Fedairkid (EUW)
: As a fellow kata main, the best advice i can give you is to ignore it. Or, better yet, laugh about it. Until you're high elo noone really knows how to face kata, so when an enemy sqishy complains in all chat that they got oneshotted after walking onto a dagger that had been lying there for a good amount of time ( not to mention they take ages to drop anyway) WHILE I'M RIGHT IN THEIR FKING SIGHTLINE, then i just chuckle and don't pay it any further mind. If you get your targets to complain about your champ in all chat consider it a job well done ;)
: Awww... come here, have a hug: https://68.media.tumblr.com/6f314e0bd0d08734a1f00b909a2ecf60/tumblr_nzbxxe39IM1ttmhcxo1_400.gif
yes i want a hug ;-;
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: because you are toxic. I can judge it only by the title. caps and "????". So whats worse from a toxic kata player?
Im not very toxic.Im just so tilted by people who think that playing her is wrong and that she is cancer..That really makes me mad.And why would a question mark be a way of showing you are toxic?Im just asking LOL
House x33 (EUW)
: Question is, why would you care about what random people you'll probably never meet, think about you.
The S1ash (EUNE)
: I feel that I am becoming toxic
Hey there :D Listen..If you want to enjoy the game.The only way is to play with your friends.At least your not losing alone ;) XD
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