TheRaka (EUW)
: Climbing outta silver
If you want to climb out of silver I suggest not playing support but because you main Zyra here are some tips: Change your build: pen boots, remnants should be your only supp item because you can't really relly on ADCs in silver.. most of the times they just get one-shotted.. this should be your build and runes.. don't go exhaust go ignite.. as Zyra you're more a mage not a support BUILD AP ITEM, ONLY ONE SUPP ITEM,IGNITE,WARD DRAGON,RIVER,BUSHES,BARON ETC. KEEP YOUR ABILITIES FOR THE ENEMY CARRY also learn to hit your skillshots
: Account perm banned after stolen
riot cannot do anything about your acc if you don't have enough arguments.. you should had put your phone number on your g-mail
iAmNarwhal (EUNE)
: team not being able to take objectives while im being attacked by 4 enemies on toplane
also i hate tanks (malphite, shen)
: what makes you tilt the most?
team not being able to take objectives while im being attacked by 4 enemies on toplane
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Îngwaz (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Shiru - The Young Lightning
This champion would be amazing and pretty balanced
Ben Vagan (EUW)
: The "/Remake System" and the instant "Leaver Buster" punishment
I agree that you can get leaver from remake but its stupid that you get instant leaver.. i had 3 leaverbusters in my 2 years of league and this is 3th.. i didnt leave any matches after the last leaver and in the last match i needed to go to the store.. when i come back in 5 min or so i see defeat and instant leaverbuster.. would be fair if u afk with remake 2 games and get leaver but not instant.. btw im romanian im trying to get better at english{{summoner:30}}
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Snowfox (EUW)
: Zed's Ultimate
Gentleman gnar used his{{summoner:4}}


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