Korios (EUNE)
: Greetings **iLoveJammin ** I would recommend reporting that Player in the Support Page https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en
And where there? Because seems like i can only ask questions about general issues or about my own account. Or maybe im just blind.
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: i always check the streamers twitter. if its twitch they usually tweet about siome problems
Yea, makes sense :D
: yes it is kinda maybe atleast streamers can´t stream
thanks, i thought i had some issues only somehow.
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: When u look at his match history it will say Victory, but for him its Leave.
Yea, makes sense, however it would be better if others could see its a leave, since it was.
Sarokh (EUW)
: Lock/ban/delete my accounts please (explaining why)
Well i was an udyr main, but people started picking him up because of Trick2g. The fun fact is that when enemy locked udyr from me, i didnt get scared at all cause i knew they wont be as good as me with him. I know everything about udyr, my whole game was about udyr. Riot nerfed him to death. My favourite build is kinda useless now. I lost interest in him cause i dont find him fun anymore however i still can win with him easily but the gameplay just doesnt feel good for me. There are plenty of ways to be successful with him, but still. I pretty much dropped him and "relearnt" other champions. I chose Hecarim. Meta changed, heca was a must pick or ban champ, but now he doesnt rly get picked or banned anymore so im happy that i can play him almost every time. What i mean is if you drop the game because of your comfort champion "falls off" then you dont even have the mentality of the higher elo players since there are always some ways to play certain champions the amazing way and be successful. You mentioned you got literally boosted. Im not being rude just telling what i think: you dont even deserve high elo just cause u didnt fight for it but others did. You literally get sick of the game becuase of the only 1 champ u play falls off. I mean higher elo is not all about 1 champion anyway, but the teamcomp that you have to respect, but seems like you have never been able to do that and i dont even have to explain this any further. If you wanna stop, just stop. If you cant, then go play soloq and fall back. If you manage to go up, then gg. If no then ull fall down, ull keep flaming (but dont do it, dont ruin other players experience) and get banned anyway. Again saying im not being rude, just telling facts. But hopefully ull be able to do what you think is the best for you, the best possible way. And i mean "best possible way" so try not to destroy other peoples experience on purpose.
Práedyth (EUW)
: he does get a win as far as i know but he does 100% still lose lp like he wouldve lost it
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Swittz (EUW)
: It is visible . Looks amazing .
Yes it is visible but cant be seen so clear
: Help me...
Ill share you my story. Now when dynamic queue has taken over ive got punished i think way more often. Its kinda really tilting that premade of 3-4 just gang up on me for any mistakes i make and call me a flamer and toxic player for no reason at all. After that when i get the salt i play worse and worse because it annoys me and when they keep telling me im bad and go kill myself, and im boosted, i just cant play normally anymore. I mean i dont troll but i just cant focus. Before i fought back and didnt care about anything, I flamed, got punished a lot of times. I just had to realise if i flame its not goint to be better just worse. Its not going to win me games or give us more chance to do so but the opposite. If i get flamed i dont write a bad word. I just ignore it totally and the magic option "mute" can be used aswell that i recommend however i dont like to use it since i like to see what people say and if they have a good call in chat then i should be able to support that but i think when you play with 3-4 premades then they dont quite use all chat just to flame the "lonely one" since they probably use TeamSpeak or Skype to communicate. So just believe that you are better than them and play like hundreds of people see you playing and you have to show them a good example in how to play the game. Focus on your gameplay and not on chatting since that will just put you back, not forward. If you get flamed you can think whatever you want but just write something like "sorry for that" or "my bad" or whatever even if it wasnt you.
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: > [{quoted}](name=iLoveJammin,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sIqwilbx,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-08-02T18:25:09.797+0000) > > I played many games against olaf as pantheon and had no difficulties at all. Because they don't know nothing about {{champion:2}} :D. There are different strategies against pantheon as olaf. First of all, your level one is way better than his. You can start E with {{item:1029}{{item:2003}} and just smack the hell out of him. If he tries to fight back, he will very easily run out of mana and have to back almost immediatly. Although, today, if Panth buy a {{item:2033}} this may not work as good as before. Alternatively, you can max Q, pack some good CDR and possibly ghost + ignite, and try to go for a very early kill. Just wait about 3-4 levels, hit him with a Q, and just go in with ghost. He may combo you, big deal: once he is done, he is a sitting duck, just slow him over and over by picking the axe and all the while hitting him with E and AAs. If he flash away, you won. Just repat all the same the moment you ghost is up, as his flash will still be down. After 6, if you are not already behind for some reason, you can practically do the same over and over, his stun will be completely useless while you ult. Buy more CDR, a defense item like {{item:3800}} (more engage power), and you are done.
Hm actually you guys might be right... I mean i played a lot of udyr and yea.. i can dodge skillshots quite easily. I might be just good as pantheon and i know how much dmg i can deal and i kinda know how much ill take... Olaf seems to be a nice pick too and after 6 yeah.. Its like rly a skill matchup (if you can dodge Q, also realising the baits from olaf to get poked down a little so he can just rush you down etc) Against olaf a fast ghostblade helps so much in poking and disengaging, so yea it can be a good 50-50. Good tip. So now i have Olaf and Sion.
sakmegaris (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=iLoveJammin,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sIqwilbx,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-08-02T18:27:25.898+0000) > > i always run tp as pantheon and if i dont get an early kill before backing i just rush ghostblade, if i dont have enough money just a serrated dirk and its 100% enough to literally deny the laner totally. wtf....ehmmm ghostblade first ;P gj wtf u build on panth???? go korean or go fcking black first...never ghostblade u will get 2v1 all time and even if u dont plsss...just black and e is dmg..
Why would you even start with Black Cleaver? Ghost blade as 1st item is way more useful for pantheon than Black cleaver :)
sakmegaris (EUNE)
: well,first hello,second i main pantheon or this is sparta :P he is skilled otherside that some say he is click to win...u cant do sth with ganks expect if u so pro panth (me) u gotta ult right time and also there are some counters that doesnt rly counter him if u know...but i recommend u illaoi darius shen other energy users maybe garen and mundo
Well as i see people recommend champions i win top lane against very fast and easily. Illaoi: you can really easily out trade an Illaoi any time... Stay behind your minions and poke her every time she wants to take a cs. Its easy to dodge her q and her e can be avoided very very very easily... I mostly kill her/deny her all game on toplane. Darius: A little bit trickier but you can easily bait his pull and it has a high CD... Lets say somehow he pulls you. You can use e immediately, then stun and run away while throwing your q there. At this point darius is for sure very low. Tankier he gets the easier it is for you (laning) especially after you got Ghost blade. You can easily kite him and if he pulls, you can still easily run away. Shen: he has no chance. I mean literally no chance. Each time he wants to take cs you can put your full combo on him. He has to decide if engages or disengages. He cant trade with you while he is falling back. If he uses e offensively he gets outtraded( instant E = thunderlords, Q then W, AA, Q) He is dead. He has no chance at all because he wont get any items because he wont be able to take any cs. Garen: Same... He is really useless against a panth especially early. Its too easy to ruin his Q and gets easily out traded. Mundo: too weak early - panth too strong early. As i said i played many games against sion and well... He was rly good against me... He has the shield tons of cc and poke. But i really hate playing sion... But literally other champs are too easy with pantheon, i just cant believe it... I barely remember having difficulties against any champions apart from sion on top lane... I just really want to know what champions are recommended against him and why and HOW? Malphite just doesnt work... These counter tips " build armor etc etc" just dont work ok? You have to get to that point and before he just denies you... and anyway that is for mid - late game... And in mid/late game panth focuses on adc and midder since you can easily 1shot them or make them run away with only just a Ghost blade + Black Cleaver.
Pootis 5 (EUNE)
: Oh,in the low elo that I am (silver 4) it works pretty well
1. Ward in bush 2. any time u come out to take cs he rekts you in higher elo panth palyers understand what to do with him.
Sefi (EUNE)
: {{champion:80}} vs anyone is pretty much a skill match up, it all comes down to who is better at their champs.
Well i wouldnt say its true... Its too easy to deny with pantheon.
: Pantheon is probably the biggest lane bully in top lane. You can't do shit to him early, just prey he is running tp and not ignite. He will look to spear you asap. You will lose ALOT of CS. Just don't die. If you have survived until first back, you have won the lane. His damage output will be noticeable lower at first back. NOTE: be careful when pushing the turret, as he can just ult behind you and shit on your face
i always run tp as pantheon and if i dont get an early kill before backing i just rush ghostblade, if i dont have enough money just a serrated dirk and its 100% enough to literally deny the laner totally.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: {{champion:2}}
I played many games against olaf as pantheon and had no difficulties at all.
Pootis 5 (EUNE)
: Well,you should,first of all,get a champion that can do quick and easy trades,so you either equalize or overcome pantheon in poking. This,if you aren't playing panth vs panth Next,you should stay in bushes,to avoid getting speared over and over again,if you play panth vs panth,this is a perfect option,to spear him and retreat When ganked,it's pretty hard to escape,as pantheon can 1.Ult and come with the jungler,or 2.Engage and wait for the jungler.If you both know you can beat pantheon,but he still engages,and you have no vision,it's time to run.If it's panth vs panth,you should wait for panth to stun you,and then stun the enemy jungler,it will give you some time to run. Hope I helped,please correct me if i'm wrong somewhere in here
i play ranks and now its hight plat elo. Staying in bush doesnt help for obvious reasons.
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: Diamond player is getting matched with players under 1000 MMR
If you cant climb further in League of Legends thats the place where you belong. -Albert Einstein 2k16
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: Who would you pick against toplane Rengar and how would you play against him?
Pantheon. Take thunderlords of course. every time he goes to bush and comes out at lvl1 you give him 1 q. At lvl 3 even if he has full hp you give him your full combo and he will never jump again lol.
: Draven Spinning Axe (Q)
I would say something for something. With that steroid draven gets using his q and with that big advantage you can get if you can manage the place where they land you are a monster. Anyway even if it wouldnt be visible where they land it would be still easy to tell after a single movement from draven. I think it is good the way it is.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Dynamic Queue For Solo Players And The Icon Rewards
Totally agree! When you get matched with 3-4 premades and you are the "lonely one" then pretty much you are blamed for everything. I got premades many times myself and everything turned out to be my fault. I was the jungler, from premade top/mid/supp/adc the supp decided to roam leaving the adc vulnerable in EARLY - MID game against a naut - lucian combo. ADC turned out to be 3-13 or 3-15 (something like this at the end) and of course i got flamed, blamed for being useless however i was tryharding as long as i could but after all of them got fed cause of the Dynamic Q when a plat queues up with gold 5 players and they feed the hell out of everybody and you dont even have time to babysit mid and bot at the same time and farm at the same time. Of course i was the useless and "reported kid"
IMinecent (EUNE)
If you have a "keylogger" installed on your PC then everything you type is shown for the hacker. I recommend you to download an antivirus program (i use Malwarebytes for scanning) and do a full scan. You also have to be careful what you visit on the internet, what you download from such links for example on youtube because plenty of them are just to steal from you (files such as pictures, or any kind of files, in your case passwords).
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iLoveJammin (EUNE)
: -VERY IMPORTANT- Ruined gameplay 100% TROLLS [w PICTURES]
Guys dont get me wrong, i dont say im a god at this game. I want to know why dont intentional feeders get banned?
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