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What are you guys on about its still here just not where friends are...Go to Add friends and scroll down and you will see it.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: dude why dont u %%%%ign understand riot wont even lsoe a single dollar guyes will still pay for the %%%%ign rp man not 8 years old but many people who cant buy skin casue in their country money value is too high why dotn u understadn isn it too hard ? 300 %%%%ing rp is nothing u are talking form the view point or riot u are riot ? or u are just a ordinary guy so pls dont tell stuped thigns u have no idea how enjoyable will this be )
You had money for a Pc but not for a skin that is worth like 2.5€ maybe? Irony at its pinnacle.
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: Shen post rework is a thematical failure and riot already agreed within the following weeks that his kit did not properly represent what he was pre-rework Now thats not to say that his kit doesnt work, it does. But the identity of Shen as a champion was further complicated by the introduction of a spirit blade in an already unique and odd combination of tank ninja support. I hope that riot will still reconsider changing some of his kit so that he can be better balanced for competitive play (which is the main reason for his many nerfs) aswell as normal play. The fact that they admitted to wanting to do this a while back actually frustrates me that it's gone under the radar for so long... but alas im holding my tongue and being patient. I used to be a Shen OTP but nowadays im rather reluctant to play him if only for nostalgia. I actually name changed from 'Shen' to 'Day' a while after the rework because I just couldn't back what direction the champion took... but I am hopeful for change in the future
I get that and I fully agree,Shen's rework was necesarry but very poorly done.I would even dare to compare Shen to Blitz not because his functionality but because of his squishyness.His Q is really good it adds some offensive aspect to his whole character.His W is really not anything special and its my least likeable ability in his whole kit,His E is good and im glad they kept it.And now here is the thing with his Ult-It.Makes.Him.Situational.You can almost never pick Shen SoloQ without having to be a goddamn machine to win the lane and constantly have the vision of the whole map,and even then you try to ult thinking:"Hm if there is 2 of us we could kill this dude".Then you come and guess what,the people back away when you give them shield.I really dont know what were they thinking with Shen's ult but it could be buffed or scraped,it is really too situational and I seriously dont like it
: he has his counters, he also counters others. his damage is good, his cc is good and his general stats are good. his winrate is solid and he has gamechanging potential. i've won several times with shen, i've carried a few times with shen, i've won several trades and lanes with shen but i've also lost with shen. how about YOU tell US why he needs a buff? edit: i dont understand all the downvotes, my reply is black and white and just for better understanding the discussion plus sharing my shen experience. you dont have to downvote just because my point of view on shen doesn't favor you. that's just petty
Im just gonna copy a very long answer if you want read it,maybe it will help you understand(Also Thanks to the guy below for letting me know how stupid I can be and finding my previous post{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ) Let me say something for the "Disguisting OP Q" Otherwise known as Vorpal Blade(I posted in NA that it would be a nice feature for a complete Melee champion to have one really low ranged attack,I know his Q is really good but they could replace his Q with his W cuz his W is really not something game changing if you are not against 5{{champion:11}} ):"Deals 60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+60% of ability power) magic damage to target unit."Alright that is AP."That unit becomes life tapped for 5 seconds, healing any champions who attack it for 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 (+ 1.5% of Shen's maximum health) health over 3 seconds."That ladies and gents was the core of Shen Support right there."If Vorpal Blade deals the killing blow, it will trigger 33% of the heal effect for Shen."Q would be his only save and grace after killing someone.You dont have a potential of 2v1 anymore(For major instances not even 1v1).I really dont see it being that destructive if it really is that OP OP then just lower it to be 60/100/130/170/210(+40% of ability power)That is still AP.So lemme ask you when did you ever build AP on Shen?I quite frankly saw that almost never(Excluding the trolls). Also If someone pokes you,your ulti is gone,and you can do nothing other than look like an idiot or escape with your E if you have a wall behind you,Engaging someone is like a battle of prayers where you are the one praying that someone else would just come and help you defeat literally anyone.You can go AD Shen but I generally see this more like a handicap than an useful thing to do(You may get some nice Assassinations on ADC...)HA SYCH you cant assassin anyone with this guy his Damage is laughable,once you used your Q there is nothing you can do other than taunt him and AA him till you die.Im being serious I have been maining this guy for so long and im literally praying that my enemies are braindead so I can get some easy kills so my team does not flame me for doing nothing.Also His Ulti Shield in late game is pretty much useless since people burn through it so fast and when they kill your dude you just stand and you can Do 1 of 2 things when the designated champion dies before you tp to him with your ulti:1. Flame him for not being prepared enough 2.Let them flame you for being useless Cheers {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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