Silent Note (EUNE)
: This is why you don't BM
Today i was in my promos to silver witch i won thank god.but thats not what i want to talk about.So i playing my matches then we won the lanes and beating opponents realy hard we pushed the mid lane in ultil thier nexus got the nexus towers then my teamates started bming and i was going all in to destroy the nexus but alas i failed and my team got killed. Then i telld my team to just destroy the nexus and win.Then one of them says "Don't tell me what to do i want to have fun". But luckily we won the game.Still got me mad that they didn't want to finish the game of and risk that the enemy team might make a comeback and we lose
Neomarre (EUW)
: Coin flip is 50-50. if there is 1 good player (you), one bad one and 8 average ones chances are the bad one ends up on enemy team. 4 slots vs 5 slots, since one is taken by you always being on your team. Hence it is 44 to 55 which is nowhere near a coin flip. 10 percent difference is enough to steadily climb. If you dont climb or feel like games are a coin flip or worse you are the bad player and there is no nice way to suggar coat it. This logic works the same for any number of bad players. Numbers change a bit but its always bigger chance there will be more of them on enemy team if you are good and more on your team if you are one of them.
Yeah so tell me what am i doing wrong when all of my teamates lose thier lane feed thier opponent and even if im doing amazing i still lose cause my teamates are so far behind and they go rambo into the jungle to get caught and die.What am i supposed to do then?I Played back in season 6 got to s2 and when i lost my promos to s1 i just quit cause i didn't wanted to deal with this community anymore and i went to play wow insted.Sadly i like this game and sometimes come back to play,but what i'm experiencing in b1 right now is chaotic.Eaither i get the bad teammates and lose or the enemy team and i win.I'm sorry that i'm not some lcs challanges player that can 1v5 a feed enemy team and i'm not saying that i'm the best in the world cause i make mistakes but the stuff that i see evryday is annoying.And yes stat wise it evens out.But you still have that coin flip that maybe the rest of your teamates are gonna be bad and someone will get that more times.SOmeone will get good/decent teamates.I for one feel unlucky that i'm getting realy bad ones all the time,Back in the day i just improved my skill and started climbing,Here it doesnt matter anymore.
: Why are you guys so bad ? :(
Well my friend.This game comes down to a coinflip which will decide if you win or lose.Sometimes you will get decent teammates,sometimes bad ones,sometimes amazing ones and the enemy team can have these aswell.All of this are decided by a coinflip who gets what.Some people are more lucky and get decent teams, some have worse luck then others and will see more bad ones. The one question you should ask yourself is,does ranked games truly worth the time and suffering to rank up or just play normals. Because this will not change any time soon and you have to accept that when you start the search for a solo/due que anything can happen.
: Is Kindred dead to you?
But to answer your title,yes kindred is dead to me because i didn't saw anyone play him for a long time
: TheForestWithin and Sir Celery are currently NA challenger with Kindred, so they aren't that bad :P
well for the avarage joe there are better and easier options out there :P
Last Light (EUNE)
: Yeah, I'm aware of that, but eh, when you die a couple of times is it really worth keeping up with a strategy that's detrimental to your game? Besides which, Singed can be pretty monstrous in late game so I just don't see it being worth it.
This depends on the player.Some rando goes to youtube saws this with singed,wants to do it then he just fails hard.
: Is Kindred dead to you?
The problem is,i would rather pick something else than her,because there are more powerful options.
Last Light (EUNE)
: Singed players
well singed players tend to go behind enemy turrets and q thier minion wave so the enemy top laner can't cs properly and make him easier to tower dive with the jungler.So that's why they do it.
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: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Hello You are realy a good person because of this selfesness that u give away skins.My english sucks so i can't realy write what i wanted to :P But if u may choose me i would want : 1. Archlight Vel'koz 2.Neon Strike Vi 3.Little Knight Amumu
Sir Fart (EUNE)
: The NEW! way to INCREASE your chances of WINNING!
i have a better method to win more games!Carry your team even if your team feeded the enemy team by 30deaths and they play like noobs.
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: Because all champions have the huge amount of early game power and kill potential as Riven? What a dumb comment.
Well learn to play against her.Seriusly i have never had any trouble against rivens.The only champ im having trouble against is a well played leblanc cause u have 0.1second to react to her.I playd against a lot of rivens noobs and good ones aswell.Beated riven with twisted fate just kited her and stund her.
: New patch! Oh boy I have high hopes for thi-
I don't realy understand whats the problem with riven.She can be killed easily and if someone can play a riven pretty well then he can kill you with a lot of champs too.
Nerebis (EUW)
: Never Blame The Support
There was one time i got mad at a support it was bard :)
Pokemaniak (EUNE)
: welcome! add me in game if you can :)
I aded you but u didn't accepted it :p
Pokemaniak (EUNE)
: forming ranked team 5v5
Hello I would like to join the team.i Mostly play ap mid / support adc and started playing gnar top.Started playing the game last year and currently in silver 3.


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