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: [discusion] How can we fix the meta?
Lucian, Mf , kaisa still playable.
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radetari (EUNE)
: This game is trash now and I don't wanna play Fortnite! Any suggestions?
: Which jungler should I buy?
Thanks for the comments. Ive bought Taliyah and Trundle. I really like taliyah and I think he is very strong atm I made her very good stats.
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Sirrkas (EUW)
: That sounds way better than paying every month for ranked.
I dont think it would be fair. I got a warning because of my flame 6,5 months ago. My lvl 4 honor turned into lvl 1 and after it I left the game for 4,5 months. In may I started to play again and my honor lvl is still lvl1 after I got honors because my attitude has changed and I dont flame.
Lenniac (EUW)
: Blind Pick or Draft Pick
play draft, blind is just for fun imo. After a hard soloq If i want to play something fun I play blind because I can pick my champion(instalock) and I can build fun builds etc.. Draft is more serious. Of course If you do that you will get some " report troll you ban, nice instalokk i go feed, 9x." Good luck :)
: Urf in NA
becauss its NA
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: Bronze For Ever
If you are not bronze, you will climb up to silver.
: Emote display setting wont stay disabled.
: His Q is has quite good damage lvl 1 and a rather short cd, so his jungle pathing should be quite fast. Along with the healing from his E, I'm guessing we're gonna see him in jungle more often than in top. He has 4 CC abilities in his kit (3 on Q, 1 on W) which makes his ganks insane (kinda like Seju, but with damage), and I feel all that CC is wasted if he just sits in lane.
I wanna buy him but I think I wont be able to play ranked with him ranked because of the ban system :D
ThernetHD (EUW)
: 8.12 Support Nerfs...
They were so op and annoying. Im happy about this nerf.
OS Kyra (EUW)
Fortunately in my elo theres no picks like this :){{champion:62}}
RemZero22 (EUW)
: Who is Lux's lover?
I think her lover is rengar cuz girls like cats
Sliythe (EUW)
: I will stop with league aswell together with friends
: Aatrox rework is bad
when he is walking wtf disgusting
YujaAnoYu (EUNE)
: the best champions
Irelia is more viable on mid at the moment.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Make unfair fights less of a big part of the game...
It reminds me when the 0/10 players in my match saying come 1vs1 come you noob xd i trolll.
: New Aatrox? I thought that was a Riven skin :P Honestly I think he will be a great jungler. Before 6 he will lack a real gap closer but he has a lot of disruptive cc, healing for the sustain, aoe, good dueling. It will probably depend on how good his early game is but I will definitely try him out. Should you buy him? If you want op jungle champs just take the ones that are good right now :P
Im actually play with the op junglers :)
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: there is positive and negative things about that . Positive is that in URF all players can improve their gameplay with all champions , but negative is that after u get in Normal/Ranked game its 80%slower than it is and they risk on a lot of rage these kids can produce , so they want to dose it bit by bit. Few days they give URF and after when they all chill a little bit Riot will give again and again an all that in circle. Remember URF is made as april's fool at start , now they give it a lot .
I think there should be a game mode which can help me to chill and get some fun after the ranked games and the urf is the best mode for it.
xTigax3 (EUW)
: Yi obviously has less early impact than many other junglers but you can still be useful, if you see the enemy gank bot invade his top side jungle and other way around go for free ganks and try to secure dragons when you see him top and rift heralds when he is bot. If you play the other side of the map you always get something and once you hit the 2 or 3 item point you can rek the enemy teams hard
Finally I do better stats and I feel myself more confident with him.
: Give us URF for a Week after not being able to play properly for 2 days in a row
Gebba (EUW)
: That's a bad build. The reason bruiser Yi hasn't been a thing for years is because building tank items on yi is equivalent to planning for failure. Yi doesn't plan for failure because he is a champ that has to be executed in excellence due to having only one strength, and one strength only; duelling. It means you have to capitalize on that strength, especially since he excells at this over any other champion in the game. Building an item that does not directly benefit this is not good on Yi. The tank items aren't going to help you split push either. Master Yi is basically a tryndamere in the jungle, you don't wanna gank a lot but mostly take objectives and push lanes and later on split. Your champ is not a good teamfighter, so don't pick a fight you can't win. You're like 80% macro. The current popular build is: {{item:1419}} {{item:3124}} after core, pick between: {{item:3091}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3814}} Your boots are 90% of the time ninja tabi, the other 10% are mercury treads. Every Yi main will tell you berserker's greaves is trolling. Every Yi main will also tell you everything but Conqueror is trolling, because the combo from domination's ravenous hunter rune lets you solo baron at 20 (Should be around 28 for you though due to cs/min and stuff). Ravenous hunter doesn't heal from just your Q which everybody thinks, it heals from your conq's true damage, as well as your E's true damage. If you practice enough you can solo drake at lvl 3 unless it's cloud. Having guinsoo, wit's end, all the true damage, and then a gunblade lets the gunblade heal from ALL of those sources; as well has having higher damage numbers along with a stronger active than blade of the ruined king. You should still consider blade if they're like 3 really heavy tanks though (don't count bruisers or fighters). Usually built as last item unless very ahead (Both of them) Wit's end gives a total of 70MR when stacked, which is the highest MR from one single item. Build this item before guinsoo if you or your team is behind, because you need to hit an earlier spike since wit's is cheaper, otherwise you might lose the game already by the time you get guinsoo. If you build wit's first, go guinsoo after. Always. I'm saying bruiser Yi doesn't work because it's incomparable to what an optimal Yi build can do. I can play full tank yi and carry because that's what Yi does. It's the inherent ability of the champ, not how you built it which made you carry, and lower elos will misinterpret that all the time and keep building wrong which will eventually punish them. If you don't take an ex-top 50 Yi EUW's word for it, take it from Danijrm; The only yi main who hit challenger (twice).
Thank you :) It was really helpful
xTigax3 (EUW)
: Let me know how it turned out and if not so well what your issuses were.
I did try this build yesterday but it didn't help me to be stronger with yi. I think the problem is with me not with the build I just can't play with him yet. Whenever I go play with yi I feel very weak myself in the early game. Sometimes I can't do successful ganks before lvl 6 while the enemy's xin zhao, kayn has got 3, 4 kills and they can easily do counterjungling because I can't kill them in the early and in the mid as well. So my early is about farming and do some ganks, If im lucky i can get some kills but when the midgame is coming I still feel myself irrelevant and weak. I think I could be very strong in late but a lot of matches end before 30-40min. I didn't carry any games yesterday with yi(you can check on but at least i won.
: Is instalocking normal for blind pick ?
I always instalock in blind pick. I dont care about the team comp and "i say first, i jg or feed" I think its just for fun and play with a champion that you wouldn't be able to use because its got banned in solo duo and draft.
: Silver elo rant
I think you just need to accept them like the trolls and AFKs. You can't do anything against them, but you have the opportunity to do your best in these matches and improve yourself instead of being angry and flaming them.I see mostly that people in this elo like to blaming their teammates and saying they are the reason why im in bronze...but you know if you are a good player then you will climb. If you leave this attitude it also helps.
: Feel free to send me a friend request in-game, I'll give you some pointers this weekend (busy with finals atm). I can explain stuff to you in hungarian, that might help you learn faster. But as I stated above, no fast way or magic formula to instantly start climbing. Just takes work and dedication. With kind regards, A 70% win-rate mid-diamond jungle main.
I sent you a request. Thanks for the help :)
xTigax3 (EUW)
: Easiest climbing for you should be Yi sticking to this build: {{item:1419}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3022}} Boots: {{item:3047}} against basic attack heavy teams, {{item:3111}} against root and stun heavy teams {{item:3006}} if you snowball or they have very low dmg in general last item would be a situational defensive item: Good options are: {{item:3091}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3075}} you will absolutely demolish everyone as yi in silver or low gold with that if you don't waste your Qs and farm well
Thank you, Im gonna try this build now:)
: You have to find out in what role u think u can progress the most and develop. If ur not progressing in jungle and you feel like ur influence on the game is not optimal. Try other roles, untill you really find out the role which u think u can improve in. It was the same for me. Goodluck! 😁
I have tried all lanes but i think the best for me is jungle and top. Sometimes i try to play on top but i always get rekt and loose my laning phase but i really want to be good on top. In my opinion I can play on any lane except adc but on a low level. I feel jungle is my best and I could left bronze 5 with playing jungle.
: How can i climb?
thanks for the answers i will watch the video. Ive played on all lanes so i have got experience about them. The reason why im playing jungle because at the begin i couldnt farm, last hit and it was more easier for me and in my elo imo this lane is the best for climbing. A lot of people said to me that watching videos is really helpful if you want to increase your skill on a champion but i have no time for it and everytime when i started to watch it i got bored.
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