Eambo (EUW)
: [Finished] Riot vs Community - EUNE Edition! (25th of January 2017!)
Kippiiq (EUW)
: Yeah, i mean take a look at smite... theres more than just 2 gamemodes, and 3 maps. http://imgur.com/a/ny89L
You know that League got at least 4 maps and at leasy 6-7 rotation modes?
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 28 - CREATIVITY CONTEST RESULTS
Wow! It's really great you guys won! Like I said, I love 1st Piltover trio! Keep up the great work artist, without you this world would be be boring!
: Aaaaaaaaaaaand get crushed by Illaoi since she's broken https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex_Uha4VtpI
Kha = 1000 hp. Get hit 3x by tentacles, ultimate, and W with multiplier of Illaoi E. That was kinda bad move, more over Garen could just R her, gang wasn't needed. That clip is invalid in every aspect to prove that Illaoi is OP. What was her items? Her score?
: It's not rito Hex tech is ruled by the RNG gods.
Random Generator (I get this right?)
Raipesi (EUW)
: I don't feel like I QQd in any moment. If talking about metagame is QQing it's up to you. Btw I wasn't talking about Tahm in that precise moment. I was giving an example of how tanky champs still deal the hell a lot of damage, which shouldn't happen.
They deal a lot of damage to squishy champs, they are created that way, so they [carries] have to fear them, and kite, cc, use mobility - otherwise Vayne would just stand in 1 place and autoattack. You get the point? It's some sense of balance
: Malzahar Ult
I mean, bringing someone 100-0 is fair. Like 50% of champions can do this. Malzahar is OP 1v1, and in 2v2 you just have to poke-stun him, bro
: The story would be better if my native language was english :P
Don't try to find excuses, your english is neat, just improve in it. I respect your job, try to make it more interesting with metaphors or such. http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/mirror
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: I got chat restriction last season because I said I am better than my opponent and they're abusing bugs.RIOT this is bs.
> [{quoted}](name=IcyzoR,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jJbsgbQ0,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-03-24T07:27:46.606+0000) > > I got chat restriction
SpeeD1 (EUNE)
: URF?
2x this year Not in april
: you are looking at a first person view, being the players in the game. a thord persons view would take into consideration that he COULDN'T CONNECT to the game, hinting at bugspat from riot's client. and indeed the players of that match and leaver buster dont care why, but it isnt good that they reported him because of something he could not control
True, first person view, I meant something that I couldn't translate. Anyway, policy is simple, you need to maintain your connection to be stable. If I can't connect I don't blame Riot or someone else (in most reasons). If he can't control his connection, he would need to blame internet provider
: I think you misunderstand the difference between a QoL change and just a flat-out buff. That being said, that one about queing up abilities after his ulti ends though is definitely a good change that he should get. Regardless, Riot announced that Malz is one of the 5-6 mages who will get a "Gameplay Update" in the coming Mage Update they've been working on the last few months. He'll probably get smarter Voidlings and have more interaction with them.
As I know, they change QW, E stays the same. Not sure about R. He will remain strong 1v1. And he will probably be viable as AD, so Crabs buff
: Stump or 1 hour game
You get stumped? [Couldn't resist](http://www.nottproducts.com/images/stumpnot.jpg)
: AFK x9 report lee sin!
Well, looking at this by third person view, you didn't connect to game for 20 minutes, and no one really care for what reason. So It's good they reported you. If it will continiue you will get ban, tho'
: Win= +14 Lp / Lose= -20 LP? Why? T.T
Kvorto (EUNE)
: 'Ward' ping to a better teamplay
Plant Ward / Watch out, Ward < we need those two
Sefi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=iHeyt,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gXa886t5,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-03-21T16:01:29.284+0000) > > True, throws happen all the time - by solo player, or by the team, on both sides, there is no sense in surrender, unless It's really terrible game like 30-0 Even the 30-0 games are winnable IN THEORY. My general rule is to start the surrender vote only when the team morale goes to sour. If 3 people argue, 1 person tilting and you had just about enough you might as well start the vote, its my way of saying "Either stop bitching at each other and start playing like a team or lets just surrender to stop wasting each others time."
Sefi (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ChiTenshi,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gXa886t5,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2016-03-21T15:54:10.913+0000) > > How many times has this actually happened though when the situation has been presented? > I believe there is a larger ratio of losses than wins. But that particular scenario is extreme. Still, throws happen way more often than one would think. I've won games with a 20k team gold deficit, and lost games with the same lead, it happens.
True, throws happen all the time - by solo player, or by the team, on both sides, there is no sense in surrender, unless It's really terrible game like 30-0
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: If all 5 of the enemy team are alive and your Nexus is under 100HP, I cannot see how you will comeback (unless you're attempting a very close base race).
Inhibitor respawns, they retreat, we got upperhand in teamfight. Ace, 2 tanks dead - long respawn of enemy (60 seconds, game was almost 1 hour long). Tower > Inhib > 2x Tower > Nexus We got lucky because of inhib respawn that gave us few seconds. But It was still victory
: urf coming within 2 months or not
Urf 2x this year. No urf in april
: [Champion concept] Alicia, the spirit trapped on the mirror
If you want to practice poetry, change word "mirror". You've used it like, 6 times in that short story
: >you pretty much are ^^ No, I pretty much don't, and since your entire post is based on this assumption, I will simply disregard it.
>Give me a rational reason why you would not follow something, for which there is credible evidence of it being BETTER.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: People this will negatively impact: - Those who suffered a bad game (it happens). - The player that surrenders at every given moment (despite being ahead or not). - Pre-mades if ahead. - People who are ahead but are blind at seeing that the game is definitely lost (If the enemy team is at your Nexus, just f*cking surrender).
> People who are ahead but are blind at seeing that the game is definitely lost (If the enemy team is at your Nexus, just f*cking surrender). Dont agree. Few times my Nexus was under 100 hp and we managed to comeback and win. Not every game is lost, until you see "Defeat" on screen
: Fiora is a big problem. Because people like to build AD and rest is Tank, Tank Fiora is the pain in the arse. They should update Thornmail, because damn these % of Health true damage bs. Heres my idea: Thornmail 100 Armor +100% of base health regen UNIQUE passive: 20% (+ 15% of Armor) resieved damage is reflected back to attacker (damage reduction from base defensive stats dont affect calculated damage (what I meant is if Vayne shoots you 100 physical damage and you have 100 armor, vayne takes 35(20+15) damage as magic damage) as Magic Damage. UNIQUE passive: When this unit has more than 350 armor: Reflected magic damage applies Grievous Wounds to champions. This type of change would make Thornmail a must buy item for champs who have natural armor gain (Pre-Rework Taric, Rammus, Malphite, Poppy, Thresh). Bruisers and off-tank champions (Tank Fiora, Yasuo, Yi, Akali) wouldnt be able to abuse its new unique passive, because they dont reach that high amount of armor WITHOUT committing 100% to tank build.
I like 350 armor thing, that would make unique feel like Warmog and HP unlock
: does fiora really need 5 abilities that help her stick to her target?
She is duelist, blade dancer - she is supposed to fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee - by hitting vital points
: Will URF return ?
This year it will be 2 times in League, but it won't be on 1st of April. Rioter said it ~month ago
: you want a screenshot of game i played yesterday.. okey ;ddd
Usually, If you are reporting something to publicity, you need proof
: Oh Oh Oh I got 1 great Idea for you, become a boy and get flamed for beeing a boy... or beeing french, or beeing german, or beeing spanish... trust me the flame will find it's way to you. The flame is strong within the league player!
: well.... people do care sadly.. :/
Transscript, screenshot or didn't happen
Ruskronos (EUW)
: RIOT why do need a Q skill Hecarim?
Well, as you know good players cancel autoattack animation by using certain skills, Hecarim has one of them. It's good for jungle and procing 3NITY/IG,
: I get flamed because of my gender ;-;
To be honest, this topic is something I see first time on forums. It's fuckin' gender equality in games - for real? People care about this. IF that all would be real I would have like 15 fathers and my mother would stand on the road next to business office giving service to older people. Stop that gender bullshit, nodoby cares. If you are really girl, good job If you are not a girl, good job on trolling forums and creating commotion
chill22518 (EUNE)
: So you basically stay under turret and do nothing right?
I'm not staying close walls, and even so you got 1-2 seconds to dodge tentacle. It's pretty easy If you will manage to practice it. Ale she got cooldowns: Q - Tentacles every 5 sec, W - every 5 second E - dont get caught, lol, If you do, try not running away from zone, and poke Illaoi R - run away till ultimate get off, even gangs dont help then, so you can get her double kill Between cooldowns you are safe, so you can farm, poke, dive into illaoi and kill tentacles. /w me in game we can practice movement on lane vs illaoi
: how to counter illaoi ?
Dodge tentacles, don't let her use E on you. And get out of range of tentacles, thats all
: Why is Vi able to ult while being ulted by Malzahar?
Maybe it was 0,1 second difference, Vi used ulti 1st?
: New Champ Idea
Levitating sword? Like Irelia 4x?
: Nah mon. Don't put ur political corruectness in mah game mon, not like this!{{champion:35}}
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Jokes
Also, yo mama so fat that Auerlion Sol orbits around her :O
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Jokes
*Prison* Knock knock -Who's there? Amish Hank -Amish Hank who? Amish Hank you! *stab stab stab*
Guldman (EUW)
: Would this skin come ever back?
Hey, maybe on Halloween?
: ap champs have no counterplay against him. i hope you give him a complete rework.
: Riot, Please.
pick2win, literally! I mean, 5 supports won't win vs normal team, tho? And like, 5 AD won't win vs single Rammus, so It has been always pick2win, It's like basic rule of game
Sebe9 (EUNE)
: Ekko - Too OP
To completly perform a combo he needs to get close to you. Also, he is melee caster that means, he has less advantege on farming CS. When fighting him you need to care about few things, first of all be ready to burn his ultimate, you won't probably kill him on 1st burst - If you do It's fine, but remember he can always R(ewind) back in time (hehe, nice pun). He has highest damage from passive on 3rd hit, so don't let him connect.
: Lmao, it happens all the time lol.
Well, in few games I had high synchronization with few randoms people called us "gg, premades" but I didn't know a guy, to be honest we only used pings. And how many times I was solo, with 4 premades in my team? It happens all the time, in both sides
Ekoby (EUW)
: But what about gromp for her w?
In that one remember that Shyvana is not mana relevant, so you don't need that much 10% cooldown and posion from gromps.
Ekoby (EUW)
: So Evelynn should start Gromp and the same with Shyvana? As they are more magic than physical damage?
Eve should start Gromp because of blue buff to get cooldowns and and mana regen so you can spam Q all the way. On the other hand, Shyvana can start at Krugs, because after 5 hits next hit stuns, as you know Shyvana Q has double AA, so you stack that passive and stun mobs really fast, also her red buff on auto attack seems more logic.
Ekoby (EUW)
: What about invading by the way, if I'm playing a jungler like Nunu for example? Should I still clear all my jungle first or should I try to invade early?
With Invaders like Eve, Shaco or Nunu It's better for you to have buff, 2nd level and smite up. That often requiers team help to kill red as fast as possible (most people start at blue so you are on the opposite way). With Shaco you spam boxes on red to bring him down asap, you finish lower mobs and you got 2nd level without wasting flash. When you have done RED enemy done GROMP, so he is heading on his blue now. You walk near razorbeaks behind wall and to the bush at blue. Or you go in with Q to scout, wait to steal blue wth smite, plant box and run
Ekoby (EUW)
: Thank you so much this is all so helpful, regarding fiddlesticks, at what level can he actually solo dragon?
With maxed Drain you are able to do it 4-6 level. Depends on difficulty, without cover It's hard, because you are doing it solo, but for long time - that's why preparation is recommended, pink ward inside dragons den, crab and wards on enemy paths, and blue buff is needed for start, either way you will run out of mana
: As a player that has played 3-400 jungle games, here are some things I do. (I've never attempted a rank as a jungler main but highest ever was Gold IV as an ADC) 1) Are lanes pushed or not? If they are, farm what ever jungle creeps you have available. 2) If there is a gank opportunity, and your buffs are warded, attempt it. 3) If people are losing the lane, and you are even (0/0/0) DON'T gank it. You will more than likely die or trade evenly which is still worse for your team. 4) Gank winning or even or maybe slightly behind lanes and force opponents to come and deal with you, releasing pressure on other lanes. 5) Always ward and check dragon, this buff has become so important. Its not the be all and end all but it certainly wins more games. 6) If all lanes are even, I farm till I have my ult up and use it (Rengar)
I agree, never gang lost lane If you are not fed enough- there is higher probability that you will die with your lane. Mute them If you must.
iHeyt (EUNE)
: Now, as I start with Rammus I go on gromp, posion passive works well with W (which I pick first). Later Blue, going without smite so It's better to stand in bushes and ward behind wall at that point to dodge invasion from enemy jungler. Later we go on Red because you will have smite up again, and again stand into bushes. So on that point you got: Gromp > Blue > Red. Probably 3rd level, you can gang Top/Bot/Mid lane. Or go further into jungle
If you are going further go on Razorbeaks, they are relatively weak, in change with crab to get control of lane. If you cooperate with your botlane you can do dragon early, or If you are good jungler like Fiddlesticks he can solo
iHeyt (EUNE)
: 1st you need to describe what buff will be better for start clearing. Stun from Krugs (auto attacks) or passive poison from Gromp (spells and tanks probably) and second aspect: you deal more damage from spells (Hecarim, Rammus, Fiddle) or from auto attacks (Xin, Lee, Rengar).
Now, as I start with Rammus I go on gromp, posion passive works well with W (which I pick first). Later Blue, going without smite so It's better to stand in bushes and ward behind wall at that point to dodge invasion from enemy jungler. Later we go on Red because you will have smite up again, and again stand into bushes. So on that point you got: Gromp > Blue > Red. Probably 3rd level, you can gang Top/Bot/Mid lane. Or go further into jungle
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