: > [{quoted}](name=captain sm1thy,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=bTG8h1JW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-09T00:37:37.742+0000) > > i got eune account i just to level it up We have a Support mains clan in EUNE, you can join and find yourself a support anytime u want
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: I need a good roast
U are soo bad that the only champ u can play Is urgot ! U are soo bad that barun ult can one shot u ! U are soo bad that poppy ult will kill u even have guardian angel . U are soo bad that u don't even play 5v5 . U play twisted treeline .
: Nerf new Irelia.
If anyone need to be nerfed it's Zoe, masteryi . Master yi w provides insane heal ! Zoe if she lands a q u will literally feel the wave come out of the screen !
: Im a jungle main. Feed=no ganks. Flame=no ganks. Rly simple
Lol ya I like that simple and nyc . But there are some reception to the feeds thingy it depends on who u call a FEEDER. Accorfing to me 0/2 is not a FEEDER nor is 2/5/3 . Some times the enemy team ganks a lot and we might had to step in . 100% I agree with u on flaming .and I would like to add " if u don't help me with my lvl 1 buff I won't gank ur lane " simple as that
Zanador (EUNE)
: You apparently know your stuff. That's genuinely good to see. So let me just add one more thing: when i jungle i usually start the chat by laying down my initial plans, like "blue-gromp-bot" or "red-blue-top" and so on. Even if this seems like a trivial thing to do, most of the time for a laner it's the safest bet to assume that he will be alone all the time and play as if help would never come. If i tell them my plans, they will know that i at least intend to visit their lanes, and give them enough time to prepare. For example, a defensive top against a Fiora might want to let the minions push in early on and farm under the tower, but if he knows i'm coming from the start, then he can push for lvl2 by the time i arrive. Also i get to show my bot lane that i already promised a gank somewhere else if they start complaining early on, so that's 2-3 of your points covered in just a couple of words. :)
thanks mate . i will keep that in mind . nyc tip
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Sefi (EUNE)
: I'm an ADC main, i don't want your help, i don't want your buffs, i don't want your gangs. I want you to create pressure around the map while i draw pressure from the enemy jungler on bot lane. I don't need you donating a double buff to the enemy ADC.
yes by pressure u mean u die to a 3 v 2 gank and blame jg for not ganking when clearly he is ganking top .obviously we dont wWANT TO DONATE ANY BUFF TO ENEMY but when u ping and we come then adc just goes back to base as his/her health was 49% we become sitting ducks for a 3 v 1 And it is up to the bot support or adc to help if we are taking drake IF POSSIBLE because at lvl 4 or 5 taking drake solo with 2 smite will leave us vulnerable compared to a morgana sheild help or lux w help or evn ashe q help . and dont tell that adc dont take buffs . they crave for blue buffs as the mana help u kill secure .
: THANK U!ppl think the jungler is like jesus that can save the game. my biggest tip as a jg main is STOP PUSHING! in some games i see all 3 lanes pushing so much that is just ungankable even tho i tell them im compelitely ignored and then enemy jg ganks the shit out of them and its my fault for not ganking. and i see ppl demanding your buffs even tho u are friccing behind. ppl are so damn annoying sometimes.
i agree with this . if they atleast ward the place we know from where the enemy comes and so we can be ready to help . neither they ward nor they ping ( until the last moment that is ) a garen or yasuo taking red is acceptable if he is just 1/1 or 1/2 but a 0/3 taking red just to get gold because a teemo is top is not acceptable. neither is riven or yasuo taking blue ( they dont have manaa and yasuo mana comes back almost instantly )
Zanador (EUNE)
: While i don'T disagree with you on most of your points, i want to remind you and every other jungle mains to a few things you should know. >Lend a hand for gromps at lvl2 as it helps me get lvl3 fast By the time you are lvl2 and gromp spawned, the minions are already fighting on the lane. By the time your teammate gets back to the lane, the first wave is almost done if he stayed to help you kill gromp. Unless you gank immediately after you clear blue and gromp, then he is most likely screwed against an aggressive opponent. This can work if you both have hard CC and you decide to camp top, but otherwise your request already puts one lane into a bad position. If they listen to your request, know this and make sure that you create more advantage to the team than what they lose on top. Oh, and this is true to the bot lane too if you are on the red side. And the first mid wave is already completely over by the time gromp dies, so that's why i said top. >If I assist u in gank let me take few farms as I have helped u kill secure Whenever you "take a few farms" from a lane after you got a kill, you make your own gank worse for your teammate. Sure, you helped them get 300 gold form a kill, but suddenly you cut it by 60 gold if you take the 3 melee minions for example. Your gank is now 20% worse. Yes some assassin junglers like Shaco or Yi usually rely on this bonus gold they get from minions in order to function properly, but make sure you know that every single minion you take from the lane makes your own work 7-8% worse, and double for a cannon minion. Lets look at an example. Your mid laner got countered, so he is forced to lose 1-2 minion each wave. You come to help and you give him a kill on mid, but you take 3 normal and a cannon minion as a "tax" for your work. Sure, he just got 300 gold handed to him, but you already took away 5 waves worth of disadvantage you could have saved him from. If he keeps losing 1 minion each wave after this, then without the "tax" he would be on even gold with his opponent for the next two and a half minute. With your tax, he is still at a disadvantage when he comes back. Other examples: the enemy top lane has TP, yours were already forced to use it. You gank, give up the kill but take some farm. Your teammate has to still recall and walk back, but the enemy is back on the lane with TP by the next wave without problem. Your gank was a net loss to your toplaner. And finally the most common, yet most important one: **when your teammate is desperately trying to freeze the minions and you just "take some farm"**, you might be straight up ruining 2-5 minutes of his work and giving your enemy anywhere up to 15-30 CS advantage they wouldn't get otherwise. Especially on top lane or when your bot is facing a kill lane, this probably ensures their defeat on lane. Make sure that those minions you took are put to the very best use you can, to make it all worth.
i see your point the gromps issue usually is when we hav bot blue . as usually adc is farming and only suport comes for helping but with that support help i can get lvl 3 a 2 lvl up on any man on the team with 3 abilities which i can use / i usually play jax so with his eqw combo the bot adc and support is either toast or i force a flash heal on them . on top side blue i think exept for bronze every jg after blue will come and help gank bot otherwise they are idiots thus the unwritten rule of ward river at 1 20. yes we may take a few farms but u should know a scuttler will grand u 75 gold and usually by the time we come back from the gank the enemy jungler wil be at red and will take the scuttler ( obviously not in bronze xd) . a top main will request ganks the most compared to other lanes mid has 2 open paths to take and bot is 2v2 even if its 3 v2 they can still take care till help arrives . but top is always 1 v2 . and yes we too freeze the lanes for top ( a good player knows to ) and ijungler (expet bronze and silver ) will push the lane if ur top is recalled so that by the time the top comes back the enemy wave will be near ur turrent and not theres . because if we dont push the lane 2 waves will be attacking the turrent by the time u come back .
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wat is dis (EUNE)
: Chat ban issue
I have actually written a blog about this to help u put. Check it in my board . The jist is focus on yourself and ur champ and not interfere with others.
: First time pick in ranked.
I agree with the statement as they should at least try to learn the mechanics of the champ they select or have at the least played against someone who has that champ for example a good riven knows if u time ur 3q with auto attack not only does it do more damage u can actually have the q back in 4 second . Unlike a noob who uses all 3 q and gets 8sec CD. I have seen plenty of players adc playing kaisa the new champ with no prior knowledge. And had fed the enemy team. With" gg new champ sucks" to "sell me ur account plse as u will be busy with minecraft "
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: If a game cannot be won, may I argue to stop wasting time?
I have played a game with 9 v 56 in which we won where we won a baron fight getting an ace which pushed us to win the game. And another with 13 v 45 were we backdoor and win the game . I think the a chance of losing in a well feded enemy team is dependent on ur support and tank but yes these are all just 2 in 10 games I played where I lost the other 8 .but yes . My tip is if the enemy team has destroyed even one of ur base turrents before 20 mins then don't play unless u have the same odds
eragon7734 (EUNE)
: new way to avoid getting banned and win games fast. 100% working
For a elo hell player (bronze) like me .there are A LOT OF PLAYERS who are adamant not to see others succeed like a thresh top, garen bot , ashe jungle ,kinda thing which I see soo often that I have made a list of names which if in my team I will defenitly will exit the que ! And believe me that list is longgggg !
Ünlùcky (EUW)
: On the service status it mentions that it will be off till 7:00 gmt tho...
ya it will take some 10 mins more as they hav to run test run it
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: Why EUeast already online and EUwest still offline?
lol thanks for that . was waiting for it to come online
: add me cant seem to find you
i am sorry . i just noticed u r euw iam eune . my bad i am soo sorry
: if you loose a ranked cause afks your life is ruined? you shouldnt play then lel
i think people will agree that when they start playing they want to go to higher rank . but somehow or other u end up low and then u get sad . but still u play ranked just coz the adrenaline rush is soo good ! u might have had a game where u are at ur best but there is a guy who goes and feeds ilaoi !
Montazuma (EUW)
: What is the difference between instabanned and permabanned, and what is the deal with the options in the poll?:P
i honestly tot that instaban is like in game he gets banned . perma ban is like after the game he gets the "GOOD NEWS"! I really dont know xd. just to know the opinion .
Jedcore (EUW)
: The comments are just as toxic as the players who ruin the game overall lol
ya i agree . nowdays i just type "good gob . keep it up " for everry thing xd
: ***
lol. tysm . i think its like permaban #tryingtomakeatrend . no he doesnot go afk he stays in base and takes few JUNGLE CAMPS and goes back to base so that he is not afk . BRILLIANT PLAN BTW .
Tarolock (EUNE)
: im confused >BUT now with 8.4 patch and all new players emerge . who logs into the game AND DOES NOT PLAY! JUST STANDS IIN BASE AND PING . AND THEY WIN THE MATCH then >WE CANT WIN AS WE R 4 V 5 so you are winning or not?
i had won 2 of the 3 matches but again that was because this specific summoner didnt come out of base . on the 3rd game he went and fed the opponent adc like 20 EVEN THOUGH HE WAS TOP . i had to stop jungling and go top as SEJUANI !
trividh1 (EUW)
: If you take ranked seriously , consider moving to a real server xD Switching to euw won't make much of a ping diff
: EUNE supp/top main lf duoq
i am b4 would love to help u but my elo is shit hole . hit me up if u want herlp
: Bronze players united
hit me up . i can jg top adc main jungle
: Trolling gets banned but its harder to detect. Flaming they just have to look at the logs. There is no reasoning for flaming or trolling.
they should start a team where we can sent footage of the game to justify our actions . this way trollers and flamers will be scared atleast a bit . , my wish //.
: Except people see trolls and intentional feeders in every shadow. Trutch is, despite protests of the OP, that most of alledged trolls and intentional feeders are nothing of the sort. [This explains why people so easily throw accusations.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actor%E2%80%93observer_asymmetry) Most people if shown a 0/10 game in their history will give you all the excuses "Jungler camped me, while our jungler gave me 0 ganks, then their mid came and he was fed and bot never used SS." or similar sob story. The same 0/10 game by someone else? Obviously a feeder and a trolley. So yeah, punishing actual intentional feeders lags behind, because if Riot banned everyone who was ever accused of intentional feeding soon no one would be playing the game at all. So they err on the side of caution rather than to listen to every angry player who just "knows" his teammate is feeding on purpose. Flaming on the other hand is pretty cut and dry and no amount of righteous indignation is going to make for an excuse.
yes . i think you at right . but that feel of loosing just because that one person literally dint do anything hurts . riot should have to make some teams to look into this some place where we can went footage and they can look over it . fingers crossed . this might also help players who flame to justify there actions with proofs .
: Ban for both. However, banning for trolling is difficult, that's why it looks like they "only" ban for flaming. Flaming is easy to detect. Trolling isn't.
i should hav added that option too xd . sorry
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: _Inting is bad, and noone wants to have an inter on their team, that part is simple.._ We all have such unpleasant experiences every now and then, but we don't take it as an excuse to break the rules. What are you trying to achieve by flaming that person? --- All that **YOU** are contributing by flaming is making it worse, and that's simply not acceptable. Insulting people, whining and asking for reports is just annoying for everyone. In addition to having an inting TF, your teammates also had to listen to you complaining, do you think that's right? --- Considering that you got a 14-day ban for this, you most likely display such behavior regularly, this is just an example of your occasional misbehavior. Complaining about Riot isn't going to make this better, because in the end, other players don't want to see you behave like this.
yes you might sound right at this . but there are 2 sides in a coin .so seeing his side when he plays a ranked match with some troller who intentionally feeds he would be upset . i think other players would appreciate if players like this twisted fate who has the ability to carry the game if he is fed doesnt do his job . flaming is natural response and many do it including the troller so plse do the rightful and ban his account too for obstructing a game which if played properly might have helped him reach the next lvl .i have had and have reported players who comes into the game and literally doesn't play . just stands there . i can sent you proof if u want because i had one in the last game he was reported but then again he is back to ruin some other players day . riot should focus more on the needs and wishes of the oppressed and not just ban someone for flaming
: trollers are out of control lately
i had has worse . has a blitz who dosnt leave base just stays near nexus an aatrox who goes and feeds yasuo and master yi and many more all in ranked games . riot report system is broken
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Yuükí (EUW)
: It's Bulgaria so Riot won't place this not so small problem on the first place in their " TO DO " list {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:7}}
It is not only Bulgaria .it has been happening in only enue servers I think that's y he could play in na server
ríseNn (EUNE)
: League client stuck on authenticating...
I too hav the same problem .someone helpp
: I wish but no, there's no way to bring old client back. "You are offline" thing happened to me as well. You need to delete something in game files or something like that. Riot Games said that if you have a leaverbuster because of that problem, please contact us. So, I'm sure they can help you about that. I hope everything will be fine. Good luck!
how do i contact them ? sorry for asking u all these questions plse reply
: It's not that long. And getting help from the professionals is always better.
first of all sorry for the late reply .thank you for the comments . ys i too have to restart my lap every time it gets stuck. i had been able to play till ysterday.But because of the freezes i have 10 mins leave buster warnings. its not my problem it just says you are offline now...i downloaded the hex tool kit and ran it and i thought reinstalling would work... still waiting for the results. fingrerscrossed. is there anyway to bring old client back.i miss it.
Wukongz (EUNE)
: No, 1 gig of ram in this case wouldn't make such a huge difference. The problem comes from your "video card", or rather lack of one. You have an intel-integrated chip with very limited memory dedicated to it. If you can, download the latest intel driver for your video chip and turn off your v-sync from there, as well as from the game options. It might boost your FPS. Not to mention that the processor is very outdated. When buying laptops always remember to see if they have a dedicated video card: always look for nVidia or AMD(or was it ATI?) Radeon video cards. They should have a sticker, which looks like [this](https://www.notebookcheck.net/fileadmin/_migrated/pics/2011-14_04.jpg).
thank you for clarifying my doubt. i vl try ingame changes. but first i am reinstalling the game because these problems started after the client update. again thank you
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eragon7734 (EUNE)
: game not responding
now i am getting msgs like we r unable to log u in as u r offline . but my connection is there and the net is stable at 10mbps speed. plse help
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello sir DirectX issues and such are mostly player side and i would gladly help you solve your issue. Could you please tell me when it happend to you, champion select, laoding screen or ingame? Please tell me what the error said exactly?
my game wont launch icon comes then goes and nothing or the screen freezes when loading or right after a match gts over . or while champ select. i tried deleting launcher file . no effect help plseeeee
: Did you repair?
i tried it once the screen got stuck for 1 hr . no bars only loading icon. then the game never opened ...every time i click on desktop icon the logo comes and disappears then nothing . it might work if i restart the laptop. but the story repeats ...
0tx (EUW)
: how do you babysit all 3 lanes when you're jungle?
i too am a jg and a top lane player . i get what you mean . through my 100000 failure i can with certainty tell you that of your top and mid laners can make it to level 6 without dying. and have the brains not to jump into enemy turrent for the kill its fine.they have a chance of winning. gank only if the enemy is near the lake border and ward the place before gank . the real battle starts after lvl 6 . unless ur enemy is a teemo and ur teammates hav fed him properly.... then surrender at 20!!!!
: How to play a game of League in 2017
i too am having problem loading the game . its not opening . i have left a discussion plse help . and the game freezes also. it started happening after the latest client update . i miss the beta version . it was perfect, not that i dont like the practice tool and skin discount . but for a guy who is too scared to play ranked just because of the above problem the old client was waaaay better and smoother.
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