Maurycius (EUNE)
: Looking for a support for flex
i looking for a team for flex, just gold or higher team average. for specific game tactic reasons, Add me if u like to go some games and check each other. i play every supp, with many offs-sups, and secondary role main Adc, high botton lane win rate.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Looking for main support
if u want call some games to test ur skills, in game,** i HEAL x5** (champ pool, every supp) {{summoner:14}}
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: Main adc LF PLAT/GOLD + Team(CLASH)
Well i need one adc as reserve, i have send u invitation so we can test some champs: {{item:3107}}
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Gogata4ever (EUNE)
**i HEAL x5** **Gold 4 supp main / Bot laner, Champ Categories: 1){{champion:117}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:40}} 2){{champion:43}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:555}}{{champion:497}} {{champion:235}} 3){{champion:516}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:201}} ** and more*, Map awareness, Predictor, Team Strategist, Split pusher, **more for competitive teams than normals and rankeds** voice chats required
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: Oh dear.... have you read the notes about ranked 2019, before posting this? There is a huge skill-gap between low and high diamond and they are addressing it. What's so wrong with that? It's virtually no difference for you, if you play 2 roles now, and after the changes. You'll climb faster, due to only being 4 instead of 5 divisions in each rank. what are you even trying to say?
So "Dear". You think the problem is only the rank? If u notice i gave an example with the rank. "After the chances u climb faster" no man if u not deserve it u not climb im sure u know it, is not the same to go a rank by burn your self up to a pc and go my know how to climb. 4 divs are different and y think ull go faster? They add 2 more so. In case that you are Bronze to climb to diamont u have 4 to silver+ 4 to new one + 4 to gold + 4 to plat + 4 to new one (my maths said that you remove some to add some other called div) nothing changes. Just some new colors.... Btw i dont blame i like to listen opinions and what players think, just the way of "dear" is too ironic to have a healthy conversation with someone. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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: > u will get a ban fron ranked games Never heard this before,has anyone got ever this punishment?
Ιn past one friend got ban and he had to play x20 normal games to can entry again in rank mode, u canget different types of ban forany of ur sins
: Can someone get banned for inting at 0/9/0 on a ranked game?
If u int feed in ome game is not count, but if u keep that score in more matches and u get many reports u will get a ban fron ranked games
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: [HELP] Recommend me a champion
I tell u this, by the time ur favorite champs will change, all we start this game with ashe annie soraka and garen, the fact is as u omprove ur skill u will like more other champs, so id ask u to check other lanes too, {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Pyke is support?
Time for a different kind of support, just that :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Malcöm (EUNE)
: Trying to make a team PSI
G4 Support / Adc free for a test drive because im looking for some games with better quality than normals Sin of Wrαth -> copy paste it.{{sticker:sg-syndra}}
WajdyFazza (EUNE)
: How do i find my main role?
_Main Role?!_ Yes if u have team of 5 u need a main role, otherwise u can play any lane with the same success. Each player have his own favorites of what my best lane is, **Example** I main support coz i know how to cooperate, i have map awareness, i learn / know strategies that can be usefull for the game, i like to heal the team in many kind of games, (rpg), So i ended up to be support in this game with great success. ""That not means that i only playing support, i have learn about all lanes / champs so know how to counter and play with them,{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: are you allowed to do ban someone's declared champion?
Allowed to ban ofc, Sometimes if the team agree to player's pick he must have requirements like **if he is 1rst pick i let him pick {{champion:157}} ** but always must ask and deal with your team, as example a support {{champion:267}} may he not want him in the game,
Mindbolt (EUW)
: Can't get an S
1rst of all, Grade / mastery is only for prestige, dont try to get it, **it comes by its own to you,** To take an S+ u must have good KDA, good vision score, stats + a game better than ur last S or S+ with the same champion. this sounds easy but so random to get it, dont push ur luck and comfuse ur mind for nothing.
i agree with the other guy about push , some times u must learn how to control the lane, the farm is not only the most important in game or the kills. u need to know when to push when to freeze the lane, when to defend, by** Freeze** a lane when the other (ex) adc is not here that means he lost XP, and farm because your minions dying from theyr. is like when u push alone and let the tower kills ur minions and u attack minions and not the tower. Try to have strategy, the jungler is not the problem always. as i play adc i never ask for ganks even if they are 5 on bot. . . _i prefer my team push succesfully other lanes_{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Lars1k (EUW)
: Higher mmr than my league / Will i jump a whole league ¿?
if u have very good mmr is posible to skip, (basicly u have to win all games in ur division + the promos ) but this not counts for Div 5 and 1, If u are Silver 2 u cannot skip S1 and go to gold instantly, but maybe happen to go from S4 to S2, (_that not happens to me with 12 win strike_),
: advise if you don't mind
after Gold division a good improvement is to have a main role, and master or playing very good with any champion of this role (for example i playing only support / all supports). so any time that i play with higher players on customs for practice i have the same skill with them, and many choices to counter them, _Good to know all lanes but u have to master one of them!!_ {{sticker:sg-lulu}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Question for players that finished Silver 5 4 last season
I was Silver4 last season, with not many ranked games coz of work, this season with 6 on 10 wins he drop me to Silver 5, bad enough if u mind that 4 games i complete lost them from other lanes (i main supp) btw, with the current i made it in a flash to gold 4, but again not time to play coz of work {{champion:74}}
: 18% win rate non toxic Riven main, looking for tips to stop getting reported by teammates
Reports are being considered, they are not randomized to players simply because one or two are a group and they want to make another report many times for their fun, because they have no mind to understand that they did not play well. . . _Whenever my advice is if you like the game and continue to find such marshals just mute them and keep going with the rest of the team_{{champion:142}} Sometimes You win some times you lose, we build the humanity with this Tips are exist always on google / youtube, check them and try to create ur own playstyle my opinion is!!! :P
Chocolastic (EUNE)
: Tips for improvement
I think is a good strategy to main a champ / champs that ppl hardly seen in the rift and on this divitions tgey not know how to counter, the way of ranking is the same for any divition, 1) read the latest updates (champs / items) 2) keep low ur kda as best as u can (deaths) 3) be patient and strike when time come 4) Partners with the same game style as yours are always welcomed the will help u a bit to rank up, (most in duo) 5) Try to not push ur luck, if u play and lose a game or two, just take a break, dont play by being comfused - on rage, there is possible to keep lose more games. _**Spend time to learn ur role/ lane with other chars, is very important**_
: What to do on botlane when alone? :(
Juat faem, dont push try to last hit, forget aboyt tower, u already lost it, be safe, stay in position . If u jave good team they help in time of need, if the enemies dive u can take evan a kill for free,{{champion:236}}
: What to do on botlane when alone? :(
Just farm, dont push try to last hit, forget aboyt tower, u already lost it, be safe, stay in position . If u jave good team they help in time of need, if the enemies dive u can take even a kill for free,{{champion:236}}
: Supporting!
In my opinion the support needs one and only mate even is not the adc that to communicate and push when/ whre it needs, ofc u are great help to him special if he is a skilled player, both u can win the game, best choices are: Support - top Support - Jungle Support - adc Something like as duo if u have a friend to play always with him. When u solo try to follow the best in ur team
: Bronze !!!!!!!!!!
1) have good internet? 2) Pc that the FPS are Good? (The most Bronze players have those problems,) Lts start so... To Rank up u must read tactics, check latest news for builds,champions, counters, play on the lane / roles that u are good ( a good main adc or support e.x) focus to help team and not blame if they are dying, ficus to farm, to vision for ur sake, as faster u improve ur skill that fast u rank up. Try to not loose ur focus on the specific lane, have a tactic to push and def. . . **_Kills are good, but is not the key to victory,_** (in tha 2 years i thing for sure u have lose a game when u have awesome score)so the kills are not the key to victory, try to not hunt read the map, -u have vision where the enemies is?- all that counts as tactics for you, ... They are too many to understand for leave in a instant the Bronze Category,.. keep trying to be better and fix your mistakes. Have fun * {{champion:222}} {{champion:267}}
: Playing lol from season one. Over years game evolved from decent to great to crap. Why? Since season 5 you cant climb anymore if you are playing solo. It is almost impossible. Now I understand LOL is team game but I'm not 13-18 year old kid that have a lot of friends that will play LOL 24/7. And it is not about skill anymore. Too many trolls every game. For instance. One week I have lost 10-15 in a row. Worst mark I got was B+ , had several S- and 2 S+. But it is not enogh anymore. It is realy frustrating and after 8 years I think I will say goodbye to this game....
my option is that u have big mistake, ill say this, i never play ranked games, not at least seriously, i made my mind this season to go high, so after the placements they throw me to S5 (last Season S4) in 2 weeks by a few hours per day i made it to G4, with good strategy, patience and "Brain". i still believe i can go higher but im working too much (RL) and because i have fun on rank games, so ill made it that far, with 68% win strike support (even if they want to feed the enemy team i dont let them!!! i heal them hard to not die) this is my role. and tactic {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=looonster,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=RZTElAIE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-08T19:55:06.421+0000) > > I've notice a longer que time while ranked/normal even low MMR You're lying.
i think the longer queve time is because u play the popular roles/ lanes. Go support to enter in 0.01 sec. or adc to 5 secs or mid to 20 secs. that count for any kind of game, for E.x.a.m.p.l.e. In World of Warcraft if u enter to Queve as healer is much faster as if u enter as DPS,!! we have 50 healers and 450 dps on the specific time of Queve. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
looonster (EUW)
: Is league starting to lose its mojo (Streamer's quiting)
Streamer's life is to go where the ppl like to watch, if that called PUBG,LOL, CS, or any game even tetris, is all for the sake of money and viewers, So if someone quit streaming LoL that not mean this game have fall popularity, just is someone's choice what to stream or what to watch :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Refôrmed (EUW)
: Why league of legends has gone to %%%%ing shit and %%%% you riot for pretending like the game is fin
im playing games as long i remember my self, and i want to tell you this, 1rst of all, i never have meet a game company like riot who care so much for its players/community for a FREE TO PLAY game,!!!! (FREE TO PLAY) 2) They made the game easier for the sake of non skilled player, (you have runes from lvl 1 same to a pro guy at lvl 30) 3) they not force you to buy something to play, they give you gifts for playing and being good mate in games 4) They listen to your Comments, emails, Reports, and they fast try to solve your problem, 5) Thy have made so far, (Boards, Universe, amazing Lores for characters, and soooo many more) As far i traver to this game i believe the only worst is some players with bad behavior like you and this is not Riot's problem (even this they tried hard to solve this too) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: And then you lose your reward when a new skin for completed collection comes out.
why to lose it? a new skin will be just an extra skin of the same set!! for example, if u have all star guardians - and one more appear is not count for you for the reward, but for someone whos not have already collect them all. and must buy plus that one
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: {{champion:48}} {{champion:57}} are meta supports for a while now. While Trundle is more situational. Maokai is a legit ballanced vanguard support. Trundle is more of the popup in the meta type of guy. Similar to {{champion:9}} {{champion:98}} depending on the meta he's top 10 or top 30. Notice I use the word meta. This means that this guy is actually a solid support pick against & with the right teamcomp. {{champion:80}} is a popular pick in low MMR because of his nasty snowball potentional. Pantheon has one of the strongest lane fases in the entire game and can snowball any game to a disturbing point. This all combine with actually have one of the easiest to land cc's in the game. Patheon is basicly the only AD support that is able to snowball the lane that effectively. But in higher MMR this wouldn't work add all. Up to Silver V, Silver IV you can get away with this. But you will reach your limit in gold on the champion. Add least in that position. With the sighstone item now been build into the support starting item you can't even reach out to vision. Your teammates will get caught and throws will happen on Baron. You basicly have to 1v5 and that's really not healthy for the support position since you won't bring anything to the table beside killing off one priority target and hopefully a GA can give you a second. Right now I would highly recommand to start {{item:3302}}, else go {{item:1036}} with some pots. {{champion:420}} is intressting since you still provide some tankness for yourself team. In lower MMR they don't known how to deal with you and that can be nasthy as a juggernaut support. Your best start is {{item:3302}} so it won't put you in a disadvantage unlike Pantheon. The issue with her is however is that you don't have cc or long range poke. This means that you team needs to cover you in that regard. Works great in flex Q where you have teammates that are willing to help building a comp arround you like {{champion:127}} {{champion:69}} mid, {{champion:113}} jungle, etc... As far marksmen support goes. They exist, the most popular are probally {{champion:21}}, {{champion:22}}, {{champion:17}}, {{champion:10}}, {{champion:81}} & {{champion:126}}. They work really great when their is no jungler. With a jungler it's a little bit more difficult.
Nice to have opinions like yours in our conversation, Very good!! {{summoner:7}}
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: My comment was just a short version of what you wrote above. As for my thoughts on supporting: - ~~support is a slave for ADC;~~ Supporting isn't about just helping only one teammate, even if you are premade with that player. If you are passing the jungler fighting Krugs, send him a shield or at least one auto. Who knows, maybe that Vi would clear one more camp before going home. If you think it's better to ult Darius as Lulu to win local fight although an assassin is coming for your ADC, do it. Don't leave all goods for just one player. Support is for the team, not just for ADC. - better keep that river warded, **even if you are not the support**; Warding is for everybody. You can't reach all the blind spots alone. Players shouldn't think that it's support's duty to ward that dragon. Every player should use their wards wisely and buy Control Wards. - you can play any champion you want if you are support; There are two ways to look at "support". - Support as a role: There's a wide range of things you can do to help your team (in contrary to dealing damage, which is also the "way of helping"). With new runes every champion can provide shields and healing thanks to Resolve tree and it doesn't require you to stay in lane with some marksman. There are supports that kill monsters in the jungle (Ivern, for example; not the killing part though), there are supports at top lane (Shen). It could be random Poppy that protects half of the team from enemies jumping on them or Anivia Kid blocking the enemy team from pursuit. - Support as a position: Everybody has the default way of earning money at the Rift. For support position it's about buying special money-earning items and utilizing them at maximum. Those items don't work so well for other positions (no minions/champions in the jungle, no ally to share gold with). And as you have this item, it eventually becomes the source for wards - extra tool for increasing your advantage. And you are tied to stay in lane with someone. Traditionally supports meet each other at bottom lane, but you are free to leave it for mid-gank or helping your jungler to kill the Scuttle Crab for additional advantage for dragon. - _"To play Support is the easier and the same time the most difficult job, because you play for two persons"_; You are only capable of playing for yourself. You can use communication tools such as chat, pings and even emotes to show what you are trying to do. You can try to explain why this should be done (enemy jungler ganked top, so you co-operate with your team to try to get the dragon). You can encourage your team for victory, you can polish their mistakes with your help, but in the end it's up to other players whether they follow your thoughts or not. There are many factors for that. It's up to you if you are trying to be superior dictator or friendly adviser for your team. Other players don't like when you turn them into secondary characters at the game they are playing. So, it's more like "You watch after 10 players trying to figure out what they are capable of, but you can only control one - yourself (depends on your abilities - mechanical and psychical". - _"If you loose your focus, you lose the game, flame is comming, for you, for your teamates even for your enemies"_; If people want to flame you, they'll do. The more information you provide them, the more tools they have to make the abuse look personal: your role, your champion, your summoner name/country/religion/sex. Use communication tools with care to decrease the level of flame in your team, or use special buttons (mute chat/ping/emotes) to decrease the level of flame toward yourself (keep in mind that announcing your actions at this stage can only increase the level of toxicity within the team). - As for builds for supports, you should keep in mind strengths and weaknesses of your champion and champions of both teams. Yes, it's helpful to read guides, ask other players what items they pick, but those are things that worked for them. It doesn't instantly mean that you'll execute their strategies without a hitch (trying full AP Sona while you don't have the ranges of her abilities flowing through your veins). While playing the game, you should find the way that suits you. "If you steal from one, they'll call you plagiarist; if you steal from many, they'll call you original". Try many other builds, take the parts you like the most and build something of your own. - after victory some players could add you to friends and suggest to play another ranked game; It's fine to queue up for support position alone. It's also fine to queue up with someone else. You should surround yourself with players that are better than you, so you could learn things by talking and playing with them. Players often add each other after the game that ended with victory, but you haven't seen them in defeat. Play normal games with them and see what they are as a players. **** Something like that. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
You are, my man {{champion:142}} :D
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: TL;DR: - support is a slave for ADC; - better keep that river warded; - ~~you can play any champion you want if you are support~~ (JUST SONIKA); - support is a slave for ADC, but you can talk back; - you laugh, you lose; - don't think about what to build, beg supports in your friendlist for help; - after victory some players could add you to friends and suggest to play another ranked game. Agree, it's the only way to get that Victorious Ward skin before the end of the season (there's no slave without a master); ||||||||| |- |{{sticker:sg-soraka}}| {{sticker:sg-lulu}}| {{sticker:sg-janna}} |||||| ||||{{sticker:sg-jinx}}|{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} |{{sticker:sg-ezreal}} ||| |||||||{{sticker:sg-zephyr}} ||
i dont mind of it, but i think you have higher IQ for give us a full comment of what you want to say in this comment...{{sticker:sona-playing}}
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: Thanks for destroying this game
Because u not spend time to learn more about the new system that not means the N. system is gabbage, {{champion:24}}
WõOxer (EUW)
: Enable VSync or use 100 FPS cap.
> [{quoted}](name=WõOxer,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=26e2EEiM,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-15T10:52:44.007+0000) > > Enable VSync or use 100 FPS cap. VSync works, and sthe flikk stoped, tnx
Tropšikis (EUNE)
: Screen problem
Enable Vsync in game, that works, i had the same problem and i found the solution (Vsync disabled after last update)
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iiTim (EUW)
: Screen flikkering in game
I get the same problem, all games in my laptop playing correct, only the summoners rift have this problem, after the installation of latest W10 updates, and League of Legends Updates, its kinda weird coz i was think that i burn my Graphics Card, but for my luck is not that the problem, i send bug report to riot, now i just want to notice fast and fix it,
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Four Star (EUW)
: I don't understand why I'm on such a massive lose streak
Mate just stop playing for a while, till the morning i had 5 defeats as ADC with easy bot lane won, at last no hope for other lanes... I start at evening again when i get some psychical rest, i focus better and i got 5 win strike, its just luck, try to chill
IAmDoosh (EUW)
: Elo Hell is...
Elo hell not have division or game mode If u flame everyone for anyone's mistakes (maybe yours) If u not cooperate with ur team if u not pick by team or better for team, (if u not like support) luck of cooperation if u not have knowledge or not even try to understand more than 1 lanes, and u solo with 1 champ (eh!! solo hahahah) if u not try to fix ur agressive 1rst blood style, Thats all that i have in my mind, if u fix or think those im sure u will get the division that u deserve no matter what. {{champion:37}}
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