DutchPro (EUW)
: Yet how do people climb above you?? They went through games with the same teammates and still got to challenger. Maybe some games are lost by your team but in 80% of the games you are able to actually influence the game enough to win it, but you also make mistakes so you don't. That's why smurfs have 80% winrates
Lexient (EUW)
: wishing a more strict ban policy
Good idea. However with Rito policy it will nevet happens.
: Because this is a game, not a war. Heck, even soldiers in the war played soccer with eachother in Christmas so.
IT IS A FOOTBALL! NOT FCKING SOCCER. And after a game British sent a 30mm artillery xmas gift to german trenches.
: trollers are out of control lately
Well I am glad that there are more good games out there. So I do not have to play this thrash.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: Because the fast majority does not leave intentionally. Punishing those players harshly does not make them less likely to leave, because it wasn't their choice to leave in the first place. Punishing them harshly would just piss them off and achieve nothing else.
I am pretty sure you have any sources and data about your statements and you do not just pathetically parrot Rito's words. Now I assume your statements are right - Vast majority of traffic accidents are non-intended. Why people who commit them are still punished? Why victims got compensations? Why should I be pubished because some fcking moron cannot organise his time or has wooden internet?
: Please bring back honorable opponent honor
I prefer Bushido way. The only thing enemy deserve is katana into their throat. Why should I respect someone who prevent me from victory?
: Tristana now, who's next?
Do you still remember meme #ADC2017? It was the only time when all ADC was balanced. Unfortunately crybabies aka ADC mains were crying so they got Arden cancer as return and you know how did it end. The most stupid Season in lol and the most boring World Championship which was about rushing Ardent cancer first. *Wow, did you censor word "retaarded", Rito? If the shoe fits, wear it. Am I right Rito? ;)
: High elo players probably possess the mental and emotional discipline not to rage and tilt, there are exceptions though(like hashinshin, old tyler, jensen, etc).
they rage a lot. But they dont need to vent it in chat game. Flaming in game is forbidden however RITO has no authority out of LOL so I can swear, wish my team mates and their mothers cancer and RITO can only lick my spicy sausage.
: saying fg­t is considered homophobic. Deal with it
I would ban all languages and speech since it can insult someone. Wow this political correctness, Our ancestors must be rotating in graves when they realise they fought for such dumb snowflake fragile easy to trigger generations
andreilus (EUNE)
: Can any Riot support members help me understand exactly why did i get instanly perma banned
Well you better no flame on EUW too much. Ppl there are pretty easy to butthurt snowflakes and they do not hesitate to press report button.
: Esports is getting very boring!
No Wonder since the game itself is getting boring as well. Lol used to be my only #1 game (since season 2). Unfortunately this game has become a boring meta sheep shht and it's getting only worse. Gameplay is not fun as it used to be.
Suffer (EUNE)
: This game seriously makes me cry from the stress and harassment
Snowflake. Guys of your age 100 years ago were rushing trenches against machinegun nest and you are crying over a stupid videogame. There is one magic button - its caled mute button which will mute all chat. and there are a pings you can use to communicate.
HanLess (EUNE)
: More reworks instead of new champs.
They should revert MOrdekaiser. New one is kinda weak, kinda schizofrenic (is he ap carry or immobile juggernaut) and very bugged. Since we rengar mains got revert I hope MOrde players will also get one.
Magneset (EUW)
: So 1 extreme case out of a couple of million. Yeah the system is deffo broken.
400loose streak nunu, smite singed, and this https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/g047OoEn-undeniable-proof-that-trolls-do-not-get-banned I met many of trollers, int feeders, reported them with 8 other people and guess what. Noone of them got eventually banned.
Magneset (EUW)
: He just had a bad day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
yeah and If people didnt post it on reddit he would not have been. Rito are bunch of overpaid bonobos who knows only how to suck each others peanuts.
Magneset (EUW)
: From what i heard its to avoid you getting spammed with them since its apparently something that happens a lot. Its also to avoid you knowing exactly who got punished so that people dont add that person to soothe their own giant ego by making fun of those who got punished.
: This game isn't fun anymore and I'm done.
Play PUBG and give fck about this shitt. Lol went downhill when it was purchased by Chinese aka Tencent. Pubg has some issues as well but none of them are so big as those in Lol
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
I rather have toxic raging and wishing cancer teammate who is carrying me than a fcking friendly feeding moron who builds magic resist against full ad team.
: Ranked
Rito has every detail abojt connection such as IP adress and they can ban boosted noobs. Like how the hell can you manage to play on computers distant from each others hundreds kilometers in one day?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
What's the point of team game when you don't have a team? Aka being placed in team with bonobo's offsprings.
Cyanidee (EUNE)
: Placement games
Well system should consider your own single perfomance and take it into account when you win or loose. U get S+ you will get more LP than usual or loose less LP in case of defeat.
Pelmorr (EUW)
: Disgusting matchmaking in plat elo
I think these guys were boosted. I know about 6 accounts which were boosted by one guy in internet café. Is it worth to report them? Will they get permabanned?
Holaka (EUW)
: Zoe is cancer
well her stun/sleep is fcking %%%%%%ed...but rest of her kit is kinda dumb
BadAdc123 (EUW)
: Completely unfair 14 day suspension
My brother told me when I played Lucian and stole baron: Nigg*r stole my baron. After game he was suspended for 2 weeks. Really get your sjw and other political bullshitts from this game. Rappers say N word in every songs and I havent seen them banned yet. Stupid double standarts
: How about you fix Fizz top?
Noob picks on mid, noob picks on top.
: It seems to be working fine considering the effectiveness. I know that the "smart" trolls are able to troll without any problems because it's borderline impossible to create a program that would understand the nyances in the behavior of the "smart" trolls. But it punishes constant toxic behavior in chat which is good. It also punishes constant AFK behavior. It also recognizes real intentional feeders. I don't even think that a player should be punished if he lashes out once in a week or month. Only those who make it their habit to make others feel bad need to be punished and/or removed from the game. Are you those guys who think everyone who goes 0/10/4 are trolls and feeders and should be punished? Because there would be awfully few people playing this game if bad games would lead to bans...
Nah,, reprot system should work like in CSGO, 1 time afk? 30min VAC. Second time afk 24 hour AFk etc. NOt like in lol where you can leave 4 games in row without any punishment.
: How do i deal with darius in lane
Ask RIto to balance its game. Oh wait...
: How the report system works (empiric "study")
> How the report system works. It doesn't work
Vonyalo (EUW)
: Burn in hell guys
Since wishing cancer is forbidded (I use that in games anyway tho), is wishing to be burnt in hell allowed?
Xeronan (EUW)
: "It's just Aram"
You can but do you think they got banned? Stupid report system and much more stupid riot games stuff
: Well, if he made it to Gold without using that item on Lee his skills obviously lie elsewhere. Either way he was skilled enough to make it to gold, even if he used different skills than you did. Players are different and you can't just assume that everything you know is standard.
or that lee was eloboosted and despite so many reports he hasnt been banned yet.
: What if all gold was split evenly amongst the team?
Well I would split gold/exp to ppl who were afk and reconnect
Rosh Roshan (EUNE)
: Role distribution among players - picking Fill = support???
Well they can motivate people playing supps by granting more LP for victory or higher box/keys drop rates.
: Main account permanently suspended for account sharing
Why do they ban people immediately? They should warn people first before they ban them at least. For example: We noticed some suspicious login activity on your account. Change your password and contact our support otherwise we will have to ban you. Btw which support did you contact? The international european (english speaking)or your native language speaking? I was also accused from acc. sharing, solved with czech support and I got my acc. back.
: When a company is trying to control his community behaviour
That means that we are its (Rito's) bitchess and they can fck with how they want.
ScinxZ (EUW)
: I tried some other mobas today. The players seem nicer, more helpful, sportive, etc. so more akin to my personality and playstyle. I'm starting to think league has the most toxic environment in games ever lol
Try Heroes of the storm, Community is ok and champion balance is not done by retards like in LoL. (devourer rageblade I still remember you)
Brocks91 (EUW)
: If you want to play Vayne in Bronze or lower Silver, just don't
Really fed up with noobs. Is there any way how to avoid them?
Rioter Comments
: How about creating a North Africa Server !
Buy enough RP to make North African profitable. You can blame Rito for many things but you cant blame that they sucks in £€$.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Everyone complains and it's always someone else who is at fault. Bronze is hell, Silver is hell, Gold is hell, Plat is hell, Diamond is hell, Master is hell, Challenger is hell, LCS is hell. There, fixed it for you.
and it's always truth.
: Where do i make a champion consept that RIOT can see?
They dont give fck about community creation. ALl what they care about is money.
Armakar (EUW)
: Good anime?
Ghost in the shell. The only truly [cyberpunk](http://cyberbunk ) movies or series
Þröstur95 (EUNE)
: I hate how little ip you get per game
play rankeds and win them.
why would Rito does this? it would annoy AFKs scumbags and Rito would loose RP buyers.
: What if the crashes for sumone, it would be horrible to wait 1 hour cuz ur pc crashes.
thats not our problem. Man should be responsible for his pc.
: Censorship
George Orwell would be happy seeing our CM Big Brother.
: Why does a whole team have to be punished for an afk? -> suggestion for a fair system
AFK would lose all LPs and his team mates not. That would teach those AFK scumbags not to leave.
: Riot should consider making more items melee / ranged only to make them easier to balance
They should rather finally add SoloQ. I though that hundreds complaints and insults should have woken them up already but shitt happened.
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