: lul not as good of a joke as patch 8.13...{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
wanna hear something better? SEASON 8 OmegaLUL
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: oh nice honor system rito
https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-reports-eu/PPuEKzY5-honors-for-everybody XD
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Eambo (EUW)
: [EUNE[ Normal Draft 24/7 Trial for Patch 8.13
Thank You! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Akaśhí (EUNE)
: Nerf Singed and Graves
u just suck stop crying about every champion that kicks ur ass {{champion:104}}
: > [{quoted}](name=BanBoy,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=E28EnpAy,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-06-25T22:09:55.233+0000) > > this is the game that got me perma banned for toxicity (i was already 14 days ban before that but still i dont think this gameplay was toxic at all): > > Pre-Game > zykloni: adc pick me yi plz > zykloni: nvm > zykloni: dont > zykloni: he picked zac > zykloni: ty though > In-Game > zykloni: help with leash shen > zykloni: this skin is sick :D > zykloni: the atk animation > zykloni: feels so perfect > zykloni: play def top > zykloni: im coming > zykloni: ward > zykloni: twisted fate u die 1 hit > zykloni: 0/4 > zykloni: then i wont come again if i feed ur lane > zykloni: dont cry about jungler not ganking > zykloni: twisted fate feed flame and now troll > zykloni: that shutdown > zykloni: 500g > zykloni: i got my car now > zykloni: tf died > zykloni: guess who he is flaming > zykloni: team we win late > zykloni: play passive > zykloni: dont die lucian > zykloni: says its my fault > zykloni: play def > zykloni: tf keep pushing > zykloni: go back > zykloni: def > zykloni: ? > zykloni: didnt even ult > zykloni: are u guys high? > zykloni: im not wisted fate > zykloni: all ganks good > zykloni: i just didnt gank mid > zykloni: almost > zykloni: the moment when u have mid laner but u dont > zykloni: keepo > zykloni: twitch in dragon > zykloni: ? > zykloni: so my alpha cancels ur R > zykloni: i did not knew that > zykloni: tf > zykloni: can u at least try? > zykloni: nvm > zykloni: go baron > zykloni: they have wards everywhere > zykloni: do i have to ask? > zykloni: 9x tf? > Post-Game > zykloni: haitl of blades rune on tf > zykloni: nice > > > i asked why i got banned and the person that was looking at my support ticket showed me a different game chat logs that was not in my reform card and he said a few of the things i said were toxic and some of them are these: > > We have a very strict policy when it comes to in-game toxicity and everything like hatespeech, death wishes, homophobia, racism, even constantly criticizing others, calling for reports, spamming, will get you banned. Saying things like "report sona", "who would u rather have in ur team vayne 0/0/0 or yasuo 0/8", "fat bastard gragas carry xD", "I LOVE BAD %%%%%ES THATS MY FCING PROBLEM", "MY ANACONDA DONT", "MY ANACONDA DONT WANT NONE UNLESS U GOT BUNS HUN" in chat, is completely against our Community Rules. > > keep in mind that these are chat logs from a game i did not recieve in my reform card but > sayind gragas fat bastard because he looks like the character from the austin powers movie is aparently an insult to gragas fun boys now > and also saying lyrics from a song is "strictly" against Riots policy and its considered TOXIC > > > anyway, i asked them again what i said in the game that i show u the chat logs that was soo toxic that i should be perma banned, since i didnt say any lyrics this time from any song > > this is the reply: > > Hello again, > > In regards to your specific request, here > > zykloni: twisted fate u die 1 hit > zykloni: 0/4 > > zykloni: dont cry about jungler not ganking > > zykloni: tf died > > zykloni: haitl of blades rune on tf > > > > > hmmmm > saying to twisted fate not to fight because he is dieing 1 hit and he is already 0/4 is toxic > twisted fate flaming me when i ganked his lane and died and called me different names so i told him not to cry about me not ganking his lane again is toxic > tf died, yeah thats toxic too > tf finish the game 0/13/1 > i get banned for saying post game "tf hail of blades" You're not providing actual (orcomplete) sources to your claims. Also, you're saying that you got banned for no reason yet you give a long list of things you did, and then claim every individual one is bannable. The logic isn't really there buddy.
saying to twisted fate not to fight because he is dieing 1 hit and he is already 0/4 is toxic twisted fate flaming me when i ganked his lane and died and called me different names so i told him not to cry about me not ganking his lane again is toxic tf died, yeah thats toxic too not sure but seems like this part is sarcasm
: This wont stop them from starting a new account with the same, sometimes even more toxcicity. It is not unusual for them to flame, int, write hate speech even on the 5th account. I do not think that a perma ban is enough.
perma ban is not the solution to stop a toxic player, perma chat restriction on the other hand is great and perma ban should be if they intentionally feed/ troll just my opinion
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: 0.06 of 10 Million is 6000. league does not have 10mil. doing it with just 1 Million is 600.
just mine are 50 there xD
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
if i count just MY perma banned accounts since 2016 its more than 1% just there
Zanador (EUNE)
: That is a completely reasonable assessment. Still, votes and topics like this are limited to attracting Riot's attention, they can't be the basis of change since this poll is not statistically representative. But on that note, your thread was more successful than any other in the past one and a half year and Eambo made good on his promise to revisit the subject too, so i was pleasantly surprised already. :) Good job.
Airbend (EUNE)
: 0.06% HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Thanks for the good laught, dude.
Kendee (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=jOhNyPx,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=aYQvq71N,comment-id=00070004,timestamp=2018-06-25T16:53:19.766+0000) > > people have spoken > 86 voted they want draft pick > 6 voted they don't > > if there wont be draft 24/7 > the second best option for me is to extend the hours we do have it 92 votes out of millions.... that is a vote worthy of Riot's time XD
millions? u are delusional xD
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys! I wanted to drop by this thread and give you guys some insight and behind the scenes views, as well as an update. - EUNE is what we would call a "medium population" region. The regions with 24/7 Normal Draft are, on average, much larger population than EUNE (unlike what has been speculated in this thread). Those with normal draft off 24/7 are low population. As EUNE is medium population, we took the more healthy timeframes, and enabled normal draft during those times - with it being off during the low population hours. - Queue health is important. Many players shout they'd be fine with 10 minutes, 20 minutes queue time - but that's a very small amount of players. The majority of players will get pretty pissed off waiting 10-20 minutes for games. Additionally, this would result in very skewed MMR matchups - as matches can't be found, our systems "relax" the MMR lookup slightly, widening the scope as queue time goes on (up to an extent). There has to be a healthy tradeoff of time versus match quality, which is something we've tried hard to balance. - Blind pick is important. While we're aware of the pitfalls of blind pick, it's the most played and quickest way to get into a game. Additionally, Normal Draft has some restrictions (minimum champion count, etc.) that would take some work to get around if we wanted to "remove" Blind pick (Which isn't something we want to do, but just to give context). While it may be something we explore in the future, for now blind pick is an important part of the LoL overall experience, and can't simply be "turned off and replaced with normal draft". **Disclaimer:** The below is in **extremely** early discussion, and as such nothing solid yet. There is a chance that this may not happen if we can see it would be a degraded experience for players, but I wanted to throw it out there for visibility. The above being said, we're exploring potentially widening the time that normal draft is enabled, especially during weekends. We're planning on trialing some changes in the future (again, early discussions!) to see if we can expand the normal draft windows without causing super long queue times (IE: Maybe we could open at 9am instead of 12pm? While only 3 hours earlier, still a little better). 24/7 is something we'll be looking into too, but based off of the data we have as well as our previous 24/7 queue times, it seems unlikely EUNE will be able to support this in an acceptable way. Most likely any tests would happen for one patch cycle (~2 weeks), and we'd use the data from there to decide how things look and make an informed decision. **tl;dr**: We're going to be looking into potentially having normal draft on for longer, but we don't have any timeframe on that. Additionally, depending on the outcome - we may not be able to make changes.
people have spoken 91 voted they want draft pick 6 voted they don't if there wont be draft 24/7 the second best option for me is to extend the hours we do have it
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: I didn't say it's a substitute, but it is an alternative option. We don't have the luxury to have everything simply due to not having enough players in our server. So we make due with what we've got: Want to try a new champion? Blind Pick or .vs Bots. Or play during the hours 12:00 - 00:00 UTC. Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that I don't want Normal Draft available 24h a day, but I prefer healthier queue times.
u make absolutely no sense, just like riot how is it that we dont have enough players in our server for draft pick and yet ANY time i try to log in i am waiting in queue because it says too many players are trying to log in at the same time, also how is it that EUNE doesnt have enough players for normal draft but NA and Brazol, servers with MUCH less population than EUNE, have no problem with draft pick Ranked is not an alternative option, its just stupid to even think of that, if i go pantheon jungle for the first time in normal nobody is going to care if i do it in ranked i will definately get 4 reports at least and put my account at risk of getting banned u and many other people prefer healthier queue times, but most of us prefer healthier and less toxic gameplay and thats what draft pick provides compare to blind pick
jOhNyPx (EUNE)
i love how much attention i got with this post, maybe it finally happens and they give us draft pick keep voting people {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Looking for smeone to get me out of the depths of Bronze
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwE00vEJFzpO6j1rDJMLDfg https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr5Yp6hqG_X8GpV27SvwWjw watching their videos i went from bronze 3 to gold 5
VaVoem (EUW)
: do you have a script blocker or other add-ons that auto block/remove cookies?
no i dont even know what script blocker is
Serakhar (EUW)
: introduce the i don't wanna play with premades option
amen to that i follow 1 rule in ranked games if bot is premade DODGE
Xzibit7 (EUNE)
: Give me one good reason not to leave games?
just leave games, dont have to post it on boards u just asking to be flamed here like u were in game
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: Does normal games affect MMR
no i was silver and i was matched against master u can imagine the outcome of that game so no normal games are just random
I Am Toa (EUW)
: The new rune system ruin league of legends
i was going to upvote if what u say in ur thread is what i am thiking, which is that i agree that new runes are shiit old runes were also shiit and they needed a change but new runes just are not 100% complete to adapt with the game yet BUT since u dont have any unique ideas im just gonna downvote :)
mutantiom5 (EUNE)
: i have chance for free skin riot blitz, graves, or alistar ?
: Check this one out: https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/comments/8rhsyv/new_tutorial_level_up_rewards/
: Who should i main top lane?
i like {{champion:3}} and {{champion:14}} but if my team is too tanky i go with good ol {{champion:17}}
: Wow thanks for explaination. Its just wierd that Rito never posted it anywhere.
thats what im asking here :D a post so everyone can be informed
: I leveled up this account 2 weeks ago, and i got the rewards i just posted.
im lvling right now and its different when u create an account and log in it doesnt log u in the client it automaticaly send u to a tutorial game in ARAM once u are done u are lvl 2 and the only option is to play a tutorial in summoners rift once that is done too u play a bot game rewards are permanent ahri, lux, miss fortune, caitlyn, darius, 3k essence and 2 capsules which are not given because i dont know why, propably a bug then there are missions like play a game in summoners rift play a draft mode get lvl 3 mastery on a champion which also give u permanent champions and lots of exp
zammea (EUW)
: Why is league such a trash game currently
"Hello everyone for the one who does not know me I'm the huge hatter of Ghostcrawler. His personal anti-fan sort to speak." all i need to read to upvote your comment im done here bb
: Perma ban two accounts
: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752824-Reward-BE-XP-System-Breakdown
this is old, those are not the rewards anymore until lvl 5 its different about the rewards there are also extra missions for new players that give u permanent champions thanks for commenting though
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