Mulletan (EUW)
: I am really pissed to be honest, they have completely broken him in the way I played. Now I would have to play how the designer wanted him to be played.. jungle. I will not touch him again until he goes back and as he was my fav character, of which I played AD + minion swarm I am full of rage...
: As far as I see he is ok. Just some new mechanics and good changes. What possibly makes him op is the same thing that makes zed even more op. It's this {{item:3140}} getting nerfed.
i agree with you but now he's ult is mixed up with his q, now his passive is shield but hi's last passive is now on q if u understand me
hazex23 (EUNE)
: Malzahar patch
no i mean with this patch his ruined now i love playing him but after his patch he is useles
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: you wish :P I think bloodmoon is by far the best akali skin tho if you ever get the chance i highly recomend it
i think headhunter akali is the best :D
: oh boy i have a ton of skins you'd want then probably i used to play akali loads trying to get back into her here and there :) i also have a skin for both of those others :X But all serious i would of still opted for that even if i didnt have infernal nasus it just makes me laugh especially in the evil infernal nasus voice he quite litterally has some of my favourite lines in general tho they sound so wise and badass at the same time :)
send me some hahha
: oooo so many good ones :( I'll settle with "Who's a good boy? I'm a good boy." from Infernal {{champion:75}} the animation that goes with it is a massive + :) but if i were to pick 9 more at least 5 of them would be more nasus
lucky you you have skins i have just one and it is a Cyrocore {{champion:63}} but i dont use him so i dont need it. I would like to have some skins for {{champion:102}} ,{{champion:84}} or {{champion:11}}
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RageFuel (EUW)
: "Random" Skin Option
I dont buy skins i dont know why but I would like to have some
: What type of champions do you hate to face the most ?
I probably hate Illaoi the most because he can kill you so easy he just catches u and you'r over like wtf?? Heirmendiger too his minions are so anoying i cant believe it...


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