PlutlN (EUNE)
: Why don't i get the honor Capsules when i have hit lvl 4?
You'll get them in time. I reached level 4 and only 2 days later I got 4 Key Fragments..
Treycos (EUW)
: YOUR RATING ISNT RELATED TO YOUR KDA What really matters : - Your total gold - Your kill PARTICIPATION - Your objectif destruction participation - Your vision score
^ and maybe even more we don't know about.
: Honor levels
I am honor level 4 and since the honors came up I've been honored in 1 out of 2 games at least once and never been reported for anything. I doubt you're saying the truth.
: Ranked division points (LP)
Frustrating. Yesterday I needed 2LP to get into d5 promos..and lose.. and I did that whole day, lose 1 and win 1, then lose 2 and win 2 and still needed 2-4 LP to get into promos.
: Show us your hextech :p
I got Championship Thresh, I craved for any Thresh skin for so long. I also got Project Ashe,Infernal Nasus & Blackfrost Anivia and rerolled all of them. I feel stupid for rerolling Project Ashe...don't know what I was thinking... I also got Omega Squad Teemo but that's it for awesome skins. Mostly I get skins on champs I don't really play...Still waiting for any skin on Janna,Lulu,Braum,Alist,Blitz...
: Cleanse bug (i think)
Cleanse do not remove suppression .. like malza r or old urgot r.
: I win my lane,but then I get lost and don't know what to do
Take top tower then swap with botlane and help your jungler when he's top side.
: Old client.
You'll get used to it, like all of us did. I know that most of us didn't like new client but right now I'd prefer this one over the old one.
lizi9902 (EUW)
: pls riot ban shaco in urf
It is possible.There are more broken champs than Shaco. Like {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:134}}
Gieto (EUW)
: Need help completing "BATTLE BOSS" mission lines
It's random. You can't get help with that. Just play... I had to play like 10 matches until I got Veigar.
: Are missions limited in ARURF ??
Probably will be new missions later... I also finished them and bought that Mega Orb and got Candy Cone Miss Fortune... disappointed tbh.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=hardys77,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EHVTWEAX,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2017-08-01T11:41:11.152+0000) > > eg: "%%%%ing gypsy go kill yourself, poor gypsy" because I'm from Romania, and for once I took honeyfruit to heal and that's what my fellow jungler said. That's being annoying? Ugh.. Ok man. Oh grow up, people will call you anything they want on anger, dosen't neceserly means their racist or whatever else may be the case. The ones you should care about is those who smile and look you in the eye and call you filthy rapist gipsy, not some random angry person in a virtual game :) Intelegi tu?
Flaming is flaming. I'd go in a flaming/racism rampage on the next games and I'll just tell them at the end of the game, grow up. I don't take it personally since maybe the one who said that was a 14 year old or someone with real life problems, but it's not ok and people who are being racist should be punished.
neviss (EUW)
: Double Crit Chance in Urf
Jhin 200% Crit 4th shot? L O L
: I need advices for Miss Fortune
Flash + R into enemy team. Ez penta
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Win/loss. KDA doesn't have any impact. Your matched up with people based on your MMR, and the LP gains you have are as such based on what your visible ranking is compared to said MMR. If, for instance, your MMR is that of Silver 3, but your visible ranking is Bronze 1; you'll gain a lot more LP from winning since the system is trying to get your visible ranking to match your MMR. The opposite is true if your MMR is lower than your visible ranking. The system always tries to get people to the ranking where their MMR belongs, since that means they're being placed with equally skilled people. The more you play, the better this placing will work.
Can I improve my MMR by winning any kind of games eg: normals,aram,ascension, or it will improve only by playing ranked?
: what do you mean racism? do they call you a brownie for playing lucian or are saying your tf has white privilege because you get mid position, when they wanted to play lucian mid I dont think racism is actually possible on league unless if you are being really annoying in game telling people things you shouldnt be telling them instead of playing the actual game......
eg: "%%%%ing gypsy go kill yourself, poor gypsy" because I'm from Romania, and for once I took honeyfruit to heal and that's what my fellow jungler said. That's being annoying? Ugh.. Ok man.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Meh, I like memes and in the meme world people sometimes call us germans nazis, and I am fine with that. To be honest I actually kinda like it, because of the historically depth. The irony makes it funny.
That's fine, people making jokes it's ok, but flaming + being racist its not right.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Win/loss. KDA doesn't have any impact. Your matched up with people based on your MMR, and the LP gains you have are as such based on what your visible ranking is compared to said MMR. If, for instance, your MMR is that of Silver 3, but your visible ranking is Bronze 1; you'll gain a lot more LP from winning since the system is trying to get your visible ranking to match your MMR. The opposite is true if your MMR is lower than your visible ranking. The system always tries to get people to the ranking where their MMR belongs, since that means they're being placed with equally skilled people. The more you play, the better this placing will work.
I understand, that's why at the beginning of the season I skipped divisons eg: from g5->g3->g1. This being said, my MMR now is too low for platinum 1 since I'm gaining only 15LP per match and losing 20-22. Alright,thanks.
Rioter Comments
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Why isn't Riot concerned about those players as well? They are. However, one type of misbehaviour doesn't excuse another type of it. Flaming is rather easy to detect and punish, and the automated system, IFS, does it quite nicely. There's no need to stop the IFS from doing what it's supposed to do simply because there are other types of misbehaving players out there. Catching 'feeding' players is more challenging, if you want the system to be accurate. Most cases of "ban this feeding person" I see, are against people who simply had a bad game. The only form of feeding which is punished are the ones that are intentional.
Remember when Gripex got banned for 0/1/1 when someone reported for inting? because the so called "system" works quite well? Well, lucky he was a streamer, if It was just another random person he wouldn't have been unbanned. System is trash.
iPureSoul (EUW)
: can u help me to block my chat from everyone pls ?
You can just move chat off screen.. and mute pings if it bothers you that much.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: The LP gains you get are based on the MMR you have compared to the others in your game, and what is expected of you in your visible ranking. You're looking at far too few games, since it would take more in order to increase your MMR if it's already rather low. --- You state that your MMR is normal, but there's no way for you to check this. MMR is a hidden number that Riot doesn't reveal, and any 3rd party site that claims to show you your MMR are only guessing. They're not accurate. If you're gaining less LP than you are losing, it stands to show that your MMR is low for your current ranking.
I thought it's normal since some sites say so. Alright,thanks for clarifying things for me. Yeah, I was on a losing streak when I got to diamond 5. EDIT: what is mmr based on? KDA,win/lose ratio?
: questions regarding LEBLANC
New LB its not as easy as the last one but still has huge burst dmg, worth learning how to play her properly imo.
iPureSoul (EUW)
: Banned 14 Days
Same old story, someone flames/feeds/trolls/afks, you flame, you get punished, they keep playing. Wait 14 days then if you can't control yourself just mute all or hide chat.
Cãprui (EUW)
: A Botting Problem
I think the problem is that most of the players already are level 30 and you'll either get smurfs or bots. Riot doesn't give a shit about that, their only concern is F L A M E R S.
hardys77 (EUNE)
: Gaining/Losing LP
13Wins-7Loses right now with mmr normal and I get -22 LP and I win +15. RITO?
Treycos (EUW)
: > Win 15 out of 20 matches with a 57% winrate -> get 19-20LP I don't get it
I mean, per total winrate. Whole season.
Treycos (EUW)
: It was sarcastic Just to let you know that this isn't a joke, it's just called shitposting
I just feel like tanks in this patch are super strong. Sorry for expression my opinion and being cringe.
: Why PermBan When You Can PermMute (Toxic Ban)
Most of people only blame for being toxic, but like this guy said, if you woke up, make a coffee, have some breakfast, then you go ranked, and someone just decides to troll.. for no legit reason, of course you get hyper mad, or when you're in promos and someone loses his lane then goes "gg im afk" and goes afk or troll.. It's super annoying, riot should punish those first, of course flaming is not nice and unsportsmanlike and I don't agree with it, but people who flame because someone else decided to troll or afk aren't punished as hard as flamers.
Treycos (EUW)
: Wanna hear a joke? Your ELO
OH,NO ! Diamond 5 guy here, i'm so shocked.. You reached Diamond and now you trash talk platinum player, oh my..I was d5 2 days ago. So whaddap?
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Damkratas69 (EUNE)
: Can i stream?
You can but I don't think you can stream in 720p.
: nerf this disease please -----> karma
Karma has 1 offensive spell which is Q... Of course she does a lot of dmg otherwise she would be Janna 2. Once Karma goes all in, Q+W and that's it.. she has to run.
Rioter Comments
: Got it
Got it too but didnt receive anything special yet.
Str33TXeR (EUW)
: In diamond is easy to play support and to main support because your team actually thinks the game around you and you around them :) I recommend maining a carry champ to get out of bronze. Supports don't do well in low elo not because of their poor play, but because of their team not thinking the game as a whole and seeing the big picture of it. So, get a carry champ and farm a lot, farm the minions until you have nothing else to farm :D (minions, jungle, buffs, everything) -> this is the way out of bronze.
^This is the best advice you could get. 3 waves of minions is worth more than a kill ,remember that.
Djole95 (EUNE)
: I need helppp!!!
This guy is right, I'm also support main in diamond and I climbed as support since Silver. I'm mostly Thresh otp but I have lots of matches on others supports, at least 50 on each, I have roughly 300k points on Thresh and almost 100k on Braum,Blitz,Leona,Lulu.. etc .It is possible to climb, but maybe, try to master another role until you get gold.
: Mom I made it.
Congratulations, just wondering, how long did it take and how many honor per game did you get? Just approximately , if you may. Thanks.
Harperk (EUNE)
: Dia 2 Mid looking for team [EUNE]
Support D5 here.. unlucky most of the time, I believe I could climb higher, just joined D5 tho.
Rioter Comments
Shinvo (EUW)
: Client Logout option?
What if there are 2 or more people playing from the same PC? Doesn't necessarily mean you have a smurf. I tried to make a smurf and I wasn't able because takes forever to level up.
: new boots.
Lethality sucks , I agree but if enemy picks Zed/Talon/Rengar or any other %%%%%%ed lethality champ the support should automatically pick Janna or Lulu even Nami. None of them stand a chance against a fairly good Janna since she can %%%% their whole combo up.
: You know, everybody has huge fails many times, so do you, so do others, so do I, you just gotta accept mistakes rather than complain. Think about when YOU played very badly, think about when you were the one that made mistakes and lost the game, should've your team post on boards like that to complain about you being a feeder? How would you feel? How others feel right now seeing this post? Don't be that bronzie kid that just can't accept mistakes and lost games, plss. You gotta lose sometimes to learn things, even if it's not because of you, everyone fails and it should be treated with respect and accepted. Maybe for some reason the guys you mentioned here are watching this and feel bad, but you and them as well gotta accept fails if you are to get better. Quick note: SoloQ is a test of individual skill, not a team skill, so yeah, don't really expect too much from your random team anyway, it's only about you if you are to make a win or not. And here it comes what I mentioned before when you are doing everything you can to your teams favor and you are able to say: ''i could not do more''. If you still lose after doing your very best, you should not feel pain if you are hungry to get better. If you still feel anger, then it's something wrong, i'm not wise enough to tell you WHAT exactly, so exploit it yourself, maybe you will discover.
Appreciate the replies. Of course I also fail, we all do, we all have bad matches.. Mostly I wrote this to get it off my head because I was super mad for losing 5 games in a row none because of me (this time) and I almost got demoted. To make it clear, I'm not mad at people having bad games or playing bad, I am mad because they play roles they have no knowledge about or play a champion for the first time in ranked.
Rismosch (EUW)
: You realize that statistically it is more likely that the enemy has idiots than you? You just don't realize that, because if you lose you blame it on your team, but if you win you don't blame it on the enemy team. You are havily biased and blind. You might've had bad luck with 3 bad games in a row, but bad luck happens. And if you stop just because you had bad luck once, then you are weak. If you get demoted and quit, then go for it. We don't care and I don't see why you need to shove it into our faces.
I never blame unless it's obvious. We all have bad games, but going a champion for the first time in ranked or playing a role you have no knowledge is worth blaming,right? If not, then it's my bad and I will go ruin other people games too, playing thresh top or janna mid. Because, that's acceptable.
: The question is about you, and you seem to me that you only want to break records with your rank and you can't because of your team. That's true i agree, but the question is: how dare you complain about your team at this level, diamond 5? I'm gonna answer this: You don't give a shit about your skill, or about getting better or anything, you just want to break records. And trust me, the way you play league is the garbage way, the way all kids play. But lemme continue... Also: plss tell me that at diamond 5 you know about warding and dewarding, roaming properly, etc. If you get a lead with your adc, buy a %%%%ing sweeper and deny vision pal, or if you somehow get behind, just buy more vision. Dewarding wins you games, while wards stop you from losing. Also as soon as action is going on you should immediately start walking there, that's called a reaction roam. If your ally somehow manages to get low, and you will be there in time, you can save him, maybe turn the tide and give him a kill instead. If you see your team is not doing very well, you should start roaming and help them, don't just stay on your botlane like an old guffy hoping for the best; if you don't help them they will eventually feed their ass off so much, that you will inevitably lose, then you can complain all day long about the unfair game and still lose it, but in reality you could really do much to help your losing teammates and maybe increase the chances of winning it, that's a true suport dude. And the last thing i'm gonna mention: When you do all these suport things, and you are able to say: 'i couldn't do more', then you know you did your best, and you should feel succes in your heart at that point regardless of winning the game or losing it. If you don't have that feeling, then again, you only play to break records, not to get better. If you want to break records then i suggest you play things like: stunt pilot, mario forever, minecraft, etc. something singleplayer where you can break records on your very own, you have no needed cooperation with anybody. Respects!
I did, in every game I did my best, I tried to calm them down, I did as best as I %%%%ing could man, I don't wanna break records but it's not fair. You don't know how I play, I buy at least 15 pink wards in a game , I always ward correctly, there hasn't been a match recently when someone dared to say "we have no vision". You just trying to teach me, because you assumed I don't know. I do, very well. And I appreciate it.
Machariel (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=hardys77,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=urkLOdUm,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-27T08:52:04.466+0000) > > I know there will be people who gonna say "you're just bad" "it's your fault" etc.. No, it's not. This game is full of boosted people, I'm in diamond 5 and I lost 3 matches in a row because people simply can't play their champions and they are, for real, boosted. Last match I got a Shen who was Bronze 5 last season and now it's platinum 1, of course he lost his lane, of course he was completely useless, our ADC picks Draven and goes 0/7 because he actually never played Draven. People swap roles and they actually can't play that role, first match I lost was because ADC swapped with Jungle and NONE of them could play their role, our ADC (Kog Maw) went 5/14 in 30 mins.In Diamond 5. Second match I lost was mainly because they swapped, again. Top with ADC, our Top picked Riven but she went 4/11 and was legit useless.Now you gonna say it's your fault or etc, no it isn't, I got the most honorable in my team in all 3 games because I didn't flame or FF15 or be stupid. I tried, I tried until the nexus exploded. WHY is it even allowed to play a champion in ranked if you don't have at least mastery 4 with that champion? I am,probably, 1 lose away of being demoted from d5 to plat 1 and I swear I'm going to quit this trash game if I get demoted, I spent too many hours and tried so hard to get here and people are just shitting on that, because they don't care. My KDA for the 3 loses in a row was good for a support, I went 6/6/11 in the first one with Thresh, 6/8/18 with Tahm in the second one and in the last match I couldn't do anything since they were 4-5 levels ahead of me and I went 1/4/2 with Thresh. This is diamond 5, either boosted, for real, players either good ones. And it's not fair at all. And I know things wont change but this is NOT FAIR. 33% win in the last 20 games... sure it is the fault of others, especially not yours.... wonder who is boosted there...
I am support main, I got autofilled way to many times in the past games and I said that in lobby every single time, I can't jungle, I suck at jungle, I lost, may be or may not be my fault. Watch the kda on the past 20 games, talk to me after. You are just that kind of people, who enjoy blaming and shit.Check every match to see if it was any, I MEAN %%%%ING ANY my fault. But no.. you people just like pointing and being smart ass.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Exactly the same as what happened to me in the last couple of games. Except I'm in Bronze, meaning it's nothing unnatural for people to feed their ass off. But in Diamond? Now that's bad. There are so many boosting and account trading sites out there, that it's stupid. I'm part of a Bulgarian FB group about LoL and most of the posts there are about trading accounts, occasionaly some ask for boosting... There are admins and the rules forbit such posts, but who cares, man... I haven't seen even one of those admins online, now that I think of it.
It's not that they suck at this game after all they reached diamond or high plat w/e but the problem is they pick champions or roles they have no idea how to play.. And I don't know what Riot could do about this, probably nothing. It's not okay to play your first game with a champion in ranked.
CmmDmmCD (EUW)
: Well that is when you painfully point out that it wasnt a clever idea to feed this game away with a champion they are not experienced with. And then you move the %%%% on.
It's not like I asked why he/she picked Draven if he can't play it? "LMAO I CAN PLAY IT" yeah.. totally. Of course I move on, but I just wanted to get if off my head.. it's unfair, that's all I can say.
ChemiGod (EUW)
: Looking for People for Competitive/Casual E-Sports Community.
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