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: You can get some crazy plays with champions such as Lebanc, Zed, Fiora, Yasuo, Riven ect. They all have insane mechanics, fun to play ( even after 100 games ), fit into this meta and are able to carry low plat...
SO do you think its worth it to learn riven in normal games? And what part of game is she strongest? She looks fun, played her sometimes, but she has some metacounters, thanks again
: Ezreal for me is really fun to play, he has multiple builds, skillshot reliant, can mechanically out play other champions, has late game scaling with blue build, Mid game focused with red build. He can be played in MID lane or ADC role so there is your dynamic role picks. You can build AP if you team is full AD so he is very flexible. Lastly Ezreal doesn't really have any bad match ups since you can farm with your q at a safe distance.
Ezreal is my go to adc, but i think he gets outscaled by Some adcs late game, but thanks anyway, Id be happy if u gave me a tip for a non bot lane champ, thank you
: What role do you play?
Any, but my mindset isnt rdy for plat adcs if i played supp
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Eeten (EUW)
: Support is most fun of the Game, but in my Opinion, only with a Premade ADC. Thresh is pretty fun, he can make plays, engage, disengage and catch People. Targons only pops a Stack on a Lasthit because he is ranged.
Thanks for explaining, and do u mean that its Boring to play with any adc that isnt premade with you or just a bad adc player(-risky that youll find a bad adc) , and just btw, who do u think is The most fun champ for you right now? :)
Kate Bush (EUW)
: About role assignments on new champ select
supports mains are The rarest of all roles and mid is the most wanted role i think, thats why its giving supp to you, if u find frustrating to play supps, learn a different role, hope i helped
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Nikinho (EUNE)
: Ok!!! Rammus is a whole package xD
: Hey eDmine, if you want to play a scaling champ I can recommend you Gangplank. Maybe I am just lucky, but he never gets banned in my elo. (have been Gold last season, too, dont know how its there) I think you know how strong he is after 2-3 items! :) Maybe an unpopular pick. Kog Maw AP mid. He scales so well into the endgame. He is never banned has some skillshots and wow.. he deals damage at endgame! But in my opinion he is hard to play against Assassins midlane. Or what do you think about champs like Cassiopeia? She scales well, too, because of her passive and is hard to play. Cass is the only champ recommended of mine for you having boobs, but maybe you like some! Good luck finding a new champ you really really like. :D
Ive played GP many times last season but i think i dont have fun with him, im scared of playing kog since new assassin item will make them played even more, ill try cass or wulong, thanks for your tips
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