CC King (EUNE)
: Gold 4 placed with bronze 2 premade :|
Welcome to Riot, where we pull garbage from the bottom of the trashcan and spread around the ranks for everyone to have a taste. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Edit: I'm S4 and constantly get matched with/against I1-3 and B1-4. The games are usually a one-way stomp-fest.
: Sion needs a buff
Bring back the old Sion. #goodtimes
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: yea /fullmute all
/mute all will do the trick mate. less work.
dmanghope (EUW)
: Is there a way to permanently stop toxicity?
Disable in-game chat. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
For the average player it is now NOT worth getting season pass, the rewards you get are worth about the same as you spend on the season pass. And they are random, so you have no control if you get skins for the champions you play (chances are you are NOT getting what you need/want), so why bother. Dont buy the pass anymore. But skins on sale or dont spend money at all. They done a EA, got greedy when it comes to microtransactions.
Sejer2000 (EUNE)
: Give me your biggest problems as a gamer!
The largest and most frustrating problem by far is **_time_**. There is never enough time to play all the games that you want.
Hansiman (EUW)
: The chance of getting a jackpot bag was increased, but it's contents were nerfed. This way, more people will get a jackpot bag, and the total value overall will remain roughly the same.
Thanks for clarifying. Season 9 felt like christmas and after a lot of rerolls and orbs I got about 2500 RP worth of skins for champions that I frequently play. I'm disappointed and sad to see that they felt like this had to be nerfed.
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