of your ping, I don't care if we lose or win because of it, I care if you end up leaving because of it.
Telling others that you're having connection problems can help you let them know if they can rely on you or not. Or maybe that you need some help or just postpone some important teamfight... Of course, if someone is just nonstop whining and even leaves the game, it's a typical negative behavior and can potentially lead to a ban if reported often enough.
: Here, let me return that down-vote.
Shame votes don't make you right, eh?
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I now get why so many players cry about S on supports
S means you played STATISTICALLY better than the average player with that champion on that specific position. It doesn't mean you played OBJECTIVELY better.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Noomie93,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=rqwAARo5,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-03-16T11:13:28.333+0000) > > First of all: > No, even in a first world country you can not automaticly expect to have a high internet speed, coming from a residence in a first world country. Yes I can. [List of countries Internet Speed, Wikipedia]( [Internet Speed by Countries, Map]( Anything in yellow is supposed to have at least 12 MB/s and those are most of 1st world contries. In Europe, unless you are from France, Italy, Greece, ... you're supposed to have good connection. If you can't afford good connection that's another story, but that goes to my previous point. If you've always played at X ping, then it doesn't make a difference. It makes a difference when your connection is Y speed and THEN it goes to X at random times. That part you purposefully chose to ignore. > Second: > If your ping is as high as a second it's fair to say it's unplayable. But not at 300ms, where you can still play. You just need to learn to adapt to the ping. Like I said, you purposefully chose to ignore that part of the argument. Those who complain about high ping do that because it isn't normal or them. 300 ping is still not playable. You can't even try to argue that. 300 ping is twice as high as the average reaction time. Anything between 100-200 is "playable", but only if you are used to it. Anything above 200 isn't. > Fourth: > I play exclusively ARAM, a unserious game mode everyone agrees are just for fun. Therefore I can say that they should just 'play and have fun with it'. Dude, it's like I'm talking to a wall here. The way you play the game isn't THE CORRECT way to play it. Everyone does that in their own way. Some are more competitive than others, even in ARAM. Maybe there's a guy out there that ONLY PLAYS ARAM COMPETITEVELY. Who are you to tell him that he should "play for fun"?
> Anything in yellow is supposed to have at least 12 MB/s and those are most of 1st world contries. Erm, bandwidth and latency are two different things. You can have 300Mbps and still experience huge spikes. I agree with the rest of your comment though.
Noomie93 (EUW)
: Worries of the new generation of gamers, an open letter to whomever it concerns
There are two parts to your "letter". 1.) people leaving the game - I don't think anyone would disagree with that point 2.) 100-300ms isn't high. THIS is a false statement. If you're used to 30ms and suddenly everything happens with 0.3s delay, it is noticeable. If you're used to higher pings and you just stick to aram games as you say, then you probably don't care too much, but for the rest of us it is a big deal. You can test your reaction time here for instance Mine is currently about 210-230ms (mind you I'm currently sick and very tired). If you add another 200-300ms lag to that, suddenly there's a 0.5 delay to any action. Sure, it doesn't mean the guy with 30ms is necessarily better than you, but he already has some advantage and it's very noticeable in a competitive environment. Also, when someone complains about high ping, it's kinda rare for that person to have STABLE high ping. It usually means his connection is fluctuating and so the delay is not consistent. If he's used to 30ms, of course it's not a pleasant experience. The value shown in the game is usually just an average value, not the current REAL delay.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Perilum,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=bmbdZtGy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-16T12:54:07.011+0000) > > Modifying the LoL Data leads to perma bans yes. It's allowed.
Tell that to people who toyed with their game files and got banned.
Łµx (EUW)
: thats why i never want to know my main character voice actor ...
When I thought this community can't sink any lower, here I am, proven wrong once again. Melissa Hutchison is 41 years old and you call her "grandmother" or even "fossil who can't walk". Just wow. What are you? 5 years old??
: Hey there, the reason why I forced 70hz/72hz is because on 60hz I can see screen flickering...maybe that's just me and my eyes but I've been runing League for a long time with those 72hz and like I said. It worked perfectly all untill yesterday when vsync just stopped working all of a sudden. As said in the post above
Screen flickering on an LCD? What monitor do you have? It's definitely not a standard behavior. Also, can you at least try it with 60Hz?
: I've been told by people who work at Nvidia themselves that it doesn't do much for 90% of their customers, just saying...
Then those people were lying to you, because at the moment vsync is the only reliable way of eliminating screen tearing. Sure, there is gsync and other alternatives, but they have their own problems as well.
: > [{quoted}](name=Perilum,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ONhQXNWm,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-15T10:42:59.841+0000) > > The CPU is complete trash. AMD Bulldozer Designs are the worst piece of hardware you can buy. In special for gaming. > Look for a similar desktop in that price segment with a i3 or i5 of the 2000 or 3000 series. that is so bull shit, i am running an AMD FX 6350 (6X3,9GHz) and i have no problems gaming on it. either with leageu, the division, fallout 4, battlefield 3-4. i always have around 60fps in leageu i have around 300fps i never reach max preformance on gaming with my CPU, i barlly touches the 30% mark. every console have AMD CPU's (xbox, ps, wii ect)
Battlefield 3/4 and LoL are old games and I don't believe you that about Division at all. I've been trying it with my fx6300 and gtx 1060, and the drops are way too annoying. Many people have problems with unstable fps in that game and with amd processors it's even worse compared to intel. Unfortunately. > every console have AMD CPU's (xbox, ps, wii ect) Yes, and they have 30fps in most of their games. When a game reaches STABLE 60 fps on a console, everyone celebrates. I seriously wouldn't use consoles as a good example, because it's actually quite the opposite.
GLurch (EUW)
: Does it change anything if you flame over feeders? Do you think it brightens up the mood for your team? No, the atmosphere will only get worse if you flame, your team will perform worse and you will perform worse too. Why should it be the job of others to make you stop what you are doing? With flaming, you help no one. Do you think ANYONE at all in your team feels good if you flame? NO! It doesn't help anyone, at most it annoys them. Plus, if you're writing, you're performing worse, due to not reacting as fast.
Flamers don't do it so people start playing better (even though that's what some of them are trying to use an excuse). They just vent their frustration on others, because no one taught them the proper way of dealing with stress. I'm afraid trying to talk sense into them is a waste of time... You can tell by reading their responses.
Rnutt (EUW)
: Would this desktop be good to play league?
Try to avoid pre-built computers. Ask your friends to build it for you, it will be much more reliable with hand-picked components and with a much bigger performance. Probably even cheaper... Seriously, forget about deals like that. Pre-build computers are good only for offices and even there I would argue it would be more efficient to just build them from scratch.
: Have you tried capping your FPS? maybe if you cap it at like 120 fps you'll have smoother gameplay
Capping fps is a different technique and still results in tearing/stuttering.
: > [{quoted}](name=Viavarian,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=l31xM67t,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-14T16:28:39.834+0000) > > They obviously aren't different, you just get more angry when people happen to feed in your promo games. It's purely psychological. I dont think it is, 90% of my games are as Xin Zhao, my win % for normal run of the mill league games is around 60%. When looking at just promotional games that % is closer to 30. If you look at timelines of my performance kills, turrets, farm, deaths etc in the first 15 mins (before I die getting steamrolled by fed opponents) its near identical within margins of error when looking at laning. Suffice to say I play no better or worse in promo games than non promo games. In addition looking at my 4 random teammates in those games a severe drop in performance is visible, in fact around a 40% increase in deaths by 15 mins, and a 20% reduction in farm. My sample size so far is small at around 40 games (when i started noting down figures) but im confident the figures will hold up no matter how large a sample i take.
I've been playing since 2011 and I've been observing the same phenomenon, so your calculation is about right I'm afraid. I'm just surprised people haven't started downvoting you yet, it's not a very popular opinion and most people still believe "it's just psychological". I still think it's a bit weird to encounter 90% of the trolls only during promos...
: I want to buy Riot Graves skin, if someone can help me pm me
Not sure what "serious people" you expect here. It's a legacy skin that is obtainable only during special events and from hextech boxes. There's no way around that.
: Summoner icons limited availability, how to tell?
I believe those icons are marked as Legacy or Limited when they are officially announced, but I'm not sure cause I've never paid to much attention to icons. It's definitely not visible in the shop though.
Duchy (EUW)
: 14 day ended. I am afraid for permaban, because follow reasons:
> 1) false reports? False reports are ignored by the system and hurt only the person who sent them by lowering his/her future report value. > 2) buggsplat, somtimes they must remake because me. > 3) somtimes my internet goes down, and they can report me for afk? Being afk or dc won't result in a permanent ban for behavior. It's being taken care of by LeaverBuster, which is a separate system to punish leavers and it results in a low priority queue.
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