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: Iting ppl are welcome, People using "bad words" are banned
yea this game has unfair system that not see what other player that reported us, what did they said and compare both . this should be happen compare and see who at fault.It is easy for the system to block rank and close all rewards but it is so harsh about chat behave and the punishment for afk and feed is so less like it is not important.
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: so is 1 report really as strong as 4?
i have been reported today only few hours back by some toxic player and feeders. Imagen i am 9 games restricted chat and my rank again blocked and 0.I was behave but they keep blame me useless and noob. Also they 1 adc was so toxic and was telling my team to report me although they are feeders and even i try to help they keep feed and blame me till i was not able to help any or farm.So now if 4 report me even if i was talking back because they keep harass me i still got the punishment ans do not if my report will apply to them,mean if many players report me even i am not at wrong does the report apply on me.
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: Honor level 0 reset to 0 checkpoints at the start of the season
same for me now more than 2 months the honor unblocked but still i can not open hex box since the banned of my chat and block my honor which was lvl 4 and drooped to 0.This behaviour of Riot is not fair if they want players to keep playing and enjoy the game ,because the majority of players are noobs and this is fact, so why do this to us the good skilled players and we do not know when they will allow me to open and get /s- and above when i really do go it does not get over A+ only.This system keep noobs increasing and act strong because system is on their side.
TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
It happened few months back.And the honor lvl opened but can not increase after getting honors also the boxes of S and S- not open. I got new S- but did not get box.I am lvl 123 now for over lvl 100 i did not get any banned. For few bad players who insulted me and Ireply to them i got all this bad attitude from the game, they did not appreciate my good behaver for almost 2 years to be treated like this now.
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