: Because some people don't have a lot of champions .
Brand isn't exactly the champion that everyonoe has, neither is karthus. Your point has nothing to do with the fact that some champions are ridiculously common in ARURF in comparison to let's say, ARAM. Unpopular champions in URF don't even show up, I have yet to see a shit champion for URF in my games.
: Mission both helps and ruin the game.
"dont finish i need 100 farm" Firstly, you shouldn't even care about missions when you're in game in the first place. If you are a normal player you will always get 100 cs AT LEAST at min 15. Mission's objectives are things that you earn each game, let it be assists or kills. Someone that trolls from not letting them "complete a mission has the same chance at trolling because you stole their blue.
: I really don't know what to say...
I don't see any of these champions with a ridiculously high winrate or absence of counterplay.
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: You have to be mastery lvl 7 on a champ for that now
"I know it's no longer the last rank as it was with the level 5 before but it feels weird..." That is what I actually meant by your comment and by saying it would be better to show the points with AT LEAST mastery 6 too.
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dEAdbUs (EUW)
: I miss pre-reworked champions
There will always be a new meta, reworked champs, items, etc. LoL is better off if changing, and not staying the same for ever. People will get bored off the same things over and over and over again, whilst if you have a new mechanic, a rework, a new item, it will add up, slowly changing the oldest of the things, making the game dynamic. They still keep the essence of that champion, not making it completely different. ek Sion: undead, Poppy:big hammer headbutt. As for one trick ponies, oh well.
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: Just finished filling in a official League of Legends survey
don't explain things to riot, just complain. And i'm sure Rengar or/and Zed or/and Ekko was one of them, right?
Fäith (EUW)
: What is up with every 7 year old getting hacked?
They are just some poor children who their parents let on the computer and they either leaked their password to someone or made a password like ex: password123. Or both. And they're kids, let's be honest, they're annoying.
: New female streamer #Come check me out
yay new money ****** on twitch please get banned like pinksparkles.
CmmDmmCD (EUW)
: 13-14k ping while ingame
Come on...13 seconds (13k ms) of response time is not that bad. It's actually pretty good. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
sn0wy (EUNE)
: 7th perma ban
You are not that far down from tyler1! Keep it up!
: Riot has the best proofreaders!
Wow, they made a mistake and you all mock and bully them for it. WHAT A GREAT COMMUNITY! Pathetic.
: Changing champions to please audiences is a dumb prerrogative and mostly a marketing strategy to make the game seem everchanging and dynamic. Champions picked being low popularity ones is also based on this prerrogative. However, ultimately, many changed champs fall back into obscurity after they fulfilled their purpose (make the game seem fresh). It is literally impossible, in a game with over 120 character options where only up to a maximum of 10 per game are chosen not to have characters fallen into obscurity. The thing is, there's people to enjoy every single one, and having yours singled out and changed just to make the game "new" and "exciting" feels like bullshit.
Sorry, but you're wrong. The rework of Poppy and Sion for example. They were in need of a rework. Everyone hated them, they felt clunky, and they felt like there were some better picks in every situation. This is the same with Vlad. He was definetly not underpowered, nor overpowered, but there were more specialized picks other than him which excelled better at a role than him. He didn't feel rewarding, and for most, boring to play. Riot kept most of his abilities intact, and that guy complains, just because they changed his E, which is better, much better. The Transfusion mechanic is pretty dope too, nothing changed to that, actually buffed. They kept his iconic troll pool, and the ultimate too. They werent changed. I really don't know how this guy can complain about them ruining Vlad.
: Singed Splash vs. Singed ingame
Maybe this is not the same thing, but Amumu's eyes look terrible ingame compared to his classic splash art, mainly because his eyes were made from the old splashart.
Bloodmage (EUW)
: Only once upon a life
And because there are 2 or 3 Vlad mains in this world who love his old E, that means, they shouldn't change it for the sake of the other 99.9% of the playerbase? His new E is much more fun to use and not some boring **** like his old E where you just needed to spam that over and over and over again to not loose the 4 stacks of damage. AND i guess you refer to the items too, so they should exclusively keep an item in the game just for 1 champ? No. They removed spellvamp, so they removed Will of the Ancients. Now he has a new Q mechanic, which is really fun to use, since everytime you get that empowered transfusion it just feels so good to use. Cya friend, if you don't enjoy the game anymore then gtfo.
: Hey Summoner, The keydrop rate goes lower with each fragment you got, one guy on forums made this equasion which is pretty accurate: (80% + (number of premades + 2))/number of key drops you got this month. The good thing is that it resets every month, I think in a range from 3-7 days from now. Hope this helps :){{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
but doesn't the key fragment drop rate reset after each month?
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Baccano27 (EUNE)
: Separate EUW and EUNE on Teams & Clubs?
I hope you mean only the teams/clubs that is so much better if you mean the whole forums that is so much worse
: please make it so you cant start a surrender vote consecutively.
oh so you're too lazy to press the "no" button every 5 minutes or so? god damn.
Raph450 (EUW)
: Why not allow Zac to go over the walls when he uses his ultimate?
too strong. The range of his E is already very long, too much with ult over walls.
: u didnt need the /3rd person, lol is a 3rd person game
he refers to the " over head" view as a 3rd person
: If we do this all players will have to use a controller to play or it will be infair as a controller is way easier to use and it will make managing movement/item actives and shortcuts easier than using the keyboard
LOL are you serious? YOU ARE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME moving the camera around, the same with moving. YOU NEED TO MOVE THE MOUSE WITH SOMETHING. It would be impossible "almost" to play with a controller, not better genius
: Yes... but i think rengo disable its not a reason. Maybe rengo rework or kha rework? Im just supposing xD{{summoner:31}}
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq_5n-sro5k Not a bug?
Tiffan (EUW)
: So, Primary/Secondary Role thing is getting ridiculus. Fix Please!
: Not *Tank* Meta. Tank *Assassin* Meta. Or possibly Off-Meta Tank-Build Meta cos it is just a ton of champions being played differently to normal rather than an actual fault in their routine build!
archerno1 (EUNE)
: This isnt tank meta. Tank meta means tanks are picked. This is meta where everything can tank :D
because tank items too fukin strong DUH
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: lolwat... Wait, so you want me to give you riot points because you let your dog jump out of a window nearly 40 years ago? And this "special donation company" sounds like all kinds of nope. Don't do drugs kids, this is what happens.{{champion:83}}
Humiliation made the guy delete the comment.
ZartarUK (EUW)
: why do you want to play custom games anyway? :S
sometimes i feel better playing them like that plus i cant get matched with diamonds in normal and ranked games :D
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: Its not like u havw a clue about the game tho :P
at all. I am in fact worse than Nicktron.
: If you seriously think 1shotting people with no way of counterplay is healthy then you seriously need to reconsider your morals. You're not a main if you complain about it, you're just a FOTM player that will just switch to another *main* that becomes popular/op. Rengar's nerf was necessary.
Omnus (EUW)
: Rengar's standard Q uses AD ratio as well. The longer you speak, the clearer it becomes that you have _no idea whatsoever_ of what you are talking about. As for the second sentence, no. Just no.
Omnus (EUW)
: ...Except all his other damage remains untouched. Hell, with the change of the damage buff to give 20% rather than 10% bonus AD, guess what happens? Your subsequent abilities actually deal MORE damage than before. And his normal Q remained untouched, too. It's nearly a buff, in fact. Plus, if you expect to delete people coming out of stealth before even finishing your jump animation, then you have no idea what "balanced" means. Look at Zed or Talon - even those guys take two seconds to delete a squishy, even when ahead.
E is the only ability that uses the ratio which its not really much AT ALL. And zed and TALON TAKE LESS TIME TO DELETE SOMEONE THAN RENGAR NOW.
Omnus (EUW)
: You're not a Rengar main, you are a Rengar "main". Crying that your "main champ" was nerfed into the ground when he just received a few tweaks. I am an actual Rengar main and can tell you: he is far from worthless. Let me address each of your so-called points so you know exactly why _you_, specifically, are a worthless Rengar player and will be one less polluting the pool of glorious kitten mains. Q: If you run the math, all this does is slightly nerf Rengar's instant burst, and is actually a buff to his damage as soon as he autoattacks for a second time. With the attack speed buff from the Empowered Q, this will barely take more than a second. If a squishy doesn't get instantly deleted by your Empowered Q alone, you'll be able to stick to them fairly easily - MS boost from ultimate, E, Youmuu's, etc. Plus, it's a big, _big_ buff to his jungle clears. E: Probably the straightest nerf. The addition of a cast time to his bola will make it more difficult to land in mid-air but hey, counterplay! It'll actually be interesting if this increases Rengar's skill floor a little. R: Another straight nerf, but it was necessary. Sure, it makes Rengar's early ganks a little harder, but guess what: _You can actually gank without your ultimate._ The best part is, people don't even expect it. In the late game... well, it gives enemies half a second extra advance warning to start digging their grave, so why not?
Wats the point of an assasin ( Q PARAGRAPH) ? TO BURST FAST
: Well, to be fair, Rengar is the most unhealthy champ in the game. He either gets ahead and deletes everyone in the blink of an eye, or falls behind and does nothing. I think this might end up being like pre-rework poppy. Keep the kitty down until he's reworked into something healthier.
The point is that he no longer can (almost) even fight anyone even if he is a nice normal 3/1 in min 7. The empowered Q deals much like the same damage as normal Q (almost)
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