: A message to Riot.
There are 3 major buga dat annoy the F out of me, 100% when loading and then nothing happens, either restart ur game and hope u load before remake, or sit there for infinite amount of time because it WONT load, and its not only me, people in 2 of my games today had same issue, secone, in client, the shop sometimes won't open, like there is a button, but no function to it at all, happens like 1 in 10 times when opening client. And the last one, " Oopsie, looks like something went wrong and we cant fix this shit for ages now, u cant see shit in hextech, relog and hope it works again". I usually need to open shop first and wait for all the shop to load, then go to hextech and hope it will work, if i dont do dat, 70%, literally 70% of the time hextech wont load and I need to relog and either, as said before, hope it works, or, open shop and wait for the shop to load. Such bs, doesnt look hard to fix, yet I cant see any attempts to even try to fix them. The 100% bug seems quite old now, as I've seen some old threads bout it, and no one did a shit from riot to bother fixing it, if they have problens fixing it, at least say so, instead of keeping us in the dark.
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