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: > [{quoted}](name=k4for,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=xEVxA1E2,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-04T12:40:58.240+0000) > > You sound like commie it's about trading obtained items not about giving things for free. If there is already a skin/champion somebody obtained it one way or another. It's your right as the owner to distribute it according to your whims. If you think that you should probably read up on what you agreed to when you installed and started the game.
If you think they should ignore me see dropping numer of players and the future this game holds. Be being a total greed not open for the community not allowing to obtain stuff through things other than sick grind is the sure way to get out of business. Out of two my option is good for them in a long run.
: You´d probably also say that it would be a good idea if shops just gave away all their stuff for free....
You sound like commie it's about trading obtained items not about giving things for free. If there is already a skin/champion somebody obtained it one way or another. It's your right as the owner to distribute it according to your whims.
: Would take away the RNG part of chests and make getting exactly the skins you want reliable. Doubt this would ever happen since it would cost Riot a lot of money.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: They don't want longer games, they want shorter ones, because long games are boring to watch from their esports perspective
Shorter games belong in different modes on other maps. They simply do not want to develop new things because it costs money and it's risky because it might not be a success.
: Instead of trying to win, people will try to stall for time. no ty
Not true at all. You are now forced to play x minutes for nothing if team refuses to surrender after overfeeded. Least get rewarded for lost time.
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BobbyB103 (EUW)
: From my experience, your ratings also take into account the time in game. So if you should be getting more than u would.
Games differ quite a lot depending on your synergy with those random people you get paried with. Parties being allowed to fight random squads do not help, your team leaving/feeding does not help. There is more things against you if you add it up. Despite all these odds I am still getting a lot "S" ratings anyway. If you eliminate/change one of the barriers situation will improve. I would greatly increase essence/xp for longer games.
k4for (EUNE)
: My loser opponents keep surrendering at 15th minute of the game...
Downvote this thread if you are carried then proceed to tell people how they are worse than you because nobody is carrying them and that makes you "superior" according to your inflated egos. Keep thinking insta-locking is the way to win until you run in 4 other children with your mentality. Come at me internet "experts" on how things undoubtly work here.
: I get the "don't give up" thing, I'm not a defeatist player, but personally I find it really annoying when I'm trying to surrender a lost game but there are always those two people who keep voting no. It's okay to try your best to win and don't give everything up just because the enemy team gets first blood, but sometimes it happens to fall particularly behind in early game. This can happen for many reasons: zero luck with skillshots, overpowered enemy team comp (for example Shaco + Heimerdinger + Teemo, or full CC teams). When this happens, you must obviously try your best like always, but if you see that the team score is like 2 to 25 for your team and both you and your teammates get annihilated as soon as you take a single step in your lanes, then you might as well forfeit. It's useless to keep everyone stuck in a lost game for 40 minutes, wasting the whole evening and negating the chance to try another game. Where's the fun in that, honestly?
I could easily score more "S" ratings if not for enemies giving up so early. That's a shame, I never give up because I can always come back if I have at least one playable teammate on my team.
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: > is killing the games for everybody they are with on the team. I'm afraid the only people who are doing that is the toxic people who flame and blame their team > Do I have to get people twice as low MMR on my team? Oh would you look at that. It's you! Basically, what I'm saying is, cut people some slack. Just because someone is doing poorly against your stats, doesn't mean that gives you the right to bully them. You're also unranked and only play normals and twisted treeline. If you think someone is doing bad, either try to help them, or just shut up. There's no point in making someone feel bad just because you are doing "good". Sincerely A tired ex-jungle main (Had literal death threats thrown at me, I know how everything feels)
Nice advice "shut up". Get out of this thread.
KévKa (EUW)
: No disruption in 3 years, gets 14d banned for saying n-word
If somebody says "whitey" they will also get banned?
: Banning Dodges on Champion releases
I will keep dodging people I do not like. Thank you Riot Games for making it possible -)
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