: There were problems on riot's side, hence the red exclamation mark with the message that starting games takes more time than usual. The main problem tho, is with OP's attitude, tone.
i am pissed cuz finnaly i no longer get so often shitty teammates,and server decided to shit on itself,thats why my additude has gone wrong
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PRoxy oQ (EUNE)
: Unless you know what you are doing and trust me mobo and cpu name don't help there i would suggest putting 60-70% over clock you see on the internet and small voltage bump .
I did OC from preset profile 1,went to exactly 3.4 ghz where i estimated would be perfect for stability at 1.3v from 1.15
AndrewCJ123 (EUNE)
: Usually CPU's have overlock estimates so I would give an advice to check out your CPU on internet and see how much it can overlock, but I cant advice you how to overlock it as I have no information on it.
i know my cpu can do like a champ 4.2 on air,but i need is a guide cuz it is hard to lean out voltages while wanting the system to be stable
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