: Is anyone else starting to hate playing League of Legends?
Game snowballs so fk'ing fast that you dont get any fun in tottaly crushing your opponent or beeing crushed to dust yourself. Its either super easy, or its no-chance for a victory.
Clarice (EUNE)
: Find match stuck in loop
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Client is Bugged
UP! I have the same problem.
gkolampas (EUNE)
: Win/lose streaks non-stop
I play couple of games a day, sometimes a week. This 20 lost games cant be cus of tilt. Btw, im winning games non stop atm, after nonstop loses. The system is so broken and they say "we dont have any hidden mechanics" . Ofc they do. Not a single game has the same issue, even if you tilt you **S H O U L D N T** LOSE 20 GAMES IN ARROW, THATS CHANCE IS NOT EVEN 1%
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