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: Orr you could build actual support items which almost all give mana regen??
It is crucial to have mana when you begin lane phase, so I won't be getting that unless I go for dorians ring or something instead of spell thief's.
: New support items are abhorrent and disgusting. Thanks Rito for pushing me out of the role I loved
Don't forget that it doesn't give mana regen anymore when supports already have a ridiculously small mana pool. Guess I'll just have to rush {{item:3003}} every fkn game just to get by
MadGiorg (EUW)
: He's in a very good spot atm, performing well in top and being almost viable jungle and support, so I think they will nerf him even just a bit soon
"Viable" is an understatement. He's my permaban, and god forbid I have to ban anyone else, there's definitely gonna be a Malph sup that exact game :))
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Te eM Pe (EUW)
: Crashing in loading screen
Hasn't happened me but yesterday we played like 10-15 games and out of them, at least 3 or 4 were black screens for one of our friends. He had to restart his PC in order to be able to reconnect
: What did you get as your legendary skin?
Got Cosmic Dusk Xayah I believe, tho I wish I had gotten Rakan cause that's the champ I play lol. Tho last week I got mission reward skin which was DJ Sona so that was a pleasant surprise.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Have you dodged a game?
I believe I have dodged a game today, but not yesterday
: The system is simple, after you enter promo you need to play best of 3, that mean you need to win 2 games to promote and you are allowed to lose 1 game. so you need 2 wins in next 3 games to promote. If you lose 2 times you are out and lost promos, also dodging champion select in promos count as a lose. Your history show in last 3 rank games 2 lose and 1 win.
Thing is, I get one free win, then I lose one game, so still one left to do, right? But no, it doesn't let me. It doesn't give me a chance to play the third game, but instead instantly gives me two losses
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: Am i a dreamer or just crazy?
Picked SKT cause I want token rewards lol but man, I'd love to be pleasantly surprised if FNC wins
T Zoshi (EUW)
: Am i doing something wrong?!?
At what time did you queue up? If it's early af in the morning, no wonder it's dead lol
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Zoe can get redemption
Thank you, I thought I was actually going insane
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: The real reason league of legends is getting worse.
You can still have fun; if you only play normal SR (not even draft). There you can go as creative as possible, as long as it works and your team is OK with it. I've recently started to only play blind pick and it's been the best games I've had in months. Sure there will also be toxic ppl sometimes, but significantly less than in ranked. Tilt rarely happens in my experience. Went Lux top, cause mid was taken and bot premade. Didn't go well, but no one blamed me for it (went against a mastery 7 irelia and I have no idea how irelia works). Point is, game can still be fun in blind but agree that Riot shouldnt punish the fun aspect in other modes.
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: An alternative to buy little legends skins instead of loot eggs
I agree it would be way more practical to buy ready skins than looteggs. Makes no sense, imagine if you wanted to buy a champion and you had to hope that you get the one you need - out of 100+ champions {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Little legends are almost equivalent to a champion in the sense that you use it to move, they have unique animations etc.
Trasiniem (EUW)
: Borders
Imo, the ranked borders can be rather ugly, hence I prefer level borders. But do you mean you'd like to be able to change level borders to previous levels, or something completely different? Because if you are implying that riot should make special level borders, then there should be a reason for it (for instance if you hit a new honor). Purchaseable borders seem kind of pointless, especially since they are rarely viewed and change with level anyway. As for using old level borders, it could create confusion, although it's not very important being able to tell which level the person is from just that.
: I'll add you on my other account once I get off vacations (probably friday), and we can play a few. :-) Not sure if Im the best adc eune, but I got a positive attitude and always play to win. Hopefully that'll do the trick ^.~
> [{quoted}](name=Lucían Main,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Y0KmLjo3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-13T11:25:55.329+0000) > > I'll add you on my other account once I get off vacations (probably friday), and we can play a few. :-) Not sure if Im the best adc eune, but I got a positive attitude and always play to win. Hopefully that'll do the trick ^.~ Positive attitude is a great start :D I will go on vacation sunday this week so maybe we have saturday to play, no stress tho if it doesn't come together, any other time after that works!
CJXander (EUNE)
: I'm finally there again!
Recently reached last checkpoint for H4 so looking forward to H5 (tho the honor 4 logo is prettier imo)
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: ADC Meta invading all lanes
Most ADC's can be countered but then there's {{champion:67}} top and {{champion:81}} mid that's just so damn annoying to play against since they both have such high mobility. If you lose lane to Vayne early on, you're basically gonna be destroyed whether you build armor or not :l
: Turn off ARAM pets?
Would be convenient to have it disabled in ARAM by default, since when you play TFT and pick a little champion, it will be selected even after you quit TFT and go to ARAM
wowlukas (EUNE)
: Why delete twisted treeline :(
I wonder what would be the least costly and time consuming for them to do, rework the TT mode or make a completely new mode. Hmm....
: i was jsut saying the TFT has the cause of TT removed
Is it though? Why on earth would a company remove one mode just to "make space" for another? I doubt they made TFT because they knew they wanted to remove TT
: Tired of begging my Botlane to stop dieing
The problem with botlanes is that you gotta rely on another person (ADC with Sup and vice-versa), so the dynamic isn't always great. That's why I wanna start playing mid/top cause I'm tired getting sunken by my ADC :))
: ***
TFT is not even close in resemblance to TT, since TFT requires little to no skill or focus. Of course, both games require strategy but the gameplay mecanics cannot be compared
: In all honesty the old TT was way better than this new one. It was more fun to play on and had more ganking possibilities and so on. They should bring the old one back and move this one to the vault.
I can't say whether I agree on that or not, as I only started playing league roughly 2 years ago and TT was pretty much same as it is today. I believe ganking is fine as it is, even queue time is fine (despite it saying that waiting time is 3 min, it often isn't.) Some visual improvements would be great if one wanted to attract players, possibly new items and why not an event or two that is unique to the TT map? Not changing anything on the map and then complaining that there is little player engagement is kind of lazy imo.
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: NB had issues with survivability... as soon as there wherent rewards for playing it (aka people being bribed to play it) it’s playerbase pretty much died. Most people play league for league and nexus blitz was too dissimilar so people stopped playing it. This meant if Riot was to release it as a perminent mode it’d follow the same fate as dominion, slowly killed off as less people play and the % of bots increases until riot is forced to put it down (don’t forget queues cost Riot resources to run, running a queue with a dead population hurts them big time). So it will likely return for events, but it won’t be perminent, it didn’t make the cut.
Fair point. I do hope it will return for events. I for sure know that I'd rather have NB than ARURF since the experience was awful the few times I played it
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: >Make Ranked available from lv 40 and what will change? i see pretty bad ppl who are lvl 400+ >Make a champion xp barrier. dont tell me you never saw ppl feeding with lvl champions, just look at yasuo players, spamming lvl 7 emote then dieing 20 times in 2 minutes >Stop putting unranked people with Silver/Gold players. and why? silver/gold is the AVERAGE, you must be bad to be in bronze/iron and you have to better to get into gold, if you are a casual who just plays for the fun of it then you are in silver/gold >Use more of the data that the game collects to decide whether the person deserves to stay in their current tier. and what data do you want to use? it should be possible to use on EVERY lane/champion without any downside, shouldnt be abusable etc, and so far the only data that does this is the outcome of the match: if your tactics/build/champ pick is better than the enemy you win which makes you climb, if it does not work then you have to change something to keep climbing these ideas were suggested at least a dozen times each week, we always point out why they are bad but ppl keep suggesting it
You're absolutely right. I've seen a 2 million point champ feed, and ofc to change to lv 40 will probably not fix anything, but I believe that those who do have potential might grow in skill before being able to enter ranked, where otherwise they might have done a lot of mistakes and probably spoiled a couple of games. As for why not put unranked with average players, is because they will either get boosted or they will ruin games. Ranked is a competitive play, not necessarily made to be fun, but losing because of someone is not fun in any way, especially LP when you already lost until you have 0 LP and get demoted. Everything I wrote is mostly just a suggestion, it will most definitely not get to the people who make the decisions. And frankly, it was written out of frustration, which I have gotten out. I think the best would be finding a group of people that you have good synergy with to play ranked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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