: Brand New smurf Lvled to 30 > 10-0 Flex and Bronze 5
Gajoob (EUW)
: ***
they occur 1000 times less than blind pick,and u don't have any real argument. we say what we want from the game and what we don't want quit reading the boards if u don't like it.
Santirande (EUNE)
: i still wouldn't play normal drafts, blind pick is simply faster way to get into the game. most of blind pick players just don't want to wait extra 4 min during champ select
they don't want to wait 4 min to find perfect match for their role-lane but they want to play 40min a game with no sense and 98% trollpick.. these people make no sense at all
: and how will u change the fact that u need 16 champs in draft pick, 6 bans, 10 picks,
They could either provide the low IP champs for free or they can have more weekly free champs and be eligible to join draft with the week's free champs
: also that guy mentions removing blind pick is better, then what about the new players ;) u need 16 champs to be able to go in a draft pick
they can just change it lol.. what makes more sense playing in a chaotic pick game or people that have 2 prefered lanes go in one of the ones they actually want to play and all can have a productive game?
: since what season do u play this game?
Well i guess i played a few games 3-4 years ago but i wasn't excited. i started playing the game daily like 1.5 year ago
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: Ranked Games
definitely lower cause that's how the system works, Nobody can answer that precisely,Personal guess somewhere between B3-1 Last season i was S3 and i won 8 of 10 games still placed B3.
hakerzz (EUNE)
: How Would be possible for someone from Eu playin on NA with normal ping?
: Yes...theories that (in contrary to past false concepts like "A train can never go faster than X km/h") were found by using scientific method and were tested and challenged for over a century and can be empirically experienced in the entire unviverse at every time and scale. This is the safest kind of knowledge humans can have, there is nothing more reliable than this. So it's still pretty safe to say "Its impossible and that is not going to change". Sure, you can always go into full nihilism mode and simply doubt everything because after all you can never be sure that anything is known for certain, but in that case any kind of dicussion about anything doesn't make sense anymore. But if it makes you happy: In the lifetime of the OP a lower ping to NA will not be possible.
thanks for taking the time to respond :) now if u'll excuse me i have to get to the lab to find something faster than the speed of light{{summoner:6}}
hakerzz (EUNE)
: How Would be possible for someone from Eu playin on NA with normal ping?
but how NA players at top lvl play at Korean servers?
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: League's music sucks and you guys should hire some ppl to work on this
They don't care about their crappy servers who fail continuously u think they will care about mysic?{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} lmao
: cant login to league
join the club.This server sucks and they don't even care allways having some sort of issue that affects players..{{champion:32}}
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: Yes you will have a chance to be S1 or higher, depending on how well you do in provisional games. Provisional games start at the beginning of the new season.
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