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Xailore (EUW)
: You have a chance to earn a key fragment every time you win a game. Playing premade with friends increases its chance to drop. That's basically everything you need to know about the key fragments.
is there anything like a criteria? I mean, i won a normal blind game, didn't get anything (key fragment i mean) then i won a ranked game and i got one, and again a played a ranked and won after witch i didn't get anything.. The thing i don't understand, i know i need to win to get them, it just seems so random, and my opinion is that is must have like a criteria or something.
: by winning games.
but how many? or how often to i get fragments? in the last 3 days, i got 3 chests because of S grades, but i get a little frustrated because i only have 2 key fragments, is there like a criteria for those fragments?
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raishinari (EUNE)
: wt? get talon and rise like there is no gravity xD
i has a couple rage quits because of him, but hes ult can miss so easily atleast i think so :o :D
LA Losty (EUW)
: The "OP" champions changes all the time, due to the new patches. Right now id say KogMaw is the most OP one, or at least one of them. As far as i know Syndra, Jayce and Vladimir havnt been considered OP in a very long time.
ty! :) i heard somewhere or read, cant remember, that {{champion:126}} has no direct counter (etc {{champion:86}} vs {{champion:17}} ) is that even possible?
Cokie (EUW)
: Out of those 3 i would play Syndra to gain Elo, Jayce is ok i guess, Vladimir is a good late game champ, and for the most part easy to play, but people give up fast in silver elo, so if some lane do bad, the team will tilt and Vlad won't even have a chance. But champions like {{champion:99}} and {{champion:103}} are good aswell they are over all the most safe picks in the midlane matchup :)
I love lux! :D havent played ahri yet..but their is something about Syndra, idk she seems like a pro players ace in the pocket, like she can destroy any mid laner, so it seems to me, idk why, i love {{champion:238}} but idk..
: > I know every single champ is OP as hell, if u know how to play them There's your first mistake. Many many champions are not OP, hence why you will see them rarely being played. {{champion:266}} for example is not OP right now. The strongest champs atm are: {{champion:96}} {{champion:12}}{{champion:40}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:238}} They're either just grossly overtuned ({{champion:96}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:114}} ), have gimmicky bugs/interactions that are very abuseable ({{champion:1}} {{champion:31}}), have low counterplay in general, or overt safety with no tradeoff in damage ({{champion:99}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:54}} ), or just the general funblade {{item:3124}} abuser here and there ({{champion:11}} {{champion:5}}).
Aaa, i see :o Honestly i find {{champion:40}} weak, i know her ult is almost a game changer, but too me she seems weak, still i am somewhat of a noob still.. What do you think about {{champion:83}} ? i saw him one time, one time, and i played over 600games, and {{champion:6}} , i never see them, havent played them either.
: Those 3 were never considered op. Everyone hates vladimir because he's annoying, not op (like teemo). Jayce is weird and syndra can miss her abilities/has no mobility. Imo, the really op champions right now are the ones who can build a devourer and a guinshoo's (Jax, Tryndamere, Master yi...), Rengar (not sure after those big nerfs tho) and mundo. Then there are those stupid adcs, like graves, quinn, mf...
In my opinion Zed/Yasuo are better then Syn,Vlad...but somehow they are always among the ''most op'', idk why, I watch a lot of famous youtubers,and most of them say Syndra is so amazing, i honestly didn't have a chance to play her :( but looking at gameplay clips whe seems strong, ofc in the right hands and right matchup, but ty! still, i am pretty new to the league any info is great! :)
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