: Agreed. As an explication for Kubsar. Picking your main, E. G darious top, should give you a 53% chance to win, vs say, picking darious adc which gives you say a 47% chance to win. Still not bankable but certainly less useful. However picking Alistar jungle (no smite) means your team basically don't have jungle. And are very likely to lose. Rememebr, we play a game where removing 20 damage off of 1 ability can see there win rates fall by 10%. So, yes, there are ways to play optimally "darious top", sub optimally "Darious adc" and troll "Alistar jungle".
Soo if i picked Tryndamere Support with less than 50% wr and still not be banned bccs it's only suboptimal.
: >because there is no crime you dont commit... since you can play any champ in any role with any summoner spell there isnt anything wrong with going doublesupport with cleanse and ghost A person who has never played a single match on a competitive level would answer exactly like you did. Fact is that it is indeed against the rules to do that. It's called trolling. >so your idea is that you should get a free dodge and punish them when they did nothing wrong? and that would magically cure the toxicity? why dont you just play the game (since you lose lp anyway) and report them after the game when you have evidence against them? There is so much wrong in this paragraph. Firstly, you acknowledged that the match is a loss by saying "since you lose LP anyway", which means even you actually consider it trolling despite trying to protect that behavior at first. Secondly, ofc you should get a free dodge because the other people DID do something wrong. They are holding the champion select hostage. That's against the rules. It's the intention behind the action that matters. They picked those champs with those summoners to force a teammate to dodge so they don't have to. It doesn't matter at that point if ghost+ cleanse double supports is allowed by the rules when the intention behind those picks is not. There is also no point in playing the game despite you saying that you lose LP anyway. You lose less LP from dodging than from losing and you don't lose mmr from it like you do from losing. Still, it sucks to be forced to dodge and the ones who forced you to do it are free to do it all over again without a punishment because riot has no system in place to combat it. The evidence is already there in the champion select and no game has to be played to see it. >nope you are not a bad guy for posting a photo, you are just invading their privacy, which is protected by law As i explained in my other comment, he is not invading their privacy. Summoner name is not private information. It's public. >there is a huge difference here that you missed by a mile, in your example you talk about murdering someone, which is always illegal no matter the situation, so even talking about doing it is illegal and punishable, but ingame its different, there is nothing against going disco nunu if you want to win with it, because you can play anything anywhere, its only against the rules if you are deliberately trying to lose the game for your team, and thats the difference, thats why there is no punishment for talking about going disco nunu, because thats NOT against the rule Another false statement and it comes back to intention again. > there is nothing against going disco nunu if you want to win with it Such a thing doesn't exist though. By going disco nunu, you ACKNOWLEDGE that you are lowering your team's chances of winning by a huge margin, which inherently means you aren't trying to win. You are intentionally making the game hard to win. If you were trying to win, you would pick summoners that make sense. Not to mention it does become punishable if your team doesn't want you to do unorthodox things and you do it anyway. We have had many examples in the past of people getting punished for doing stuff like that so claiming it's not against the rules is simply ignorant and delusional.
soo picking an sub 50% wr is lowering your team's chances of winning by not a huge but still margin, that means picking something that has sub 50% wr is trolling, no matter if you want to win or you main that champ, I wanna pick my sub 50% wr champ whenever i feel like, and it's not bannable even if i will pick duelist without cc on support bcs I main that champ and im still trying to win.
: Can we buff jax for a bit or maybe rework jax ?
Compraed to Tryndamere he is still usefull ^^.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: play ranked again
lets say smurfs are 5% of the gamebase in your elo(people that are gold+ will be smurf for you ), then lets say that those "griefers/Trollers" are 5% of the gamebase too, that's giving us 10% of people that can ruin your games+- people who just underperform(there's nothing wrong wtih that), you're in Bronze elo with pretty good cs but high death count, smurfs should be in 1 out of 20 of your games, as you play more this becomes more and more true, I didnt see your games soo can't really judge if the players were trolling you or not.
signedL (EUW)
: >im pretty sure everybody know when somebody is afk in side lane or pressuring it Shouldn't this give you a little more confidence in that the OP actually knows what he is talking about? You are not being attacked, stop acting like a victim simply because someone is calling you out for being a d_ick for whatever reason. There is a **non**patronizing way to express the EXACT same thing you said, but you **chose** to sound as patronizing as possible, when someone calls you out for it saying it makes you look like an asshole, you deny it and play victim and say you are being attacked.
what ? I pointed out things that could happen in this game, is pointing out things being a %%%% ? no, I didnt even call him bad names just said he might not have enough macro knowledge to see some stuff, that's pointing out facts, not everybody knows what it really means, i have seen a lot of people on euw in gold ping that one guy who is splitpushing bcs they just fought 4v5.
: dude im G1 because i got demoted playing with friends, chill out pro player im pretty sure everybody know when somebody is afk in side lane or pressuring it xD even by bronze you know it... Yea obviously im lying...like nobody ever saw a troll player XD
i didnt say you're lying, i just said i can't confirm you're telling truth, idc if you demoted from Plat or w/e your elo is, right now you're in gold 1 elo with 900 games ~around 50% wr, I didnt say im pro player either, I'm getting attacked by you because i wanna see both sides instead of your side.
signedL (EUW)
: The dude is obviously NOT talking about "pressuring" sidelanes, please for fuc*ks sake don't be so patronizing....
I'm not "patronizing", Guy is 900 games G1, you're playing with tier average Bronze 1, both of you don't have good enough map awarness nor macro knowledge to know tactics that high elo players (not me) use, there are many factors that come into conclusion if play was bad or not, if what he is speaking is true then yes they were trolling by going to sidelane and not pressuring anything, but i didnt see VOD soo i can't tell if he is telling truth or not. (im only trying to see both sides to it not only Author' side.)
: no one is pressuring side lane they aren't pushing it XD
are they doing it 24/7 or when the enemy is missing ? see there are a lot of factors deciding if play is right or not, not only what you think is.
: Platinum Elo Difficulty
sadly, I have been in this elo for 2 seasons now, Boating around P2-P1, you get D4-P2 in your games and if you're unlucky you just lose bcs enemy team had less boosted D4s.
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: The Qiyana
she requires skill. Get good.
: going to side lane refusing to play the game its troll for sure its the same as staying in base walking around but there is a difference, they won't suicide in base
nope, you're pressuring side lane, that's not the same as staying in base.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Whats the point of playing TFT
: Riot its not punishing people who forcibly lose the game
going to sidelane isn't necesseary troll , about the running it down i agree, sometimes they don't get banned
shellsort (EUW)
: Had to change my name because it was inappropriate apparently.
WTF means What the Fck, that could be it, or someone just thought you're good and for him it was offending that you call yourself noob ^^.
: What is a good CS/min count?
~7-8 cs per minute on hard matchup, 8-9 on moderate matchup and 9-10 on easy matchup is good, you should try getting as much cs as you can in practice tool to the 10th minute while staying on one lane and starter items.
XIwrenIX (EUW)
: Clearly he isn't that skilled tho...how is this not sinking in....Did you even bother to read what I originally said??? I actually watched 10 of his games and compared them to iron players...HE is 100% that bad.....
then he will eventually fall down, because he is making team lose more games than win games
XIwrenIX (EUW)
: His skill does not match the players he is being paired with....that's the problem it creates an imbalanced game where one player is significantly underperforming...….How is this not sinking into your head?
how is THIS not sinking into your head, if he wasnt skilled enough he wouldn't have mmr that high.
Poo Poo C (EUNE)
: Long Story Written Short
XIwrenIX (EUW)
: Then the system needs an overhaul...because two players with different skill levels should not be paired with each other. Some invisible number should not be determine skill....when it is very apparent that one player is clearly ALOT better than the other one.
IF you're having mmr low enough to be playing with bronze or he is having mmr high enough to play with gold, then I don't see the problem, you gain mmr by winning the games and lose mmr by losing the games, the more games you win the more mmr you have.
XIwrenIX (EUW)
: That statement is pure ignorance and tbh its more of an insult.....this guys genially asking what is wrong with this shity ranked system that will actively put a bronze 1 player in my plat 4 promos...Last game I had a Nautilus support that landed 2 hooks the entire game...so your telling me im just as bad as him? Sorry mate but if Im playing a champ with a skill shot im guaranteed to land 50% of them....that guy landed 2 out of maby 50 hooks....most of them at point blank range.... This naut also made multiple mistakes consistently. mistakes that I would never make, I make tones of mistakes but no where near as bad as this guy. After watching the replay It became very apparent he legitimately had no idea what he was doing at all. Tbh he was probably boosted out of his proper elo by a higher ranked friend or payed for a boost...I compared 10 of his games to that of iron 1 players...guess what they did the same as him. Its become increasingly rare for players of equal skill to be paired with each other duo to que timers....That is the main reason he is getting unranked accounts. Its unable to find gold players that fast so it starts throwing unraked accounts at him because they start closer to gold elo from what I have seen.
bcs all that matter is MMR ? Not the Actual Rank ?
: Some "mains" are not even worth to be mentioned, sorry. "I am Zed main let me zed or I feed" says a guys with 44% winrate on Zed and average stats of Iron. Or it could be a guy who plays for two weeks total. I've seen this so many times, that I do not even try noticing that kind of claim. > if someone bans my hover pick i op gg him and ban his main smh And here you go breaking the code of conduct via malicious banning. Maybe that is not the case where you can be caught easily, but you know you're doing it. I.e. you join the evil you meant to fight. Congrats, Anakin! Funny thing is that it usually changes nothing, unless you meet someone who only knows how to play one champ.
I don't see any point in code of conduct about banning someone's champ.
: Let's say my ping is 100 using a VPN will make it 300 you can't play on 300
not if you use server close to you.
: I really lost hope today. Like what did I do wrong? I'm 21 living in Iran. Ruled by a government that was never my choice or my family. And then all hell is loose on us because of other people's beliefs. Like what is the purpose? You are attacking and limiting innocent people's lives America. What do you hope to achieve from this?
they are not supporting the people of the enemy, both countries are at fault.
FDN Yami (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=kubsar wannabe,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=75MIXl6s,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-22T01:43:03.205+0000) > > you didnt get banned, you just cant connect to the game for now, your acc is still there, you can use VPN to bypass it iirc. yeah i know .. i used VPN ping is 142-169 ms
use the one with closest location to you, maybe in turkey.
: you can connect but you can't play and right now we can't even connect
yea but your account is still there, nothing happened to it, you can bypass that "IP Ban" by literally getting VPN, it's that easy.
: BAN in Iran and Syria
they are not banned their accs are still there they cant connect to the game.
FDN Yami (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FDN Blackout,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=75MIXl6s,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-22T01:39:26.152+0000) > > I'm from Syira and i can't feels bad Yup man so hard and sad to pay for all that Rp then u get banned
you didnt get banned, you just cant connect to the game for now, your acc is still there, you can use VPN to bypass it iirc.
: why is it so hard to cover the dman jungle?
why is it soo hard to gank lane that's being pushed 24/7, you're literally walking up to the lane and attack the enemy who is overstaying, but for all seriousness, im always doing something in that 1 minute from start to respawn of the minions(changing the music etc.) imagine me going to cover your buff and then changing my music, I would get first blooded if the enemy was invading.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Why increase gold on Essence Reaver?
yay Tryndamere is getting nerfed again bcs of adcs, Sounds Good Man
Biji jan (EUNE)
: wtf!!!!!!!! following laws!!!!!!!!!!! why not following Chinese laws?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! or Iranian laws ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? or arabs laws?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? or jungle laws?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
because they are located in U.S, the main servers are located in U.S, the whole company has their HQ in U.S, not in China, not in Arab country not in Iran.
Biji jan (EUNE)
: Well done riot
you didnt get banned by "company" you got banned by U.S . (you didn't get banned by anyone actually, your acc is still there you just can't connect to servers)
JeNaiKe17 (EUW)
: How to counter the new Mordekaiser
QSS/Tryndamere/Any champ who can survive in his R-thingy
: > Why it's ok to someone to ban my champ? The easiest example would be last pick Morde (Yasuo, Zed, any other OP champ). Chances are 5 to 1 that other team takes that champion before your own teammate. Therefore, it's technically better to ban him than to let the other team take him. Another good example many people would not understand would be this. Imagine you hate having Yasuo anywhere on the map. Now. If you ban him then _maybe_ teammate will feed and lose his lane. But if you do not, you know you will feed and fail _for sure_. You see, few people really go nuts when they can't play a champion they want. So... the chances are: you'd better take a thin chance of someone go int rather than taking a sure 100% chance of your own performance decreased. > Shouldn't it be possible to pick any champ you feel comfortable to play with? Well... what if that champion makes someone else's game totally _uncomfortable_? Shouldn't it be possible to remove anything that makes your game uncomfortable, anything you totally do not want to see anywhere on the Rift? PS: Riot does not want to solve that problem. They think it is not a problem. I'd prefer it to be solved the other way round. But nevertheless: Riots think current rules work well enough.
>Yasuo/Zed/Morde >OP Champ >LUL if someone bans my hover pick i op gg him and ban his main smh, there is an time to pick for a reason, it lets you see what champs your teammates want and eventually talk if they don't want to pick something else, if you feel uncomfortable, better than banning someones main, mains usually play their counters to be prepared if their main get picked.
: Nope we lost because we had at 10 mins 2/20 already. U cant push anything with that. This cleary shows that other team had superiosr players!
: Ok ur ccomment doesnt fit the situation! Just dont talk anymore bs.
it perfectly fits the situation, you lost bcs you didnt push the advantage and get major objectives while enemy team waited for you to make mistakes and win small fights to get ahead of you, if enemy is ahead but stupid you can do comeback.
: but loosing with such a bad score! What are u tyalking about u cant take a tower when u loosing this bad. Game is broken. Game clearly faovrs premade trash
you definitly can take turrets even if you're 0/10, if enemy team doesnt have enough map awarness to let you push.
: League of broken games!If you are filthy smurf or pathetic premade then you will feel like at home.
stats don't matter, objectives do, Main Objective is to destroy nexus not get 20 kills.
Shamose (EUW)
: Petition to class the "Waiting in PBE queue"-threads as spam and have them removed instantly.
: exactly this is why i am reporting this as a bug lmao because in my games i can't?
yea but the same bug doesnt happen in my games.
: ? that doesn't contradict what i said you can in theory but when you are rooted for like a half second window you can't press anything idk if others experience same issue or not tho
"should be able to instantly press barrier, heal, TRYND's ult etc." You Actually can R whenever you want.
: roots being stronger than they should be
You actualy CAN press Trynd's R during any form of cc.
Ferion291 (EUNE)
: Lag
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: food luck banning 4 of them:D
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: one champ i will always ban. reason: i don't want to face him and i dont want to deal with his bullshit. I rather have him troll so i can report him for being a moron
yea im gonna op.gg your ass and ban your main too ^^, that's what i do to those who see me hover yas and ban him.
Ma0wsan (EUW)
: In game stats are lies
490 units per second vs 399 units per second lets say that lux has advantage of 700 units, udyr should catch up to her (if he is not slowed by anything or stunned) in ~7 seconds , her slow is around 45% at max rank 8 seconds cooldown (about 4.8s when she has 40% cdr), slows apply per tick if you're in area and lux hasn't hit the E again yet, some tenacity bonuses stack multiplicative , with that combination you would get 30% times 1.3x times 1.3x which is about 50% tenacity, concluding if Lux did have 40% cdr and kept her E as long as possible while you're in it then yes she could outrun you bcs her slow applies per tick, it doesn't have certain duration, only Q cc duration would be halved.
Laekor (EUNE)
your KDA might be high but your deaths average are also high and you have 4 cs per minute.
: has riot turned bronze into elo hell?
I have climbed from Bronze to Gold 2(current rank) and i had no problems with winning my games, https://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=IntingWithYasuo
: combo recording
keyboard recording can be easly detect , key presses are always the same but spacing between them is different everytime you do combo , in case of recording the combo is always the same.
Guoo (EUW)
: What is your behavior (or speech) that your teammates can't stand in the League of Legends?
I'm a midlaner, I see enemy jungler ganking and our jungler farming , I'm getting angry by that, when you say "I'm hovering Yasuo" and then your teammates ban him even tho you declared intent.
: how is accounts that are reported for inappropriate name dealt with?
they give u Free Name Change i think (if it isnt some really offensive stuff)
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