: >I can't say i care too much Suuuure, and that is toootally believable, given that you reply to each and every post I write here ;-) Now, you have two options...you can stop replying, or you can continue to reply, and thus prove that I am right. Normally I'd say that there is a third option, which is play a game of LoL to calm down, but as we both know, that's not actually an option in this case. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Akchually, I am playing league, just not on the specified account, and I actually don't care, as i previously said, I was simply curious about a general opinion on the case,and I'm grateful for receiving it.
: Don't worry, you already did that yourself.
Nah, I can't say i care too much, you joke. Keep tryharding
: Nah, I won't. Some texts are not worth much attention.
Then don't try to make it seem like the fail is on me bruv. :D
: Have fun with your ban let me correct you they have nothing to do with it you got banned due to YOUR actions I played a game as illaoi the other day where I had a nunu with teleport smite following me around dropping control wards for the enemy to kill for what reason I dont know I can only assume its because I banned GP despite not seeing him declare anything. Want to know how I reacted to said nunu? I didnt I made a joke about having a pet yeti following me around but other than that I played it out doing my best to ignore whatever it was he was trying to do. The lesson here if people are going to act like idiots they have some sad reason to do it but your not responsible for that just keep your cool report them and move on it isnt hard..
True, idk tho, there are people wishing cancer and not getting banned and all i said that could be a bit harsh was 'inting hoe' in a memeful way. Sure, I brought it on myself, so idc, it's not like im not allowed to make a new account and try to reform. Mistakes are lessons, after all.
: Awww, you think you won. Alright, you were the Shaco. Idc. There is plenty more: **Mocking.** >im Pride: i wanna u meik einglish gret agen! **Spam.** >im Pride: SHACE im Pride: AHAHAHHAHAHA im Pride: SHACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE im Pride: AHAHAHAHHAHA im Pride: nc england im Pride: shadhsahdhahadhadhahaha im Pride: HAHAHAHA im Pride: GG. **Blame.** >im Pride: 2/8 **Nonsensical Blame** >im Pride: this game would be free im Pride: if you didnt ban my zed im Pride: ggwp In short, more than enough reason to permaban you. You already had a 14day ban, so it was your last chance. Enjoy your laugh ;-)
I did bro, make sure to properly read next time!
: Yes, I have read your chatlog. Maybe you should do the same. >im Pride: report shaco
: >have i said anything worth being punished You have read my post before replying, yes? In case you didn't, here is the relevant section in repetition: #"You made a report threat" On a side note, youth slang does not impress anyone above the age of 12.
I haven't made a report threat, you have read the game chat, yes?
: No, the ban is not unjustified. You made a report threat, which is a punishable offense. And no, it doesn't matter if you meant that "ironic" or whatever excuse you try to come up with. Other people do not have to share your sense of humor.
Bruv, have i said anything worth being punished? If I have i'd be fine with the ban, cuz I'd know it was deserved, y'feel me? {{champion:238}}
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LovroLox (EUNE)
: Yeah 1st games in ranked are hard...Not because you are bad but because people will write ˝noob˝,˝feeder˝ and things like that{{item:3070}}. Just watch how real gamers have tactics and you will get better. P.S. This is my new profile.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Wrong. Not everyone gets better by watching the pro players. And why would they? In ranked games before diamond 2/1 OR Master+ the games are massive bloodbaths with 40 average kills per team. And CS is something ignored really easily by the players. However in the LCS for example, they have around 10-20 kills per team (of course, in a single game.) and they attempt at compensating gold loss with minions. So watching them with the purpose of learning things may affect possitively AND/OR negattively the player's gameplay. Thank you for your time. <3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
PPR Indi (EUW)
: i to was nervous asf on my first 10 ranked games, my body was shaking a tiny bit (lel) the tempation to perform the best you can and impress your team can get you nervous, But hell after 100+ rank games, i play as confortable as a normal game, but with a more serious mindset of try-harding and farming as best as possible, however I dont get nervous at all anymore... Plus, i learnt that to climb a lot more faster and steadier, is to just ignore your other teams performance and focus on your own thing... mute flamers, follow teams ping if its safe and a good call to go for.. i prefer ranked over normals simply because players are OVERALL GENERALLY want to win, and there less 'retarded' in terms of trolling and doing some of the most dumbest crap that only bronze players would do xD overall i find it more fun in rank due to better plays, team synergy, players generally listen to pings much more often etc , but i guess its because i always had a more competitive side in gaming :D no of course no matter what gamemode you play there will ALWAYS be afks, trolls,flamers etc, but in rank its a lot less common..
I dont agree with one part of your text. "That only bronze players would do". Why? Well, you're practicly putting in general EVERY bronze player in the league of legends. And it is wrong because: Not every player is an easily enraged player nor do all players in bronze ignore pings/calls etc. Some even deserve silver+ BUT because of trolls in ther devisional promotions they get stuck (God bless the new Promotion Helper that Riot made.)
: Today i had my first ranked^^
Well not every game neccessarily has flamers/feeders/trolls/afks etc. etc. I honestly mute/ignore those people and focus on my game and play with MY playstyle (overly-aggressive, high risk etc. general retardism that rewards more than decently if done right!). However you shouldnt really be scared of the fact that you are playing ranked games, it's the same as normal but with rewards depending on how well you've done for.. like an year? The uneeded pressure may sunder down your game. Anywho, hope you enjoy future, considerably, competitive play in the game itself. gl hf :3
: Allow me to explain: These placements only have a big impact once you're new to ranked. But you were bronze 4 last season. So you have a bronze 4 MMR (matchmaking rating). This also means in your placements u played versus bronzes. The placements will just decide whether you deserve your last seasons rank or not. But because you were only bronze 4 you won't actually gain alot of ranks unless you were really high MMR. but you won't lose alot either (because you're already at the bottom pretty much). It's normal to drop atleast 1 rank after placements. I know plat 5's who got to gold 3 etc.. it's completely normal. They did a small rank reset here, Not a hard reset (if they did this you could get silver 5). For more info look at the wikipedia of league: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/League_system
I didn't even do actual ranked games last season, and it sent me to silver 5 as far as i can remember, thank you though :P
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