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: Sandbox mode for TFT
I really hope they do this though don't think we'll see this any time soon. It took them like 7 years to do one for league and it's not even that useful, but it sure beats me trying something new every game only to fail miserably.
: Well, define "good". Better than the enemy laner? Or mechanically gifted? Case 1: She should beat you if she is a better player overall. Case 2: The 3 Irelia players with most games on NA - guess what? They are not stomping. No question about their mechanical skills, since 1. they are higher than both of us and 2. they played a lot of Irelia, which means they should be categorized as good Irelia players or at least Irelia players with experience. So, if the people with the most games on Irelia are not stomping then how do you argue that irelia is broken?
Well that's a good argument that I have no answer to. It just feels to me that whenever you play against irelia and yasuo specifically it's not about how good you play it's about how they play so there isn't much room for counter play. I haven't checked any stats on the matter so I guess you're right in that point.
: So by your logic, a good Irelia should not lose any matchups - sadly that is not how it works. Toplane became an abomination of counter matchups. Sure if you are better than your opponent Irelia holds a lot of potential, however she got nerfed to the point where others will just engage her the second she tries to stack her passive, making it incredibly hard to get effective trades in (especially early on, since she can't one-shot the caster minions with q alone). You are pulling the Ryze argumentation of "you need a lot of skill", which wasn't even true since he just wasn't fit for soloq, but a beast in pro play - Irelia is neither right now and that's completely fine, but calling her "broken" seems quite unfitting as champions like {{champion:240}} {{champion:78}} and many others are getting played, not shut down and have very good odds of winning .
By your logic you can only beat irelia if you counter pick her which doesn't really fit the current state of the game. I don't think she wins any match up but she wins most of the match ups and unless you counter pick her she's gonna run over the game assuming she is good.
: > Since Conqueror is in the game, bruisers are so busted that it cant be dealt with. Well - the whole conquerer thing is caused by tanks being in the game. They've got too much damage for how tanky they are, so bruisers actually need something like conquerer. > I've abused Jax for a long time and I well damn know how busted this is. Well, Jax and Irelia are on the <50% winrate side of the currently playable champions. > There is nothing you can do about it as a mage, adc, support, assasin or tank. Bruisers are just better in every aspect. Well, considering we went through the tank-meta, marksman-meta, ardent-meta and assassin-meta from season 4 onwards I'd say bruisers are doing fine, but nothing more.
Irelia has below 50% win rate because it requires a lot of skill to play that doesn't make her any less broken than she is, the same thing goes for Yasuo, they have no counter play options either you fight a good yasuo and lose or a bad yasuo and win. Same goes for irelia.
Player 00 (EUW)
: I would like some help pls
That's League of legends. You win more games if you play well in lane, you win even more games if you play well in lane and make the right calls. Sadly you can't win all games because some people are idiots and others make the wrong call.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Players who are assigned for role they don't want
This was supposed to be a solution to get lower queue times but I guess a better solution would be to show you the role you are going to get if you're gonna get autofilled on the ready check. I think this will solve this problem sufficiently without slowing the queue times.
: I like everything except for a few things. Remove the bonus damage against enemies of a lower star because they would be too overloaded, and instead of having the Comet ability, how about a chance to summon a black hole that sucks nearby enemies in it and groups them while dealing 100 (for 3 cosmic champions), 200 (for 6 cosmic champions) damage per second for 3 seconds ? This would increase the number of enemies hit by Aurelion's ability, or Pyke's ability, or Gnar, or any other AoE ability. Now how about that ?
Position changing abilities are actually kind of broken in the game so I wouldn't support adding more until pathing issues are solved in the game. Love the concept of a black hole though.
: Teamfight tactics - Possible class Idea
Great Idea though why would pantheon be cosmic ?
: DC, low priority and ghost game bonanza
kriegnes (EUW)
: also how do i know if spell damage is actually make the spell stronger? i used rabadons on kha once but i didnt feel like it changed anything
That too though I do think all spells scale with spell damage and all attacks scale with AD but sometimes it feels like spell damage does nothing.
: i think you can stack every single item?!
Not all of them for example ionic spark won't trigger twice in a team, also morrello's and red buff don't stack on the same character. Had to watch Scarra play for hours to learn those.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Imo tooltip "help" suck... I have to keep phone ready with item cheat sheet to know what items to look for.
Well it's better than it was before the update but still not goo enough I really hope they make a window shop like lol so you can see details on each item.
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JustClone (EUNE)
: Still don't get it...
What don't you get exactly ?
JustClone (EUNE)
: I do not understand your comment. Do you imply that if I have 50 gold. {{item:1400}} this is cost effective, and if I have 100 gold, it gets its values changed and is no longer cost effective? Seriously, your comment makes no sense. How can the amount of gold in your pocket, to determine the usefulness of items?
If you buy {{item:1041}} without fully upgrading you get half the amount of gold when killing lane minions
5tr1f3 (EUW)
: ok cheers, this is sort of what I'm after. So for example, when I jungle, I can trigger the lens and come down the river. If the river bush is warded they WILL NOT see me, but if they are observant they will see the ward deactivating. So it is a valuable tool for ganking, not just removing wards. And further if that is the case, I shouldn't destroy the ward, just go past it.
: It's really hard to get into the game to have fun.
Let me teach you a fun trick called /mute all This will make 100% of league games more fun.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Rengar and shaco are specific thing. They rush tiamat, because it is either burst and kill, or fail for them. After that Shaco usually still upgrades to wariors, and goes to dusk, while rengar has no choice but to rush for dusk. But both of their mechanics rely on stealth and burst, and this makes {{item:3147}} and {{item:3077}} EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE ON THOSE CHAMPIONS. It does not mean that enchantments are bad... (in pro builds you will see warriors here and there on those champion, in shaco almost always... in rengar only sometimes)
That used to be the case before they introduced the funnel comp adjustment, unless you are not considering taxing every lane you gank.
: need answer about jungle item
You will have the same xp and gold from jungle camp but because of the new adjustment that riot introduced for funnel comps it will half the gold and xp you get from the lanes minions.
MagicTS (EUW)
: Am I shooting myself in the foot by focusing on two lane positions?
I think you need to play all roles before focusing on one or two. It will give you a better understanding of how to counter certain lanes like some mid champs for example from top lane or even support. Personally I think that support and top pretty much have the same basics when it comes to obtaining vision and helping other lanes the main difference is that you have teleport (usually) in the top lane and you can't farm as a support.
5tr1f3 (EUW)
: Operation of the oracle lense?
Since the oracle lens denies vision the enemy can know that someone is passing through but they won't know who and they can't see it on the minimap.
: Any champion similar to Jax for jungle
{{champion:5}} is probably the one you're looking for, other picks that kind of have the same concept are {{champion:77}} , {{champion:59}} and {{champion:19}} but they don't have the same carry potential as {{champion:24}} since non of them have an ability to dodge attacks.
Restalious (EUNE)
: Greetings, I don't know if that's a good idea cause if for example the support disconnects its better for the adc to get double XP instead of getting half with a bot that isn't good at all. That's my opinion tho. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
assuming he wouldn't be tower dove 6 times in lane
: Well, just to keep it fair, maybe make a vote available for this aka. when someone dcs and won't rejoin in 3 min the players can vote whether or not they want a bot instead. And maybe, I mean just maybe; this will give Riot an excuse to work on that Ai some lol.
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SonaN1024 (EUW)
: And as soon as the game doesnt go well somebody goes afk, match does not count. New way to push the elo. ;)
You can increase the penalty for the afk player (Afk players lose LP even if the game is won btw).
HomerJ20 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=hazem roweheb,realm=EUNE,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=Z82pTTAc,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-08-20T14:14:17.406+0000) > > Read before you speak next time because I didn't say anything about punishing a player I said the game should be loss prevented so don't talk about things that aren't relevant to what I said. you are upset cause someone afked on your team, so i'm saying there's a higher chance of afkers on the enemy team. and yeah the game is loss prevented, when the system finds the reason for the game to be loss prevented. (e.g. servers go down for maintenance or something like that). if you get a loss prevented everyone would go afk, there would be a reduced number of wins / defeats...just saying
The leaver get's the usual penalty (loses LP) so I don't think everyone would go afk if the game went wrong and it chances of getting someone afk doesn't matter it's still an unfair game.
iToretto (EUW)
: Riot won't change it cuz they don't care about the players...
I 47 I (EUW)
: Statistically speaking, the enemy team has afks and leaver exactly as often as yours. You only think your team has more because your perception is biased. The problem lies with you, not the system.
Who said anything about me having more afks than others ? that only supports my point that people will have a much better time if the game that had an afk or more get's loss prevented please read and understand what i'm saying before saying such idiotic nonesense.
HomerJ20 (EUW)
: there is a higher possibilty of the enemy team to have afkers, than yours ( 5 slots > 4 slots), it's not unfair, because you never know when you'll be matched with someone that will go afk, and riot does care about the players, because they have systems to avoid people being unfairly suspended (e.g. would be unfair you to be punished if you had to go afk over an emergency, or your connection went off, just try to imagine if you had to for whatever reason, and comeback in game and see you were suspended for afk, then you'd come here and cry nooo i left because of an emergency and now i'm suspended plz riot unban me.) the system is made in a way which if you are a consistent leaver (or toxic) you get punished, as simple as that.
Read before you speak next time because I didn't say anything about punishing a player I said the game should be loss prevented so don't talk about things that aren't relevant to what I said.
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Orerian (EUNE)
: Your league is full :/
sorry you were a bit late
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: Fantasy LCS
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