Achrn977 (EUNE)
: Mecha kingdom pass
Yeah me too... The missions are stuck and no tokens at all.... 2 days before the event ends
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
Happy Halloween 👻🎃🦇 I have entered the quiz. lalalagirl Eune. Hope to win something 🍬❤️
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: STAR GUARDIAN ASHE (Queen Version) SKIN! - League of Legends (Fan)
The skin is absolutely amazing! The only thing I would like different is the skills! Really great job! 😊😊
HH Robin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Oh hello very nice of you 😊 Summoner name: lalalagirl Ultimate skin : dj sona I play 3 years now and 3 years I main sona ❤️ Thanks again for the opportunity! Very nice gesture.
: Looking for a Udyr Main Name
Gummybear Haribo udyr the pooh
: Seeking Star Guardians Second Generation players!
I own all of star gurdians skins. I can play syndra. If you want add lalalagirl.
: Star Guardian Quinn
Really great job! I really like the skin line and this is just perfect for it!
: Wrongfully Banned
The exact same thing happened to me yesterday!
Smerk (EUW)
: 400 is maximum you can get for free
Thank youuuu! 😊
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: i need help for 2 augment mission(odissey)
Hey me too my name is lalalagirl
: Can you make the end? I am really interested what will happen. +1 vote anyway.
So they went in the craft and sat down to the table to discuss. Kaisa- Ok, let’s get started. Do you know where is ekko? Ryze- Not for sure, but he might be at the Desert Lake. Shen- Ok how we go there? R- I have been there long time ago. K- I have a map too so I think we can find it. Ezreal- Who needs a map? K- Ahm especially YOU need a map. R- Kaisa you will be the pilot and we will talk after this . Shen I have to talk to you in private Ezreal thank you for the book I will read it and help you with this. And Urgot I don’t know why you here so I can’t help you. Ryze and Shen are going to talk in private while Urgot and Ezreal are cooking. R- I know why you here,but I wasn’t expecting you to come though. I thought you are strong and wise to know that I can’t help you. And even if I could I wouldn’t. You have to learn to live with this. You have to stop letting it hurt you. The past is in the past. You can learn from it and be better in the future. S- I know. I know that you were going to say this but I thought that you were understand the most… I just wish that the things would be different or that I could do something. R- Yes, I understand. I can help you but not with the way you asked me. But in the way that will be better for you. E- DINNERS READY! R- I will leave you alone to think about it and we can talk again when we will return. At the dinner.. E-So why you need this man Ekko? R- He has something that is very powerful and someone will be after him and after it. U- So you are going to..? R- I am going to bring him to my place. It’s more safe for him and for the item. K- Can we learn what it is? R- He has the chronobreak. S- I thought it was a myth. U- I dont know again what you talking about. R- with chonobreak you can change time, stop time, go back or front in time. E- That’s super cool. R- It is, but many will be after it and it’s so powerful it can be very bad for people, life and the world. U- OK that’s a little scary. K- OK so we got to make fast and find him. R- Yes. After 2 hours they arrived at Desert lake. They search for his house and try to find him. S- I think this must be his house. U- OK who will knock? K- why the hell does it matter who will knock? U- the first impression is always the most important. S- I will ok? Noone came to door. Ezreal put his head on the door and try to hear if anybody was in. But nothing. Ryzen decide he will enter and everyone else should wait him out. He open the door and went in really quite. Sundenly someone came from being like very fast. Ryzen quickly turn but he didn’t saw anything. He turn in front of him and he saw Ekko standing in front of him. Ekko- Ryze! I am so happy to see you. But I think it’s not for a good thing. R- oh Ekko you grew up so fast. Ez- Can we get in now? Ek- Who are these guys? R- They are some friends who came with me. Ek- Oh I see the things are very serious. OK come on in yeah. R- Look I don’t care to know how the chronobreak is in your hands but I care about you and want to help you. Ek- I am fine you don’t have to worry K- You didn’t answer the door and you were hiding. Ek- Look I know how much important is the chronobreak but really it’s OK I don’t need help. R- For your good and the world’s good you have to come with us and secure it. Ek- I am fineeee! R- OK you are I believe but please come with me. They hear someone knock on the door and ekko do a signal to stay quite. After they see blood coming down the door. And a man appeals. Vladimir: hello Ekko and others. Sorry for interrupting you. I came to take something that I need. K- Let me guess the chronobreak? V- yeah you are right the chronobreak. So who has it? R- Why you want it? V- I wanted it because It will help me destroy some left problems. Ek- Well, sorry but no. I found it its mine now. V- We can fix that. I will kill you and take it or you leave it here and I take it. S- Well no for both. V- I see OK then it’s the first. Vlad became blood again and went round ekko. Ekko jumped left and avoid him but he hurt his leg. Ryze start telling a spell. She and urgot jump to catch vlad but vlad was liquid. Ezreal fire at him but vlad became liquid so he missed him. Kaisa became invisible and fire at him too but vlad turn quickly and suck blood from her. Ryze stuck him in floor with his spell and she jump again to fight him. Then ekko did the chronobreak and went back in time before vlad came. Ek- Guys we got to leave! Ez- Wait why? Ek- Trust me we have to leave now. K- You know the future! You did the chronobreak and this is past right? Ek- Yes and we have to leave! R- hurry we have a spacecraft half hour from here. They open the door but Vlad was standing. V- oh you are leaving what a shame. Ekko before you leave I need something you have. Kaisa was invisible went behind him and shoot him. Vlad get hurt and he turn and hit her. Urgot jumps to him and hold him with a chain. Ekko jump out of the door and with ryze start running to the spacecraft. When she jumped to vlad, vlad became blood liquid and escaped, so he went toward to ekko and ryze. Vlad catched ryze from his right hand and was sucking his blood. Ezreal that jumped behind him he hit him in the back. Vlad let ryze but he became liquid again. For some secs it looked like he dissappear. Everyone was very still. Vlad show him self all red and his eyes too. He was a little bigger and you can see blood running every where. V- you got me real mad. Ez- yeah you too. Shen jumped and put his sword in him but he saw the sword goes in him with hurt him or something. Ekko saw this he start running towards to him bit ryze root him. Ryze then throw a lighting bolt to vlad. Vlad turn to see what hurt him. Vlad throw blood and ripped everyone around him. Ryze cast a spell that was holding vlad hands still. Ez and Kaisa start firing him. Ekko was shouting to let him. Urgot brought the spacecraft and yell to come. Ryze shout to everyone leave and that he can do it shen took ekko and Kaisa and Ez run to the spacecraft. After some hours. Ek- Give me back the chronobreak! I can fix this! K- just stop this. Ek- give it to me you don’t want to save him? Ez- you don’t know what happened. Ek- excaxtly. U- I still can’t believe it I drove this thing. Who me! K- just relax we will go back and wait him OK? When they went to Ryze house they saw Ryze laying on his bed. S- Ryze? What? A woman came from a room. Valia- oh hello Shen and everyone. Ryze is fine he needs a little rest that’s all. U- But how he is here? V- I brought him. Ek- and who are you? V- I am his student. Sit I will tell you somethings. Valia moved some chairs near them with her mind and sat down. Everyone was very shocked and sat down waiting to hear. (Valia is the only girl/person that's been saved from ryze village. Ryze took her with him and became his student.) I am really happy that you liked it 😁 thats a quick idea of the end I thought. I hope you like this too! Thank you very much for the good words!
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: They said they won't bring only expensive skins. Here we are with skins over 2000rp. Still, don't buy any RP untill they do something about their internal problems.
I am only curious because the patch is in one week and no upcoming skins has shown.. Although yes they have to do something because now all skins are very pricey
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YoniBony (EUNE)
: That's okay, i'm а northerner. I just wanna be poro's best friend. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
You can be if you buy him biscuits
: Probably poro. Or Tibbers.
Poro lives at freljord, it's a little cold if you go there.
YoniBony (EUNE)
: Where do you live? What's your address? {{sticker:galio-happy}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Me or the poro?
TTashin (EUW)
: You're welcome. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Hahaha yeah now it's perfect
: Now I have a few questions… - Are those real notes? - How long did it take to withdraw them? - What?! Anywho, you have my vote.
Yes they are It took a long time for poro to get them... He was selling illegal cookies in howling abbys. And third.... 😎😎
Febos (EUW)
: You wouldn't mind me borrowing some of that, would you? Thanks!
I dont have a problem but ,sorry bro you must ask the Poro and the bodyguard Tibbers.
: So funny xD
You mean so thug maybe?
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: Zoe gets one. There was a video about skins a while back that showed the ssw skins and pp zoe.
yeah i saw that but usually rito previous seasons didnt get to long to give us pool party skins and map etc.
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MSF Ness (EUW)
: [Fanfiction Contest] VS Event 2018: The God-King story is waiting to be written!
Hello the words are 1110 with the introduction! hope you like it :3 Complete silence, but there was unease. Struck with almost unbearable pain Garen, the demacian warrior, stood in the middle of the Noxian camp fighting the guilt welling up within his strong heart. It wasn’t the sun dazzling him. It was the golden, blood covered pin furnished with the Demacian eagle. Hesitating, with a cold-stone look Garen kneeled down slowly to the enormous and messy pool of blood. For him, it was indeed tough to face and particularly accept the fact, that Jarvan now watches in internal peace over Demacia. Calmly closing his hand convulsively around the grisly pin, while his soldiers were speechless grieving gathered around closely at the murder scene. Even he was fighting the oppressive guilt, the Demacian Warrior slowly reared up in his mighty armor, pinning his sword into the dry ground and spoke with a reticent but strong voice: “A Demacian will never stand alone.” Garen couldn’t forget all the voices all the feelings all the faces he heard, felt, and saw some days ago.. His mind was stunned from all this. -TWO WEEKS AGO- When Garen came back he was searching for the prince Jarvan III. He ordered some soldiers to go search too. He was looking and looking. Suddenly he heard someone shouting: The prince! The prince has been shot! There! They start all to run to the direction that he has point but when they went the prince was missing…. Garen said the soldiers to keep looking until they find him. When he return to palace the people of Demacia was asking where is the prince. Garen had to lie and tell them that he is in the palace, but he is been shot and they where trying to save his life. After a week and with no sign of Jarvan, Garen decided that he must call the people and tell them that the prince is dead. Garen gathered the people in the yard of the palace “This is the hardest thing I had to do in my life. I have to tell something that I still can’t accept or believe is true. The prince Jarvan III is dead. We lost the heart of Demacia. We lost a great warrior. We lost a great leader. We lost our friend. I, Garen Crownguard, citizen of Demacia, will never forget Jarvan III, and never stop feeling guilty of the fact that I wasn’t right by his side to protect him. I will give my life to restore the death of Jarvan III with my own life. I will go to fight until my last powers and my life for Jarvan III. I don’t call you to come with me. This is something I have to do.” Some people tried to stop him telling him that he is one of the greatest warriors that Demacia have and Demacia cant lost him too. Some people say to plan a attack and go together but Garen didn’t listen. His sister, Luxanna even though she wasn’t so close with her brother he couldn’t let that happen. She decided to go search for Jarvan right away. She left the city and start wondering in the jungle with her horse. After a while the leg of the horse has been hurt. She tried to find some place safe to stay for a while. As she was searching she find a cave that inside was seeing something like a fire. She went closely and saw a dragon woman thing and a man laying. Then she tried to go a little closer and saw the armor of the prince Jarvan III. She decided to show herself and go inside. “ Hey you ! This is our Prince. If you are the one that hurt our Prince I am going to fight you and take him back!” Lux said as she was a little anxious. “ Haha you are just a little girl. I am not afraid of you. And even if I was I saved his life! I found him with an arrow in his chest and bring him here to try to save him.” The woman said. “Oh ok. Then thank you. But I have to bring him back to the palace because they think he is dead and going to revenge his death to Noxus.” “I don’t think he can move yet girl.” “ I will think of something” “Look I can help you but you must promise me that you will not hurt me or let anybody does.” “Why anybody will want to hurt you?” The woman transform in a dragon. “ Oh ok I can see why you are believing this. Hm ok we have a deal I will protect you and you will care Jarvan.” “No we have to go help Garen.” Jarvan III said with all the power he got. -Back to Garen- At night Garen start his journey. He was determined to go to take revenge for his friend and nothing would stop him. And it was true. He went, and no one could stop him. He was one and they were thousand. After a while he was right out of the palace of Noxus. He shout. “I GAREN CROWNGUARD WILL MAKE NOXUS REGRET WHAT THEY DID”. After this he broke down the door and went in. After this completely silence. The soldiers was watching him and they were freezed. Darius and his smaller brother where sitting. In the door of the palace. Darius looked over his shoulder as he heard a faint, hoarse laugh. Full of enthusiasm, Draven swung his axes, threw a questioning glance at Darius. “It’s time, isn’t it, brother?” A short, ominous silence followed that question, Darius just gazed into the Distance. He turned around slowly and looked sternly into his brothers crazy eyes, while he stroke the ragged blade of his mighty axe with his bare hand - “It is time already,” After everything were all over, Garen shout: “A Demacian will never stand alone.” As he turn around he saw Jarvan III with her sister and the dragon-woman standing. Garen felt like he was just reborn. When they return to palace Jarvan III made a speech to his people. “ I Jarvan III, have to say a big thank you to all of you for helping me or care for me, and I feel very powerful when I have all of you here by my side. But, I have to say that Garen Crownguard prove that he is capable of earning the title of GOD-KING! And a big thank you to his small sister Luxanna, and Shyvana, because without them I wouldn’t be standing here. Thank you everyone. FOR DEMACIA”
: Friends and friends of friends upvoting. Or logging into smurf accounts and upvoting. Agreed, should not have so many as it is quite grammatically inept.
Doj (EUW)
: No offence but this reads like it was written by a 12 year old. Why does it have so many upvotes lol
i repespect your opinion thank you :) ( by the way at the rules of contest it says everyone can join besides their age)
BloopyLad (EUW)
: Quite the twist xD
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: Don't worry, you are not forgotten ^^ Unfortunately this one takes longer than usual :( It's never quite possible for us to predict when the Rioters have time to hand these prizes out.
OK great thanks 😊😊
: Alright, got you! :)
hey sorry if i bother you but i still don't have the chests. Is it only me or general you haven't give them yet?
If it is possible i would like 8 chests because i have already 51 keys fragments ! thank you so much =D
it is first time i win something and i dont know i am really really excited!
: Find the Champion - Round 2!
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
I didn't know about this and now it's the last Sunday but i hope maybe i can win it. (even of i know i wont but hope dies last)


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