Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I was in a game where one of our teammates didn't move, didn't buy anything, he just said "I have to go, just remake". He left the game and we were able to remake the game, which was great.
Thats great and thats what the system should be used for. I however tried to reconnect and got the message that the servers are offline and got into after game chat and people were still in the lobby. The fact is that my entire game opened in a window instead of fullscreen like normal and was moved to my lower right corner of the screen. I couldnt see much of it and I tried to change the settings when inside the game and the glitch/bug crashed my PC. I am lucky I have an SSD and a good pc but still I was just a bit over 3 minutes and they did remake while I was in the loading screen. This never happened before in the entire 6 years that I play league. It's certainly not my pc's fault because I always run the game on very high at steady 150 fps. However I noticed that during the latest patch my game starts freezing randomly for 1 second and I crashed at least 5 times already but thank god only the game crashed and not my pc so I could reconnect in seconds. I think somethings wrong with this patch. Because my friend also told me he gets freezes and he has a good pc too.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: If you want to win more ranked games freeze your lane
Sometimes you want it to push on you because the enemy might be overly aggressive or getting babysit. Btw good luck freezing when the enemy freezes as well and zones you out because he has 2 levels lead.
Stunˆˆ (EUW)
: Gold 4 MMR, got placed in Iron?
My friend who was gold 1 with plat mmr got placed in iron 3 lmao. Riot please fix your game.
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