: Here's my view on it honestly: Katarina's (i can only talk about kata and akali), early game is average. In some games i can kill my enemy in lane, in others i have to play safe and ...... in others i feed because my jungler does something that pisses me off (but lets ignore those for now). Bot lane can end up in 3 scenarios: my team wins, my team loses, its a draw (just a kill or 3 in either side, i consider it a draw). So, when my team wins and I win mid. The enemy bot laner (adc) can't do anything to me until late game. And he (or she) should never be without their support nearby and they should run as soon as they see me near them. Also, they should not over extend at all if they don't see me on the mini map. (Kat and Akali are the strongest in the mid game and early mid game if things went ok). I can honestly just E on a minion, use {{item:3144}} (not even gunblade) as katarina W to get my E off cooldown, EQ to you and R for the kill. As Akali, I don't even need cutlass since 3 dashes. Actually, you need turret + support in this case to stay alive. Seriously, you just can't be in a situation this isn't happening or I will just get ahead and you will have a harder time getting to late game where you are stronger than me. If I win and the bot lane went equal. You as the enemy adc are in the same situation. Except, just you and the support is enough to survive unless I've snowballed out of control. So, you can overstay and farm minions without a turret near you, as long as you got your support. But you have to run away once I come to you, you can't fight me. If I win mid and you win bot. You can then rotate to mid lane and take my turret. I honestly don't understand why, but most adc players would still go bot after they take turret (both my team and enemy one). If you are in my team and I'm melee mid laner, and you lost your bot tower..... don't go bot to farm as adc, come mid. I can't hold it alone. And if the enemy team gets a free mid tower, they get further ahead and you also put your mid laner behind. Its not a good idea. So, if you are in the situation you won bot lane and took tower, you can easily rotate mid with your support and take my tower, even kill me if i dare to oppose. Also, you together with your support will be able to win a 2v1 against me even if I'm in the early mid and mid game and I'm supposed to be at my strongest right now (this is how broken and overpowered your role of adc is, even if you are supposed to be a role geared towards late game, an early game and mid game like my katarina role of assassin can't touch you if you managed to win the early game against my team's bot lane as long as your support doesn't %%%% off around the map somewhere). If I go even with my mid laner. And you lose bot lane. You are in a similar position to me winning mid and you going equal in bot. Meaning, you need your support to survive me. If I go even with my mid laner and you go even in bot lane. You and the support as 2v1 can contest me. And I can't 100% win that. If I go even and you win bot lane. I'm in the same situation with 'i win mid and you win bot'. A very bad thing for me. You can just rotate mid and take free turret. And you also can 2v1 me anywhere on the map. if I lose mid and you lose bot. We are in a situation where you + support are enough to stop my mid game. If I lose mid and you go even in bot. You and support can kill me. If I lose mid and you win bot.... again, same situation. You can free mid tower, you get free top tower, you can get %%%%ing everything and none of us can stop you because you are out of control. That's the benefit of being ranged and dealing damage. However, many players in this game disrespect heavily akali or katarina (and other assassins's) mid game. And think they can safely farm that wave alone at 2000+ range of their turret. No, you can't, not without wards which tell you to get the %%%% out asap if you see us. The thing with this is because at least as far as akali and katarina are concerned, I'm playing with very fragile girls. Some match-ups (against most adcs for example), we can win 1v1s in the early and mid game (late game, usually not >.>) but we can't survive focus fire from multiple members of your team. Hence, team fights is the hardest and most difficult aspect of the game for us. When we want to do damage, we have to commit and jump in, be point black with the enemy. And if the enemy team has a tank, we need to %%%%ing avoid that tank, because sure as hell we can't kill that tank before the tank's team kills us. So, we have to either get a flank position or somehow avoid the tank's attention and jump in the back line (usually when you are a bit low thx to our tanks/adc/mage/engage), but even then, if you and your team can switch focus fast enough, we die in a blink of an eye. So, positioning wise its: behind your tank, about 500 or so units behind your tank. If your tank is the one that engages fights, don't blindly follow if the enemy has assassins. We are WAITING FOR YOU to blindly follow your tank's engage and step in a position where your team mate either can't help you or doesn't have the cooldowns to help you. Your job as an adc is to do damage as safe as possible. And you got darn point and click nukes every half a second to do that with. And that's your strong point of the game. Meanwhile, assassins excel in small fights, 1v1, 2v2s, 1v2s, or 2v1s. Where there's not enough damage to kill us asap, but we got enough damage to hurt the squishy ones. Another reason why mid game is the strongest point for the likes of Akali and Katarina is: {{item:3020}} {{item:3136}} = 30 magic pen + a bunch more from runes and masteries (i'm running 13 from runes) = ~40 magic pen (my personaly case is 30 + 13 + 5 = 48) Lets take {{champion:51}} as an ADC example. You got 32 MR at lv 6 (minus runes), and 38.5 MR at lv 18. Meaning, if you don't run MR runes and don't build MR, I'm essentially doing true damage to you. My AD rune page gives 12.1 MR. Which means, I'll do almost true damage to adcs that run my page as they would have 50 mr by lv 18 and I would have 48 magic pen. Tho, this item combo is usually obtain around levels 9 to 14. Cait has a base of 36 mr at lv 14, so, yes, I'm doing true damage to her in these circumstances. It usually takes that long because we build gunblade first. For the slow effected and added damage But later the game goes, you can buy a mr item like maw or qss. You got shields from your team mates and peal. Which starts to stop my damage output on you. But you still should not blindly follow an tank engage as if you put yourself in a position where no team mate can help you in the next 2 seconds, some assassins might burst you down. Katarina for instance can't do this in the late game(i need you to go towards where my Q dagger fasts to burst an adc in late game). But Akali can. Getting ganked and not, that's something else you can improve on. You can watch the replies in your games and see what you did in games you got ganked a lot and what you did in those that you did not. You can also watch the enemy jungler and see when they decide to gank you or not.
all of this strategies u said wont happen cause my teams dont listen to me i say baron they go drake i say inhib they go take tier 1 turrent every game is 2 people dive me as adc and 2 people dive enemy adc and whoever survives the dive wins i dont have team fights where i get protected in team fights the ardent censer meta is just in masters challenger in gold it depends who ever gets the most broken champion adc role is unplayable since i get no tanks no front like or support peel people dont rotate until they get tier 1 turrent in their lane
TTekkers (EUW)
: The trick, is to not get too close to assassins or bruisers without your team around you. Even if they won't try to protect you as such, they should still try to kill anyone who gets too close to your entire team.
but my team dives their back line and their teams does the same while neither protect their backline
: I consider the adc as the most importan role inte the game. Others just does mehhh damage compeared to the adc, or atleast compeard to the potential damage of the adc. But there is a diffrent story in low ELO, whitout a tank front to stand behind and a support bodygard you get voneralbe. On top of that all (sometimes even the support) goes assassine glascannon damage. In these cases you are pretty mutch useless. But thats because your team can play properly and not RIOT:s foult.
it is riot revolves around making challenger soloq steamers and lcs the most important thing they dont care the about 80% of their community who are in low elo
: You do realize the whole meta revolves around adc? Ardent supports, tanks were taking knight vow. What rank are you anyways?
im gold 5 about to demote to silver and noone builds artent censer i get full ap fiddle supp or morganas that dont build artent what do i do i shotcall every game but my team ends up doing nothing after we ace the team i get no tanks or peel adcs are just good in master and challenger cause they have good teams and peel for adc in bronze to plat adc is just a trash role noone plays tanks or ardent supps in gold i find impossible to play this shitty role but end up playing it cause i like the concept
Forzaken (EUW)
: ad is a really good role, but there is a surtain meta u should adapt to and playstyle to play. if u get oneshot ur probably out of position or facing a kayn
i havent had a team fight in 10 games its just skirmises that i deal 0 dmg in i lose in 20 mins i will litteraly demote to silver
Büqæÿ (EUNE)
: either ur just bad or ur picking the wrong champion... in the current meta its like all about hyper carries like jinx, twitch, kog, trist. (vayne works to)
i mostly play all of them i cant get out of laning without dealing 0 dmg cause of assains i win lane all the time btw i always tell me team to not play %%%%ing quinn top and pick a tank so i cant even play without someone jumping on me and i get zoned out of every fight cause i get no peel or anything
: as a kata main, i can't burst an adc in team fights in late game. i can't even 1v1 an adc in late game, due to how your %%%%ing class does burst per second and i need to wait until my daggers fall on the ground to do high dps its absurd......... work on your positioning, it sounds like you got an issue there, a big one
doesnt matter i cant even get in team fight to position and if i do i do 0 dmg cause i got ganked by burst assasin and bruisers whole laning i cant even win a game now days i went from gold 3 promos to gold 5 close to demote
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Mocton (EUW)
: Dominate him and dont let him farm poke him whenever he tries to last hit
isnt that like the whole point of lanning
Mocton (EUW)
: every Adc in game deals 1000 dmg on basic with autos if its fed
no only vayne with stattik and q and jihn forth shot can deal 1000 dmg
Arzzo (EUW)
: cc
: It's actually suprisingly easy. He's a lane bully, and one of the strongest with high capability to snowball if he's allowed to do his thing. The best thing you can do against him (In a losing matchup) is just make sure you and your support are on the same page about weather or not you can win the fight. Some synergy and coordination between you and support will help a lot here. If you support has CC, she can rather rather throw it to disrupt his axe juggling (if they don't have an engage support and you're not under threat of jungle pressure) or save it in case of a gank or engage. Unless VERY confident you can kill him (Not a 1 for 1 trade, a clean kill) do not fight him. Doing so is incredibly risky, as he will be farmed up and letting him cash those stacks in will cause a lot of problems for the rest of the game as he's unlikely to fall behind again. Communicate with your jungler and coordinate shutdowns on the Draven. Keep focusing on the map. You need to think like the jungler. It's fairly common for Draven to get his first kill from getting his jungler to come help out. You need to have a good idea where the enemy jungle is at all times and when you need to take a step back, and communicate it. If you're in a winning matchup, or if you get ahead of Draven at any stage in lane, your aim should be to deny him farm as much as possible. Draven wants to catch his axes between auto attacks, luckily for you, that makes his movements very telegraphed, and you can poke and harass him for every axe he picks up. Don't let him get stacks, maintain your lead, and deny him. Preferably, by freezing the lane in front of your tower so that you're not opening yourself up to a gank, while making him vulnerable if he wants to come forward. This added pressure will also make him think twice about attempting to fight back hen poked as the threat of a gank being on the way can often deter many squishier champions. Most of all, don't tilt. he's not the greatest late game champion. You don't have to destroy him in lane. His job and role in the game is to crush you so hard you're not useful ever. You win lane just by surviving it. P.S. This turnt into an essay as I wrote, sorry about that.
in gold u wont have much synergy with your support unless im ezrael who can kite him with 2 flashes half of the time i stomp lane and lose the game cause of draven my team always tries to cc him but fails cause he has 4 people that rather get ccd he is an adc with the burst dmg of mage i find it impossble to 1v1 him as adc or even a mage (unless im syndra with 8 balls and ult) or ashe with ult anyway thanks for responce i just think its unfair to have adc that has dmg of mage with undodgable autos that deal 1000 dmg
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Treycos (EUW)
: Well... maybe not one-tricking, you'll get caught in situations where your champ might not fit the teamcomp or be banned/picked But at least reduce your champion pool to somthing like 4/5 Personnaly, I play Vayne/Twitch 80% of the time, Ashe 10% adn thresh when i'm supp Depending on the ennemy team comp
yea i play 4/5 meta adcs and if i get jg some tanks or kayn
: Be otp and master 2 champs more if your otp got banned. Force your team to get objectives like dragons and barons when they are totally free :) around the 25-30 minute if you won teamfight and kill at least 3 enemies and your team is strill alive you can easy get baron. I know how you feel :) i drop from gold1 70 lp to gold5 0 lp 3 times but i finally hit plat. :3 so yea, thats the key , be otp.
yea but the problem is that my team doesnt listen to me and end up pushing the waves and getting 1 tier 1 turrent
Treycos (EUW)
: Main something.
i main adc but jungle is my second role 1 tricking a champion(if thats what you mean) is a nightmare for me
: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/693/282/c81.gif
haha what is this 2009?
: You're Silver 4 on that account (post account). Whom's match history is this? ProgamerZix, is this account yours, too? From the sample you gave via screenshot: CS on the low side, average amount of deaths is too high ***unless*** you're forcing inhibs/towers pre 15 min. Build choice is a bit weird on Jax, Bloodrazer? ***and*** before titanic? Weird. From your OP.GG: Your CS is half of perfect CS, should be 70%< not 50%, practice last hitting (will work wonders, figure out the timings for your autos). Kill participation is <50% on a lot of games, this can handicap you in terms of gold, do you roam much to mid lane when you're adc. Do you take many dragons? ¬ I wonder if you take Barons instead of inhibitors, from this. Nexus>Inhibs>Towers>Dragons(Infernal/Earth)>Baron>CS>Kills
yea i get good dragon calls i know about cs i always prefer rather than cs i do baron calls but my team doesnt listen so they do nothing after we win team fight and end up just pushing the waves tnx for response
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: Mute is for ignoring trashes like toxic people and banning is to remove them from the game because they clearly can't control their tiny brain. You are probably one of those trashes from what I've read in your post.
and you are probably those trashes who cant take an insult cause they are trash at the game
: Because by the time someone is muted, he was already heard. The very need to mute toxic player is justification enough.
i dont understand anything u said
Infernape (EUW)
: Why do people get arrested for possessing firearms when bulletproof vests and Kevlar exist? That is how warped your logic is.
cause not everyone has money for kevlar vest plus there are no bullet proof masks so aim in the face
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Pantheon? LMAO dont attack him without spells up or basic attack based spellls Vi? You mean the feast or famine nr2?
u can not use spells while stunned and bursed while stunned as adc :D
: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/744/952/c65.jpg
yes thanks to your advice i can dodge 800 click and point knock up thanks fam :D
: Hello kawonik112, This is **_Riot_**. As you are ~~ABSOLUTELY~~ right, we will remove Pantheon and Vi from the game starting next patch. Thank you for your valuable feedback, also, we will fire half of the champion design department and another half of the game balance team because they obviously didn't do their job and allowed for such atrocities like Pantheon and Vi to exist within **_League of Legends_**. We are sorry for the game's you've lost, to compensate for that, we grabbed your IP and home address and a package containing** 1.000.000$** will arive at your door in the next 5 days. To make sure you received the package, please send a ticket on the [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) page telling us to delete your account. (do not worry, we won't actually delete your account) In addition to that, we will advance you to Diamond division 1, give you access to all skins (and champions accordingly) and add maximum amount of RP and IP to your account. Also, because we feel **_~~VERY BAD~~_** we will send you an email containing credentials to 5 PBE accounts. We're sorry for the inconvenience caused by these two **_~~VERY~~_** ~~broken~~ champions. We don't know what we were thinking when we released such Over-Powered characters in the game. Yours truly, ~~RIOT~~ Hi I main Ekko;
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VC93 (EUW)
: I hope you get permabanned when the 14 days ban is over.
i hope you get one too
House x33 (EUW)
: Should have been a perma IMO.
for what getting idiots on my team?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
but they were trolling not my fingers
: > [{quoted}](name=kawonik112,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=E8kKuRza,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2017-01-30T14:03:41.814+0000) > > if report calling was reportable everyone in lol would be banned Implying that everyone lacks the self-control to avoid doing that.
u play on euw come on eune and see
Marissa (EUW)
: > if report calling was reportable everyone in lol would be banned http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/EE7d58Pu-dear-riotsome-clarification-please?show=flat&comment=0007 Also; really not that many people call for reports you know. It's, like Husker mentions, not nessecairy to ask for reports either. People can decide for themself. > also the ezrael sold every item for infinity and fed their team but in lane he didnt hit 1 or w clearly we was playing first time ezrael in RANKED I don't care what the ezreal did, noone does. If you reported him, he might have gotten a warning or some kind of punishment - he probably has if he behaves like that often. I don't know what happened in the game, no one knows, all we see is you being toxic. And don't tell me: "but he's a troll, so it's my right to flame him and rage". Because it isn't; you instantly make it so that two members of your team break the summoner code instead of one. The troll, and yourself, the rager. Also, though it might not be the best idea, nothing says it's forbidden to first time champions in ranked. It can go either way... and if he was learning ezreal, he needed to start playing ezreal in ranked sometime. As to answer your question: Whatever happened, **_your_ **behaviour too was out of line. You can't use inters, feeders or trollers as excuse to flame. Also; most games people just play bad -especially in a ranked queue where not all elo's are in their rightfull places (yet). Chances are that they behaved like that for just one game; or just had a bad game, while you had been reported multiple times and showed a lot of negativity within one game. It's up to **you** that **you** got banned; the other players themselves have different cases and other reasons to do or do not get banned. Your ban has **nothing** to do with others, for you behaved badly **yourself**.
so u say suck it up that u get boosted losers on your game that feed and try to demote u even tho u were grinding around 100 games for that rank?
: > Game 1 > > kawonik112: surr > kawonik112: surr and rep bot > kawonik112: no u are 0 > kawonik112: %%%got > kawonik112: bot > kawonik112: bot > kawonik112: pls > kawonik112: dont play lol anymore > kawonik112: 13 u dumb %%% > > Game 2 > kawonik112: u loser > kawonik112: i hate people like you > kawonik112: 20 kills ahead > kawonik112: 2 towers ahead > kawonik112: 2 drakes > kawonik112: and all of them are fed > kawonik112: gl > kawonik112: winnning > kawonik112: and u have ezrael with infinity > kawonik112: look at ez build You were toxic, so you got banned. What exactly should Riot do about it? Change their TOS just for you, because you are such a nice person?
i was too nice for %%%%%%s like them
Marissa (EUW)
: Ok so if we divide some of the stuff you say in catagories: Reportcalling (rep bot, rep morg, rep morg int) Swearing Giving up (open mid, surr and rep bot, ff) Harassment (loser, %%%%%, u dumb, etc) Toxicity (look at this ezreal... ; Dont play lol anymore) I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but wouldn't you report a person too if he behaved according to the above. Imagine you were that ezreal, maybe trying a different build or new to the champion... And instead of some friendly advice you get all that thrown your way. Would you like that? Also your team isn't obliged to surrender at 20 when things to south. If they want to continue playing; just suck it up and try your best for the rest of the game. To add to that; I won't believe they're all "int feeders". It's a really toxic thing to say, you know... They just had a bad game, let them. You have bad games from time to time as well - would you like to be called an inter and a loser? I'm quite sure you would report players that treat you this way; just as I and most others would. Take your punishment, please try to see you got banned for a reason and try to be a bit more friendly next time - trust me; it'll be more fun if you are :)
if report calling was reportable everyone in lol would be banned also the ezrael sold every item for infinity and fed their team but in lane he didnt hit 1 or w clearly we was playing first time ezrael in RANKED
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: Oh god, you are the 1v1-me kinda person... Also, calling open mid in both games... I guess unless your team is leading 20/0 you dont see the point in playing.
i didnt want to 1v1 he did so i was trying to 1v1 him. also they were 20 kills ahead and we had 2 inhibs open and they dont want to surrender? thats why the league community is toxic cause people like this who dont want to surrender waste your time and u cant do anything about it
Shiraki (EUW)
: ***
so i should be nice to people who had a bad day and decided to int feed my game? why should i be nice to people that are straight up %%%%%%s and try to demote me?
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