Sffc (EUW)
: It's rarer because people tend to know what they're doing, **and when**. {{champion:104}} with {{item:3742}} {{item:3025}} . Is it crap? Absolutely. Did I do well by building that? Absolutely aswell. My team had no real tanks, and they had a full AD team. By going a bit more defensive I essentailly turned a (jungle) carry character into a secondary support, in other words, I provided enough CC to make up for the extra damage I didn't get. I was still packing a punch, just less than usual. In fights 5v5s they couldn't do anything because I was just too tanky and too hard to deal with because of that, and my team could just mop them up. Most of our team's deaths were when one or another teammate refused to group and we'd get towerdoven. In the end a very bad build was the reason why they couldn't even fight us. Because we adapted and beat them. And Heck, I'm Gold.
Deadman's plate on-hit doesnt work with ranged characters.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: https://i.gyazo.com/1b01820664401dc57740ccebc2918f92.png In average, you'll see one of those two once in every 2 games.. ish. If every champion was picked equally, you'd see each champion in around ~8% of the games.
Last season vayne/jinx was permapicked, shit happens.
: You think that's bad? Well, my friend opened one chest and got perma Uncle Ryze. After he rerolled 3 nice skins, guess what he got? Uncle Ryze :D Talk about bad luck...
Opened 3 boxes, 2 champion shards. Morde and alistar.
: Hahaha, EUNE is dying xD
The sole reason, that eune was made was that european server was too large and unstable. Even now euw is biggest server worldwide followed by korea.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: >The game should be more oriented on clarity and balance as League is. Take notes HoTS! League of Legends Balanced pick one
League is balanced, not perfectly but 58 % win ratio on champions isn't that high. There were worse times.
gg easy (EUW)
: Fiora doesn't fall under the juggernaut category. Only Darius, Garen, Mordekaiser and Skarner are that "class" http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/gameplay-update-juggernauts Not sure about Illaoi. I actually think the 4 juggernauts are pretty meh. Garen is the only to stand out with a 52% winrate on a decent play rate. Morde 45% mid winrate and 47% top. Darius <50% and Skarner sits at 52 but has a low low playrate.
: *Queues in to a lobby*
Soraka one made me laugh, well played.
: I speak 3 languages and English is the third one. (Not my mother tongue). League of Legends has English as its core language. Hence, I speak English. I have no excuses, yet I see this excuse coming up. Are these smallminds so incapable of learning a language they have to keep using the same excuse? Or do they use excuses as a substitute for not having something interesting to say? Good thing you know geometry, though. How very, very good for you. Give yourself a pat on the back for that one.
> [{quoted}](name=Prophet of Decay,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=B7EtNkpV,comment-id=00090000000000000000,timestamp=2016-02-21T21:11:26.967+0000) > Good thing you know geometry, though. How very, very good for you. Give yourself a pat on the back for that one. Ok, you won "geometry", you are trying to sound intellectual, but you are doing mistakes too. You are such a bigot. I speak 3 languages as well, but not every country in europe has same standards of education. You can downvote me I don't care.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Be respectful of your opponents, please
+1, but also I don't like people, who have problems with admitting, that they fucked up :D.
: Avoiding the point like a pro, as always. Allow me to elaborate the core of my comment: 'Stop' Why?: It's poorly and halfheartedly written, flaws and errors almost every other sentence. With information that's only quarterly interesting. No conceptional value as far as crucial information is concerned. Unless it's meant to be a read for entertainment. In which case it fails that too. It's just a glorified essay for your English class, which you would probably get C- for at best. In honesty, I'd find it more interesting to read a crossword puzzle that's previously been completed with a pen. The wording is all wrong, the build up is all wrong. It's ALL wrong. Have some friendly, constructive feedback. Now, back to the humdum day-to-day.
Not everyone there is native english speaker, sorry. There is about 46 countries in Europe and about 70 languages being spoken.
Tjibow (EUNE)
: Well. Yi is balanced. To be honest - he is even weak, needs buff.
I find it funny, that on NA boards, people are crying about devourer rageblade bruiser yi and here are complaining, that he's to weak :D.
: Are you for real?
If she's so op why she isn't picked in competitive at all? Annie has high burst, but have little ability to get near her target outside flash tibbers/q. Irelia was 1 first champion with overloaded kit, and malphite counters meta of ad teams, that's why he's strong.
Player 00 (EUW)
: My opinion is that Riot reworked all the quite ballanced champs #{{champion:133}} #{{champion:98}} and they are such a pain to deal with, especialy with the new items that are out now. Those two DEFENETLY shouldn't get reworked but if they just needed that rework pls nerf them. Champs I think need buffs are {{champion:268}} {{champion:429}} . (dont kill me if you dont agree) Also I want to know why are people so crazy over {{item:1402}} {{champion:77}} build ? I mean come on, thats more worthless than full AD Janna. {{item:3930}} {{item:3124}} is just so much better; better wave clear, more champion killing potential, more attack speed what I feel is crucial with Udyr, R proc every 2md atk now which is insane... pls if any one uses Runic Echoes Udyr tell me what do you have better than I do with Sated.
7% ms from runic used to be 10.
: Actual OP list: {{champion:39}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:114}} Some of them are OP by the kit of champion. But most of them are OP coz of items. Hybrid AS items, or HIGH ARMOR PENE.
Annie isn't OP, she has toxic kit but she's isn't op. Same with irelia. Malphite is just favored by meta.
: This is the EUNE boards. Here people hate Polaks not french.
tolisk99 (EUNE)
: Xin is BROKEN
I hope, that he will warp meta and there will be no more 3 adc per team.
: wait... are you saying that she wasted her ulti on an alistar support WITH R active, and didn't get instagibbed by the rest of your team?
Alistar's r doesn't reduce true damage.
: Stuff I've learned so far while playing League Of Legends...
> [{quoted}](name=GankIncoming,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=OQ60cIPR,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-27T12:46:34.925+0000) > > * The most common polish names seem to be Cyka and Kurwa. I stronly disagree, Cyka is russian world, polish equivalent of it - suka isn't so offensive in Poland. We would rather use chuj or skurwysyn,
Mr 44 (EUW)
: So you are telling me that is normal that 2 guys: 1 guy = +10 (10 wins) 1 guy = -10 (10 losses) being in the same RANK ? So... what is Placements for ? I can't understand that dude...
Rank isn't everything, there is thing called hidden mmr. For example 1 guy won 10 games and is in bronze 5 his mmr is about 800, second one lost 10 games and his hidden mmr is about 400. Both of them are in bronze v because bronze 4 requires mmr about 900. I have made up numbers but that how it's working.
: Noticed how most funny champions are yordles? I think that says something.
Most of them got mental issues :D {{champion:17}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:45}}
: Posted a question in Q&A but it's not answered yet. Since you get chests from reaching S status in game aswell 1ce per champion per year, does it anywhere show which champs you got a chest from already? Because after 6 months im sure it'll get hard remembering those things.
Yes it does, also it shows how many boxed you have unlocked that month.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheHauntedLog,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=2ABVhPEN,comment-id=000300010000000100000000,timestamp=2016-01-08T15:55:46.767+0000) > >i'm a psychiatrist :p You're telling me, that you went and studied a science in university for 4 years, went on to medical school for 5, got your doctorate, chose to specialise in psychiatry, eventually got licensed... and you still play this game? Forgive me for doubting you, but I highly doubt you are a psychologist, let alone a psychiatrist. And even if you are, how would you even have the time for games like this? To my mind, a doctor of any kind, PD, MD or otherwise, would ordinarily have higher priorities with which they are obligated to spend their time.
Well, psychology in Poland takes 5 years, medical school with specialization in psychiatry 11. There a tons of games, which have +/- 30 years and what he is doing in his free time is his business.
: You can counter gapcloser with good positioning and using your minions. You can only counter point-and-click by not farming.
Riven, kalista as non gapcloser melee etc. Do you realize, that all the skill shot abilities have more powerful scaling/utility or other effects?
Silisa (EUNE)
: {{champion:103}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:161}} Are all considered hard to master, which is why most people don't play them. it has nothing to do with the meta.
Nope, there were times when you could see lb, ahri and ori almost every game. Zed and yasuo are considered hard to master, but they are popular as fuck.
: If I wanted everybody to be OP, I would play dota. The problem here is that there is too much point-and-click in the meta, not that everything is op.
I prefer point-and-click meta rather than 1000 gap closer mobility meta.
: I think fizz ult does the same, true damages during the countdown. Same purpose !
So did old zilean q :D 1 true dmg each tick.
: 0.0 wait for reals, does it work on monsters too?
: trundle's E slows the enemy, also might displace them and interrupt channeled abilities
Trundle e deals 1 true damage to enemy, it was made to get turret agro when using by trundle.
Pizzazz (EUW)
: Hello Sherlock. Continuous damage is pretty much the same as damage over time in this scenario - doesn't change the issue tho.
I'm just pointing a difference, but I agree with an issue.
Pizzazz (EUW)
: Just a little idea for Thunderlord's
Morgana's and mf's spells aren't dots same as malzahar's pool they are continuous aoe damage spells similar to mf r
: Are you kidding me? Kayle not mentioned? {{champion:10}} Kayle : "In a world far away where an ancient war still rages, Kayle was a great hero - **the strongest of an immortal race committed to destroying evil wherever it could be found.** ** For ten thousand years, Kayle fought tirelessly for her people**, wielding her flaming sword forged** before time itself.**". She is immortal hello, a semi-god, fighting thousands of years against evil, it is the hercule of the league, is it even comparable to renekton or azir?
She will be retconed sooner or later same as jax, taric and morgana.
BaymaxBooty (EUNE)
: Is it SAfe?
No it isn't safe. When you buy rp once you will buy it again sooner or later :D
Bombardox (EUW)
: if you did bad in that match just admit it
I don't have problems with admitting, that i have fucked up. If i am losing lane, so badly i just leave outer turret and farm under inter.
: That thing is bugged as long as I play the game .. So for four seasons. Nobody uses that so why should they care about this.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Help me pick a new champion :3
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Mm1oHZyV,comment-id=000200020000,timestamp=2015-12-02T23:23:28.281+0000) > > What if both teams get a rageblade at the same time? The better player with rageblade wins, but the game based on 2 people from 10 people teams is pretty pathetic.
4, both junglers will get it too :D
More0 (EUNE)
: New Soap from RIOT
Dropping that soap in prison would be fabulous.
: >10 Kg of feathers are heavier because you have to carry the guilt of what you did to those birds. To produce 10kg of pure steel, would require almost 100kg of coal or a similar fuel for the crucible. The amount of carbon dioxide that would release into the atmosphere is immense, not to mention the ash. And ofc, you have to take into account the destrcution to the environment caused by mining the raw iron ore and coal first, probably destroying entire ecosystems in the process....
You should add to that child labor in mines in third world countries :D
Fisheyed (EUW)
: Svir spellshield bug gameplay
Are you sure that you are hit by spells, and not by autoattack modifying abilities? I didn't play much sivir recently, but i have no problems with her shield.
: Top Lane Noobie >.<
Pick early game bully like pantheon. Gankplank is fine due to nice poke and sustain.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Stop being salty in normals
I can't i am being salty in life :D
Damaskus (EUW)
: Bots made me realize that the duo bot Lux/Ezreal is deadly when fed. Zilean is also an opponent I don't like much... - With Morgana, I noticed that firing the Q on players was never that easy... - Always paranoid during laning phase when playing support, so I put a ward and stay alert. Once they see how much kills they can get though me, It gets painful with 3 to 4 players ganking at a time xD - I'll work on that. SightStone is my first buy. Always. - As for dodging... class 101. - I have to play Blitzcrank to counter him, really annoying. Yes PvP would be awesome. I'll start including Normal games more often in my daily routine. I'll leave it some time and then compare the results. Thanks.
Don't forget to swap your trinkets, when you buy sightstone. I have seen it even in platinum games.
Damaskus (EUW)
: I'll try to make custom builds for some champions then. Mobafire, here I come!
Usually there are 2-3 core items, that you buy every game. Rest of them are situational stuff depending on matchup.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: Bots are a stepping stone, not the end of the line. And if you so chose to make it the end of the line so be it. Of course bots are predictable. By the time you can land all your skill shots you need to figure out by yourself if it's time to step up or leave it there. Your end-goal might not be the same as everyone else's. Playing a ton of PvE doesn't make him a worst player. When he decides to get into PvP, having 1000 wax-on/wax-off is better than 1.
Well he started at end of season 3, it's almost 2 years playing bot games only. Playing a ton of PvE doesn't make you a worse player, but it doesn't help you to improve as much as pvp games.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: I disagree with most "playin against bots won't improve your gameplay." Because it will. If anyone find PvP too hard, that's the obvious step down. First and foremost you do what is fun for you. If you want to bring Ahri support and build AD, as long as you don't intentionally feed, I don't think anyone really cares what you're really doing. If you AFK, the game will AFK one bot; so people might only be mad if you called shotgun and then took off. Playing vs bots isn't the final step of playing League. Specially because it's not the PvP endgame promoted. So you enjoy playing your bot games until you're ready to step up your game. When you do, Rift PvP will be there for ya.
But it won't, games against bots are way more snowbally and bots don't behave as real players. It doesn't matter when you can hit 10/10 skillshots against bots because they are predictable, when you can't do that against other player.
Damaskus (EUW)
: Yeah, that's part of the thing that made me question the value of VS Bots.
Playing vs bots is fine, as long as you want to learn just basics things ie. last hitting, playing with unlocked camera, etc. You won't learn about winning trades with opponent. I think you should start playing more normal games, you shouldn't care that you lose more, than you win because you will improve.
: Here is a suggestion :)Im sure by now you already have a champion you feel comfortable on,and know his kit well.So why not take it for a spin in Team builder?That way you are sure to get a lane you want,and since its a normal game,people tend to be relaxed (Well,at least majority).There is nothing to be scared about,only way to learn is to practice,we all did it that way,and as people already mentioned,bots outright ignore 30% of league gameplay (Jungle camps,traps,wards etc.)You already have the most important skills in league down-communication and willingness to improve,rest should be a piece of cake.Have fun
Not 30%, but much more entire vision control, both jungle and river objectives etc.
Damaskus (EUW)
: I have like 20 Normal games, and a bit more than 400 VS Bots. Reached Lv30 at the end of November. I noticed I've been playing too much Morgana and Sona, but their are squishy so I have to really be careful when playing PvP with them. Tried ADCs like Caitlyn and Sivir in Normal, I seem to farm badly and get to feed a lot. I manage to win VS Intermediate Bots. I might play passive roles too much. So as to have a grasp of my current score, some screeshots of my match history : °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° [PvP] http://s7.postimg.org/qcvtbes8b/Pv_P.jpg °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° [VS Bots] http://s13.postimg.org/6e4jxyt47/VS_Bots_01.jpg http://s30.postimg.org/muizhhebl/VS_Bots_02.jpg http://s22.postimg.org/en3u6rgxd/VS_Bots_03.jpg °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Aram http://s9.postimg.org/ia5uvkkn3/Aram.jpg °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Yes, I started playing some games, Ima going to do more in the future. Maybe I'll get to play every champion I own so as to process their kits and hopefully widen my understanding of the game. Thanks a lot.
Your build on sivir is pretty bad, you shouldn't be building hurricane unless you got on-hit/passive effect which you want stack.
: I played exclusively bots until level 20-25 (don't remember the exact level I started doing PvP), which is probably longer than most. Find a champion you're comfortable playing with, and try playing that in PvP. Just out of curiosity, what's your score in bots? What kind of bots do you play against? You can only learn so much from botgames, but your score can tell you if you can move on or not. I started having over 20 kills in beginner bots, 50 in intro. I didn't play intermediate bots, but I'd probably get between 15-20 there too. Test things out! Try playing normals, even if you feed the first few times. We've all been there. Playing against real players is different from playing against a computer, they're usually smarter and know a good deal about the game. Quickest way to learn is to jump in there, though. Best of luck!
Playing vs bots is way too snowbally, you can win 1x5 against these in custom games.
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