: Builds for Any Champiom
Top {{champion:67}} build: {{item:3022}} , {{item:3068}} , {{item:3006}} , {{item:3053}} , {{item:3156}} , {{item:3026}} . 0/12/18 masteries ( keystone: Grasp of the Undying) . Summoners: {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:12}} .
: Bronze looking for a team to climb with
I am a Silver V player from EUW ( posting in forum from EUNE cuz for some reason this page thinks my euw acc is lvl 3 ). We could play some rankeds together as I am also looking for a player to climb with. I play mid and adc , but can also play support and jungler. If u are interested add me ingame my name is gludeklis81
Cusax (EUW)
: Hey first the 60 champs is so we can swap champs to confuse and enemy and get better match ups and how long have you been playing?
I have been playing since September or October 2015. About the matchup thing I know my mains so well I can play them versus pretty much anything and still do somewhat good even if against counters. Anyways, in bronze/silver I dont see counterpicking at all, people just play their mains and hope they will win, thats all. But if needed I can buy teams most used champions so I can swap with them.
Cusax (EUW)
: Team NoDarnSkill (NDSK) Looking for players.
IGN: gludeklis81 Age: 16 Country: Latvia Rank: Silver V Role: Mid/ADC ( prefer mid) Top 5 champs: 1.Katarina 2.Twitch 3.LeBlanc 4.Vayne 5.Tristana Streams: imaqtpie, SivHD To join: Want to climb ranks and also have fun while playing with other people Why am i not climbing: Got lvl 30 just a bit ago and have only played 30 games in ranked now. Also I dont have much free time but I will have that time in about 1 or 2 weeks. And I dont have 60 champs, but I dont think it should be a big problem, because the ones I have I know really well. P.S. I am from EUW but for some reason this page thinks my EUW acc is lvl 3 so I am posting from my EUNE acc
: Getting out there as a Youtuber
Well, you can always just take a screenshot from your own video and put as a thumbnail, I think it would be much better. Btw, whats your rank? I'd like to play some games with you, maybe would be interesting ( I have an EUW acc, just for some reason this place thinks its lvl 3 and I cant comment from there )
: Getting out there as a Youtuber
I would say mixture of both. And I checked your youtube channel please dont put those thumbnails, sorry, but they are awful IMO. If u want more people to watch, start commentating while you are playing, because just watching LoL with its game sounds are kinda boring. I personally would enjoy around 6-7 min long video with good highlights, but also toss some full gameplay games there. P.S. I subscribed ;)


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