f7cough (EUNE)
Just now half an hour to start a match ...
f7cough (EUNE)
THIS, now waited over 35 mins (23 counter plus 3 times match didnt start)
Mondego (EUW)
: Because their system is automatic and it's easy to ban or punish 'negative attitude' (which is intentionally left ambiguous) by flagging some keywords, but when it comes to intentionally feeding without, like you said yourself, comments pointing that out, their system falls flat, as well as their fantastic claim that they check every punishment personally (math doesn't even check out on that one), because that'd imply this: Assuming he'd get quite a fair share of reports, which he would. - He got flagged by the system but has no other data to back up whether or not it was legit, so no action was taken, meaning there was no human verification. - He got flagged by the system and awaits human verification, which is taking extremely long because they lack the manpower to do better, which kind of begs the question of how it works in the chat restriction mode, since that mode ISN'T automatic :pokerface: - He didn't get flagged by the system, meaning the reports he got weren't worth the needed threshold, which would imply that people's spam report made the system so diluded that it will fail to punish those who really need it Just my 2 cents
Worst part is that someone that says "report this noob" WILL get banned if people report him, but someone that does this you explain of intentionally feeding to hell, does not get banned. GJ RITO
: I **NEED** this This is an option that the profile tabs has been missing for too long...hopefully Riot will add this feature if they ever get around to re-vamping our profiles. +1 to OP
Unfortunately the suggestion, which is a fair reasonable one, has been ignored.
: > [{quoted}](name=f7cough,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=mRiFIFWu,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-02-10T12:57:29.659+0000) > > People get 5 mins, which is nothing. I need to wait more than that to start a match anyway people get 5 min first time :) This scales ... Please try it yourself, and then say its nothing :P (not to comment its -lp or auto lose in raked promotions) He-he.
-lp is like -3 and your mmr is untouched. Not bad enough
paleface (EUNE)
: This Leave thing became uncontrollable. You wait for 5 minutes for all the bans, then all the picks, and then someone just leaves. Then the same happens again. And again. Then in 15-45 minutes you finally reach the damn loading screen. Something must be done. **Please lower the 35 seconds wait on every ban and pick. 20 seconds is more than enough.**
exactly! something must be done! You wait 2 mins for a match, then you spend 5 mins and someone doesnt lock, rinse and repeat. Next time someone doesnt ban, next time someone just drops because doesnt like the set up. After a few you are waiting for a match for 30 mins !!!!
: > [{quoted}](name=f7cough,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=mRiFIFWu,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-10T12:32:24.283+0000) > > Rito time for you to do something, either increase penalties or something because since the new champ selection, the number of people that do not ban or pick in time is HUGE. At the moment I have been waiting to start a match for over 45 minutes, that is including the time I have spent in 5 attempted starts that people have not picked / banned in time or dropped. That is great. :))))))))))))) Afk people getting punished at last with leaver penalty!!! No more watching videos instead of communication in team setup.
People get 5 mins, which is nothing. I need to wait more than that to start a match anyway
: Are you waiting too much for your ranked games? Do the queue times put you to sleep? Hi, Billy Mays here with Supersonic Queue Times! All you have to do is to pick fill primary, and BOOM!!! There is your champion select.
NO. You dont get it. I get matches quickly but people do not ban or pick in time, or drop. Re-read the description
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Antr0p0s (EUW)
: Report calling is instaban/mute, no matter why, to who, or when
Thats what riot said. Question is, is this fair?
Falbindan (EUW)
: League of Legends is a team game, there is a reason the chat exists. Muting everyone as soon as the game starts is - to me - as negative as blaming others. > I never flame anyone unless they flame me first Flaming is still flaming, no matter who started. You sound like a kindergardener saying "He hit me first". > "report xxx he is wishing cancer to everyone" I'm pretty sure this will never get you banned. You can still prove me wrong though.
To you first point, self defense cannot be considered as bad as attacking someone To the second one, riots reply to my email was that I got banned because 1. I was argumentative and 2. I was calling for reports
Noxxarian (EUNE)
: SIDENOTE: I wanna point out that " I never flame anyone unless they flame me first " will get you punished. I don't mean like I'm being a wise-ass and I'm sure you're probably not really flaming much, but that defense will mean 0 if you get punished for something.
i know, but i think it is unfair. Anyway ill i need is to remove the chat so i dont read flames :)
Paena (EUW)
: There should be an option to "Disable chat" and a warning like user x is not using chat, if anyone want to communicate and discuss tactics they should queue with friends. And pings are always useful enough
: If you can't resist, then I would argue a competitive game like this is not for you. You see runners on a track flaming each other at the Olympics? See the divers wishing cancer on each other? See people flip the bird when people boo them? No, and it's not because they are necessarily nice people/have some godly level of maturity; it's because their manager tells them to keep their fucking mouths shut (quote). There are rules to any game, and if you reeeeeeeeeally can't quell the righteousness inside of you, OK, that's maybe a good reflection of character, and props to you for having an indomitable spirit and not giving in to the "man" and corporate greed and Walmart and Omabacare etc. etc. Unfortunately, that all means diddly squat when you click "I accept" twice every time you patch this game.
You don't get it. I do not wish cancer to anyone, ever. That is very low, by the way. I never swear on the chat either. I do not ever say one curse word. I am the one who tells people why do you intentionally feed? or if they flame me I reply with something, but I never swear, wish cancer, I try to explain they make mistakes too and then mute them. Or I post something like "enemy team please report this guy he is wishing cancer at everyone". Why do I do it? I sincerely believe these guys should be punished. Does someone who says "report xxx for wishing cancer" deserve a permaban? What is riot thinking? What are you people that defend this thinking?
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=f7cough,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=EFfIATuf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-01-11T06:53:12.767+0000) > > I have to say these riot policies are non sense, like if in real life someone attacks you , you dont have the legal right to defend yourself. This line pops up every now and then. In League, self defense means muting/reporting, NOT retaliation. By retaliating you become just as guilty as the other Player, and thus get punished. Real Life is really no different, and a majority of the community does not want to see retalliation in their games, Riot is not the ones to blame here for that "Rule". ^_^
But come on, I got 14 day ban for responding to cancer flames with "you were afk at base and they invaded, ofc I was gonna die", "you are reported for flame", and stuff like that It is like in real life someone hits you in the face and you say I will call the police, and then the police arrests you too for saying you will call them. Non sense policies, riot behaves like dictators. If I had not spent so much money on this account, I would not play this anymore. By the way, when I started spending money on this I did not know I could get banned for very mild comments like responding to cancer comments to "you afked and ruined this, not me". Otherwise I would have quit from the start. It feels like cheating from riot's part you spend time and money and then are stuck like this. I am going to check with my credit card company to see if I can get a chargeback of all my purchases, ive had the account for a year anyway
: You can't outright remove it to my knowledge... but you can drag it around, so push it off the screen so you can't see it no more and that should suffice.
It does not suffice for me. I end up leaving there thinking I'll just mute whoever is toxic but when someone is toxic I can't help myself but try to educate these people. I end up arguing a couple of lines before muting, and then they report me and I got a 14 day ban for saying very mild things like "report this guy flaming all game". I just want to remove the chat from start so in game I just cannot chat. If I see someone trolling and intentionally feeding, I do not want to have the option to type "report this guy for trolling" or saying why you ruin the game for every one else and end up arguing and getting banned myself. I have to say these riot policies are non sense, like if in real life someone attacks you , you dont have the legal right to defend yourself.
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f7cough (EUNE)
: New ban system punishments, do they ever reset?
Hello all, So here my story goes. I got chat restricted twice so I thought, well, no big deal. I thought it was unfair but meh, at the end they were only chat restrictions. I use ping in game to communicate so never mind. Today however I got a 14 day ban which really worried me. It worries me because I am convinced I do not deserve this. I had four people flaming hard, one afk most of the time, one started to intentionally feed going 1v5 till he died. No one was helping anyone, they all were just running away from fights and one of them spamming laugh whenever anyone of the team died. I was playing rammus and from champ selection they were all flaming. So this is my first concern,** why there is no record of champion selection chat? Most flamers / trolls start flaming / trolling from there** OK, game starts, they are arguing. I am waiting at frog and enemy team invades. Three of them AFK at base and I get ganked by all 5! All my team started flaming me! Well, I post the chat logs. Tell me what you think. If you honestly think I deserve a 14 day ban for this, fine, downvote me please. But if you think this is a bit too harsh, please upvote. I agree with bans **as long as they are fair** . I am sure there are people who deserve it, I see them all the time wishing cancer, but I am also sure there are people that do not deserve it (by what I see here) see what happens when you all afk 2 more of them came and you still afk muted reported lucian (***lucian was flaming me hard***) gj gj not surprised gj why you didnt fight we were 3 easy kill and 2 of you run back ward jungle pks pls xin omg ward rake sup drake ward sup ? rammus punch in the air? ahahaha cant play with this team no one ever comes only flame and troll lucian afk good time to afk they got drake free kill? when? im 2 2 and my 2 kills were both bc you didnt come and 3 of them did muted reported karma for verbal abuse xin gank mid gj 0 2 and afked too report xin pls what why YOU PINGED ME FOR GANK YOU OPINGED ME!!! AND HTEN I GO IN AND YO GO BACK muted reported too feeders flamers 0 3 GJ thanks for letting me top wjhy do i gank thanks fo the heal WHY JKS TROLL RERPOT YASUO WHY DIDNT YOU GO FOR SHEN WHEN I HAD PANTH KILL TROLL YOU DONT HAVE KILLS BC YOU ARE FEEDING MUTED REPORTED YASUO see? look this team 4 of you come befoer 1 of them does i pinged yasuyo many times even typed YASUO will they ever move when igank gj 0 5 lucian 4 8 this team look the scores xin take farm mid ... ffs ok gj stealing my buffer enjoy i didnt flash you mean jax? nice ks will you stop feeding xin GOD THIS TEAM LOK XIN LOOK !!! GOD HJOW CAN YOU DIE HOW YOU MUST BE DOING THIS INTENTIONALLY XIN reported for intentionally feeding come i taunt and yasuo goes back every time cant play with such a level yasuo why you asked for yasu mid surr pls tjhos team YASUO HELP HIM report yasuo all buy zzrot and place it report xin yasuo lucian Scores: f7cough (me) KDA 1.70:1 10/10/7 Kill contribution 50% Damage 42,739 Wards 0 / 0 14 / 0 CS 167 4.1/m Gold 15k Player2 4.75:1 3/4/16 56% 23,106 0 / 0 25 / 0 35 0.9/m 14k Player3 0.79:1 9/14/2 32% 25,872 0 / 0 6 / 2 145 3.6/m 13k Player4 1.70:1 7/10/10 50% 24,463 0 / 1 15 / 0 214 5.3/m 15k Player5 0.55:1 5/11/1 18% 12,624 0 / 0 16 / 0 253 6.2/m 14k
: I use Elophant to see how much and wich skins I have :) For now you can use this as a option. You can see my skins right here: [My skins!! :D](http://www.elophant.com/league-of-legends/summoner/euw/58493195/skins)
I was gonna try it but I do not feel safe AT ALL having a third party program running in the background.
: Yeah, that happens a lot :D The guy who gets the actual kill gets the recognition, the others are forgotten, especially the supports :D You are a really nice guy, because not only DID you recognise Leonas contributions (dodging, surviving, recognising the Shen ult and reacting immediately and to maximum effect), you also congratulated her. This game needs more players like that Leona and you :-) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
When i play support i can be 1 4 25 and get flames for "feeder", or for ks for that 1 kill i took while tanking or helping the team :/ ahhh this community ...
: A lot of people downvote you but I agree. If you lose completely without a chance to recover the enemy team starts behaving like complete morons. Each of them push their lanes to make the game longer. Spam their emotes and than stand next to nexus spam emotes more and try to kill you and others. Then we wait few min longer for minions to finish the game. And this dosent happen sometimes. It happens often. Its already hard losing a game yet the opponent makes it longer to play and more painful to lose. Its like you become some sort of clown just to be killed and humiliated some more.
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Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: You cant click to move / attack or use abilities (ignite is usable tho) while you ult. If you ult and then click something right away it will cancel ult instantly
You are right and most likely that is the reason why most malz ultis get cancelled. However, I do have issues wth malz ulti every once in a while. Like I'm 1v1 with no other enemies around, and I suppress someone and he somehow uses an ability. And with no QS btw.
: Why dont we have a icon that tells you one more lose you get demoted for example gold 1 too gold 2
At the moment I think demotion depends on MMR. When your MMR drops enough, you get demoted. Only riot knows what enough is. Regarding your suggestion, I think it is great. I would love to have some kind of demotion series, where if you lose 2 out of 3 you get demoted for example. It would be fun and also would give you a much needed warning. Good idea, upvoted.
Riryz (EUW)
: awesome idea. a lot of people already thought of that but for some reason its still not implemented :/
: A while back i found out i had 3 skins i didn't even remember i had, it was quite weird... I'd love for an option to see your owned skins as a collection, it would at least bring some clarity
: I'm sure lots of people do this, but until they have a "skins owned" tab, I made a spreadsheet with all my skins and how much I spent on them. It took me a while to make it, but every time I buy a skin, it goes straight onto the spreadsheet. I have a list on the side to show which skins I want to get in the future when they're 1/2 price. A wishlist tab where you can select and save a list only you can see in the shop would be nice. A notification for when it comes on the sales would be sweet.
mate id take me ages to do a spreadsheet, im too lazy for that. Good for you thou that you keep it organized. Even if i had the spreadsheet I wanna be able to go into my lol client and just enjoy watching the skins i have :P
Muwi (EUW)
: Really hope they implement this, i have personally counted my skins and currently have 237 :D
Wow, nice! Me too mate, I hope this is implemented soon!
Riri99 (EUW)
: Can we get a red on this???
I was wondering what needs to happen for a red to show up? Would be very positive to have this tool in the lol client!
: there already is something like that. It's called Elophant. Download the client from Elophant, open it, run league, let it count all your skins, go to website, see all the skins you have.
Sorry but I dont want to use a third party, I want this on my LOL client. After all, the skins are from LOL, not elophant. :)
Tyde DV (EUW)
: I don't even know why we don't have this already. A separate tab to see all the skins you own would be amazing :D
Amity (EUW)
: You mean something like [this?](http://www.elophant.com/league-of-legends/summoner/euw/20355885/skins) Oh others already linked it
yeah but i dont want to enter my login and password into a third party site. Also I want to have this on my LOL client, a tool to browse my skins! I beleive it is fair to have it , right?
: but i also see skins im not own :( and i have to scroll scroll to find all my ~70 skins :/
you are right, it is frustrating, it is no real way to browse your skins. And you cannot see the skins that are not on sale anymore (legacy)
f7cough (EUNE)
: Please make a way to see the skins owned as a collection type
thank you everyone, glad to see so many upvotes :) so im not the only one looking for this it seems ! let's hope for riot to do this, im sure it does not need a lot of work and it would be so convenient to have this tool
Kamachooo (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=NewMk,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=FH5h4nJ7,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-12-28T15:36:36.044+0000) > > there's already an option on the shop to only show the skins that you own. Or do you mean number of skins owned? maybe i own a legacy i wouldnt see it in the shop
Rioter Comments
: You're not allowed to learn new champs in a normal
Dude even for golds like me we get that in normals... I go jungle teemo "OMG OMG JUNGLE TEEMO TROLL REPORT" and of course add tons of swearing to it. Even worse, you buy AN ITEM that you want to try with a champ and you get the OMG LOOK! A GUINSO ON TEEMO OMG REPORT BOOSTED SELL SKIN etc.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Please make it so we can swap our mastery pages around
I'm with you. In my case Im too lazy to delete them and remake them, and it bothers me that my rune pages are all mixed, i wanna have all tanky ones one side, etc.
f7cough (EUNE)
: Very bad losing streak, dont know what to do :(
I give up, really. I just got demoted to silver 2! I keep going down! And I keep winning my lanes but getting awful teams. Just had a fizz 1 9 , a vi 2 9, and a lux 2 15. IS THIS NORMAL? I help my teams, I ward everywhere, i farm well, i try tanky, assassin, support, anything, BG after BG !!! rito pls unjinx my account!!!
: Your account doesnt belong to you. Riot is the owner of every account. So no, its not illegal. Riot just doesnt allow you to play with their account.
dude law depends on every country but i can assure you that EVEN agreeing to the terms, these can be considered ILLEGAL. And I believe riot is based in the UK, and I am almost sure that law in the UK agrees with this. so if you go online and sign some terms that say they can come and shoot you in the head, would that mean they can do it? those terms mean nothing if their action is illegal. I have a friend that spent decent amount of money on his account and it got banned for 14 days and he went to his credit card company and asked for a charge back for all the money he spent on skins stating he paid for a service he is NOT getting. Guess what? he got all his money back. Maybe many of you are too young to understand this and dont get me wrong i like this game and i buy skins, and I am SO tired of AFKs and trolls i would permaban them myself but it is NOT legal
Kibibi (EUNE)
: Went on Holiday, returned to see account has been perma-banned
I disagree with permabans when money has been put into the account. I think it is probably illegal what they do, even if you agree to the terms, I am pretty sure the way they take away your unlocked content (skins, etc) is not right
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Take a break, walk around the room, make some coffe or tea, sacrifice some virgin blood for dark overlord Mephisto, rethink what went wrong in your last games and what you could've done differently.
Not working for me. I have sacrificed so much blood xD But seriously, I stopped rankeds for 10 days and came back, and it is a nightmare. I feel like every drop of MMR brings me more trolls! Thanks for suggestion thou
Brolando (EUW)
: Well.. I think you might be losing because you're tilting, I mean you're on a losing streak and I bet that if you go into a ranked game you go in with a mindset where you're afraid of losing because there's pressure on you because you could get demoted or lose LP again, so you're already nervous before the game already starts. I think Pants are dragon has a good video on how to deal with this kind of situation; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85YCUcT2WCU And something that seems to work for me is playing ranked on random intervals, I don't really plan on it, I just kinda play when I'm in a good or motivated kinda mood and I notice that I do much better if I play ranked when I'm just overall feeling good.
True, I do go into the game worried and thinking I will probably get another bad team. Thanks for that link, I am gonna take a look
p1r0m4n (EUW)
: kinda :) But i get borred playing solo games and as far as I can see the season 6 will be all about playing with your friends
then pay for the transfer , it is a one time fee
: Just take a small break from the game. Take one or two days off (or as many as you feel). You can also play Aram. For me, Arams are more of the "I just want to chill, relax, and not care about losing or winning". Most of my games in Aram, I just talk to everyone in all chat, be friendly and make friends. Hey, maybe go play some coop vs AI and learn things (combos, champions) When you´re in a super long losing streak, you got to rest.
I did take a break from ranked, and played only normals. I play relaxed, I do not flame, I now use mute, before i would never mute people thinking I might miss on important comments. I do get flamed a lot thou, before I did not care, now maybe it gets more on me cause im in a losing streak. Yesterday last second I picked smite when we had no jungler, someone else did too, then at the start of match he kept calling me idiot ... even if i said 'ok ill jungle then" on chat at the last couple of seconds before picking smite, and the other guy didnt... Maybe Ill play something else for a few days, thanks for the advice. I guess I want to talk about it, when I see other people have gone through bad streaks too I guess it makes me realize it is not that uncommon
Oimmena (EUW)
: I felt from gold to silver (and almost bronze) in a month. Considering being the whole season gold it's kinda dissapointing. beside the "unlucky feeling" i think it's the shifting meta that i couldn't get used to. Anyway... try to stop ranked for a while, prolly your mmr went too far down
Yeah , I guess I will stop rankeds again, or just hope for a turn back. I guess now I get more frustrated with trolls or very bad players because I am in a losing streak, and it is harder for me to turn around a match like I used to. Like for example yesterday I had to pick jungler (I was blitz support) at last moment because I had a case of "mid or feed" then shyvana top last second changed to smite too. We were 2 junglers ... Still I managed to get a score of 8 / 10 / 20 with a blitz with jungle masteries/runes and smite, but we lost as I had a couple of players with 2 13 or so. After that I guess playing upset does not help, I did have a decent game but maybe i do not help players the same , i dont know what i might have been doing wrong but somethings going on. I do feel im being unluckier than usual!
Mada (EUW)
: Stop playing the game for a while. Play a different game for a week or two. You'll forget the bad habits you learned and only remember the good stuff. It's weird, but that's how learning works.
I think Im gonna try that. However I do feel I want to keep playing, at least a couple of matches per day. Lets see how it goes today. I did stop rankeds for about 10 days, came back, and I was as unlucky as before. I had a decent game but bad teammates. I know it sounds like bs but they were. One game all four did not have masteries... Another one a "mid or feed", another one 2 junglers, etc.
Iskierka (EUW)
: You probably just got unlucky at the end of season play ranked who rarely did before. Some are better some are worse because they dont play that much anymore. Right now it s the other way round ppl who always play ranked now play normals have a lower elo there and tada you have a plat in a silver match. So everything is just going crazy right now but it will soon return to normal. Next year just don t play so close to the end of season.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Dont know dude, I even stopped for 10 days or so before end of the season because I did not want to risk demotion. I was playing normals and yesterday decided to start again in rankeds, with the same luck. On one match all four teammates did not have masteries!!! And masteries being so strong now, it was an imminent defeat. It is so frustrating! I even typed on champ select "Please make sure you all have your masteries set" many times!!
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