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Kaiji700M (EUW)
: Bro , doing these turnarounds will get you late into the game anyway
has happened to me alot of times and ive never been late. its not a long procedure bro. It dosent require u to close client or restart pc. Just end the launcher from task manager and then it will show you reconnect button on client. takes like 5 secs. However we should not be doing this cause rito shud fix thr bugged af game but otherwise its the best solution without getting late into game
Nar7ia (EUW)
: You're lucky then cuz I am stuck in g2 with 16-17 lp for a win and -18-19 lp for a loss. If I had lp gains like you, I'd be in plat long ago.
well i wud be plat too but i rarely get to play ranked, most of the times im playing draft,aram and tft with frnds
: HOME PROFILE COLLECTION "TEAMFIGHT TACTICS" it is off for me i can play games but i can not get orbs or other stuff
but u didnt specify that in ur post. so tft is live but tft loot is not atm
Sephiro (EUNE)
: Man what you are telling is the story for every f**** divison!
lol i get 25-28 lp per win g2
: In PBE?
oh sorry thats not pbe my bad
: Elementalist Lux isn't in the shop? there for me
zigzagerzz (EUNE)
: Loading bug
Easy fix, ive face this problem a lot of time and there is very easy solution. Open task manager For Win7 - > go to processes , press l on keyboard to find lol and end the launcher ( NOT THE CLIENT ) For win8+ -> click the down arrow and do the same thing. U will get a reconnect button on client doing this and load before game starts
Radkus (EUW)
: Hey Lord2Of3ALL, Usually this error can be caused by a lot of things like: - Faulty antivirus programs; - [Overlays](; - Malware or something nefarious (just in case, run a malware scan with something like Malwarebytes, it does wonders); - Corrupted game files (a reinstall should do); - Virtual machines. *** If you've ruled out all of the above, you can generate the dump files & some [Hextech Repair Tool logs]( To generate a dump file, do the following: >1.) Select Yes to generate a dump file. 2.) Select Yes again to generate a full memory dump. This is preferred. If you would like to generate a smaller dump, select No, but note that this may not contain the information we need to diagnose the problem. 3.) Zip the file. 4.) Upload the file that is generated to a file hosting service like [Dropbox]( or [Google Drive]( 5.) Make sure access permissions for the hosted file are set to **Public**, so that we can view it. *** Once you grabbed the dump file & the Hextech Repair Tool logs, share it with my colleagues from the Player Support [through a ticket]( providing a description of your problem with as many details as possible. :) See you there!
how about you try to contact riot team to fix the million bugs
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
Maybe if even 1 rioter even gave a %%%% about the bugs they could reply here with a fixed list. But they blind and ignorant af only wanting money from skins and focusing on their shitty new mode tft.
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: > [{quoted}](name=killzonefury619,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=wcGETj20,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-30T11:57:42.437+0000) > > well you havent tried reinstalling windows > > The procedure would take a long time but its your last choice here i guess but i would recommend you to check system restore and check if there is a save point before the problem started Long time? with a SSD this is like 5min (even with a 20€/$ SSD)
you forgot about backing up imp files, downloading the OS, after installation reinstalling the the programs you liked. Also downloading can take some time if the internet is slow
: d3dx9_39.dll is STILL missing (over a week without league :( )
well you havent tried reinstalling windows The procedure would take a long time but its your last choice here i guess but i would recommend you to check system restore and check if there is a save point before the problem started
: Cant create PBE account
yeah be glad they are giving u an error, atleast u didnt wait 4 hours in queue and get excited that you finally are ganna login soon only to see an error and have to wait again. But i aint getting in dis stupid queue again
Cm Arg (EUNE)
: Why is the PBE so unstable
man i just ended up in the same situation, 4h for nothing........
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Morrisroj (EUW)
: Mute all players check out smthn at 20-30secs {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Improving Ranked System
228 views but no reply, wuts going on XD
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Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: When did the term “babysitter” originate in league of legends?
well i dont know the origin but i can tell you why people keep saying this. This i because it exactly what the word means in real life. When the kids cant take care of themselves a babysitter is hired to take care of them as external help. Well now if you take the word 'problem' as a living being it has to fight 2 people to cause problem. One the kid himself and on top of that the babysitter. Similarly when you constantly gank a lane the enemy basically has a constant extra enemy to deal with and hence that extra person you(babysitter) and also his enemy laner(kid). MOST IMP THING:- You should not give a damn about what they say, they dont know the basics of lol which is teamwork and the people who say that are the real kids in the chat. You can mute them and continue playing happily
: I can't believe this,imagine dragon warriors is now in 8d quality
No matter how many times i hear it , it still sounds amazing
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Lembontsync (EUNE)
: that is the old client....
actually u can still use it and it is possible that he does use it
zeus5792 (EUW)
: easter eggs in the game ( for example the hunt khazix and rengar)
oh ,i wud love to see yasuo vs riven, that would be awesome
Amity (EUW)
: It works!
i just had got 1 last week too :D
S0kaX (EUNE)
: ''enemies''
: one of the xhests guarantees you a RANDOM PROJECT SKIN. Look at the top comment and search for the video in I AM RED PANDA´s video
but i guess thts for previous project skin not the new ones,i read tht on surrenderat20. thts why i asked the question :)
: EVEN MORE PROJECT INFO //// More details on how it works.
so can i get project katarina from any of the ip boxes ?
Rendoc (EUNE)
: yeah me too
hey thats jeremy's video ,i pretty much knew it wud be him u are talking about. dont u watch him alot tht your just simply calling him a youtuber and yes there is an assasin update comming up next just like adc and mage update and so rengar is considered assasin
: That has to be a horrible yasuo player...
i did mean yasuo in general and not any person i faced in any of my game k :P
Alien3el (EUNE)
: Yasuo and counter play
hehe i shit on yasuo with my main kata :D
: Hextech Craft bug?
Was your teammate premade with you? Cause if a premade gets S then u get chest, if some random stranger ally gets S then you dont get chest
Najns (EUW)
: You don't have to pay IP. AFAIK all you have to do is write to Riot Support and tell the you want them to remove a champion from your account (it won't be a refoud, you get no IP back, it is just removed from your account)
oh wow thts cool,didnt know that. BUT are u sure u wrote that 'AFAIK' correctly?cause i dont understand it :I
Guorko (EUNE)
: pen boots, ludens, rabadons, zhonia, void staff, Rylais I use this basic build in most of my kata games...
i suggest you getting Ludens>rylais>pen boots>raba>void staff>abysal
: Can't wait to hit 30, then the real "trolling" begins. He's freelo until gold IV. But he's not a really good pick above platinum elo if you don't main him.. In fact, nobody that mains Shaco would pick him above that elo
go see shaclone on youtube then
: Yes it is. Or if not, explain how i got an S on Soraka with 0 wards cleared or placed (!) with pure 0/0/13 score in a 5v4 stomp.
it does not depend on stats, it depends on your elo. If you play x champion and play better than average in that elo then you get S,S- and S+ . So it depends on how much more better you played x champion than the normal average
: I would really want to ask does a support annie functions differently than annie mid if you build her full out a support? Does Riot system count her as a support still? How does it figure that out? And still no link to a source from Riot. What if the whole team just says....we don't care and all go mid and do ARAM does Riot system work then? I HIGHLY doubt that Riot has some magic system that can clearly show who was a support and who was a jungler.....what if the jungler forgot smite or intentionally didn't pick it?... There are too many variables....
i dont have a link but i have a video from a youtube who while explaining shows thtat riot stated about what i said
vladz2k (EUNE)
: It's a trap guys, Riot will nerf your favourite champs. This guy clearly works for Riot.
OMFG aahahahahah man fuking legit joke you got there no copyright XDXDXDXD
: I don't want to argue with you since I still stand by what I said unless there is a specific link from Riot that you can provide as a source. Support can easily stay mid with the mid champion throughout the game..its just not the meta, but it sure is possible. I don't think Riot system will adhere to a particular meta, especially when they encourage to experiment with things.
actually riot does keep a track of who is playing which role and they stated that themself by giving an example saying tht an annie supports functions deffrently than annie mid
Almin Agic (EUNE)
: Katarina Tips?
i have trick. 1. to get the most damage out of this trick you need to max w 2.u gatta hit the enemy with your q,dont try to hit directly cause its risky so just bounce it off the minions 3.before the q mark goes off look for an oppertunity to shunpo to the closest minion(enemy or ally)just enough to hit your w to hit enemy CONCLUSION: q+mrak proc + w = easy thunderlord proc and nice poke,and since u already shunpoed to a little distance away from enemy u dont go r8 behind the enemy cause then the w speedbuff to runaway is just not enough and u get damaged in return as a result but now tht buff got u far way from the enemy for the combos its just smashing the key borard,sry i mean qewr
: i will never let this happen if the enemy has an afk, lol xD
ikr we can just die one time to enemy but the community has to be smart enough to not attack and let the enemy get executed, but the bronze community will take the first free feed and later loose to 4v5. they will never understand that they should not attack
: How many have reached mastery 7 already?
i would get it earlier than you but i had my exams going and didnt have wifi connection so i had to use the neighbour's net and that too lagged alot. seems like your a kata main,me too :D ,nice to meet you :)
: See how OP he is Riot, he can kill a Thresh through all that health, armor and Champion Ban. So broken!
ahah 'champion ban' killed me hahahahahah XD good one m8
Rismosch (EUW)
: Then it seems to be a bug
its not a bug,read patch notes.its written it will be added later in this patch= no tokens r8 now
: Played ranked and normal both with champs I got mastery level 5 with (96k and 70k points) and didn't get anything after achieving a S- and S rank. It has to be bugged, there is no reason for me not to get those tokens. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
your brain is bugged i guess,read the patch notes again and then come back here
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Benzire,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LvEZkU1Z,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-05-17T17:49:36.668+0000) > > 10/10 troll, almost fell for it. Oh really? And what should assassin do?
i agree with you but bro tell me which assasin is out there which does it better,faster and more safer way than zed?he has no counter currently and riot removed qss too. here are a list of some other typical mid assasins 1.there is talon but he needs his e to use on enemies which cannot be used to escape he has only his ult but if he wont ult then how will he get closer unnoticed and assasinate?easily countered by pinkward and has no escape after assasinating 2.katarina,but dont say now that just cc her,that is for every assasin but zed has a escape ability which requires no ward no enemy no back with katarina she can kill adc pretty easily but is not safe as much as zed 3.akali, her w is easily countered by pink and so does not have a way to escape untill her team is not there to help the objection here is that its not that it's not zed is too strong but the objection is that he has the best assasinating kit which lets him stick to his target and easy escaped by switching shadows,oh and yes cc is also not much use on him cause he can use wut? he can use qss!
Frostïe (EUW)
: Hey buddy thanks for your reply i did as you posted above and the same issue occurs :(
ok buddy since i really love and deal with such situation.whenever i have such problems i have never failed to solve them But since im ganna tell u how to do it and not myself i cant do all the extrad thingss i would do to solve my problem Since none of the things you tried and the comment section has suggested i would like you to try : *Formatting your pc (the bulit in version in windows which says to refresh windows like complete new) *Installing diffrent verion of windows like 8 or 8.1 which you can easily get on torrents and all the guide on how to install NOTE: Once u have installed 8 or 8.1 ,install LOL and check if it works. if you wanna go back to windows 10 then u can do so again by downloading torrent files(recommend you going professional windows 10 very easy to get it ) NOTE:i know these steps are ganna take prettttttyyyyyyyyyyyy loooooooooooong but there is nothing else you can do (nothing that i know yet :P ) Please let me know if it worked so that i can pass it on to someone else if it worked :)
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: Well when someone in my team make mistake i say '' don't worry it's okay chill'' because everybody else will flame.
Haha nice. When someone dies: Deff bro :) He dies again: Dude just defend your lane, we win late game or wait for the jungler If an ally flames: Chillax bro Ofcourse i flame guys, no one is perfect but i flame when :- dives in 1v2,3 etc 2.REPEAT the silly mistake of not backing when low health after acing a team and taking an objective then the enemy just respawn and kill them Pleanty others too but if they repeat the mistake. I never flame on the first mistake. I also flame if ally flamed me first if i think there was no mistake of mine :)
: To be fair, 2 days twice this year is probably better for a lot of people. I mean, last few years, at least for me, URF has been fun for maybe two days before everyone begins spamming the most powerful picks for the mode.
But i just started playing this game last year and i was completely new to league + i hated the top angle 2Dgames (which lol is not ccompletely) and when i played that mode i didn't understand a thing and thought it was useless. BUT NOW THAT I UNDERSTOOD THE GAME AND REALIZED WHAT GR8 FUN I MISSED I WANT THIS FOR LONG TIME!MORE THAN 4 DAYS! Edit: It would be good if riot could keep the special game mode at specic dates like they did before and the weekly rotation game mode
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