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XanWing (EUW)
: Being Bronze
Unfortunately the majority of players have this kind of behavior. I was bronze last season and i know the feeling. Many players who managed to go to silver were so proud of their achievement that every time they queued up with a bronze player the got all mighty saying "You are a bronze player you don't know anything". Even thought the difference between bronze and silver is small. People get more arrogant in silver bronze and gold as i have noticed. I am platinum now and no one so far has ever bragged about it, even when they queue up in flex and normal with lower divisions. That also happens with toxicity in general the more you climb, you have less chance to meet toxic players. So you can imagine that being in bronze means that the chances to meet someone toxic are much higher. To tell you the truth i don't know why that happens maybe they try to make them self believe that they are actually very good players, thinking that they are never wrong and that is why every time they die they blame a random teammate. To be honest with you I would advise you to play normal and flex games with your friends to have fun. If you want to climb play in solo queue as usual but mute immediately any toxic player you have and try to help your team with your skills and positive attitude. That is what i was advised by many people from higher divisions than i am and it helped me a lot. Furthermore focus on your game find a way to improve your self. For example : 1. Never play with a locked camera. You can not see what your team is up to. 2. Use wards to get vision in the map. Buy control wards when you are out of free wards. 3. Watch mini map. So you can see if your jungle is in trouble or if a teammate wants help. 4. Focus on objectives kills don't always win he game. But dead turrets do. Most important is never let others influence your thinking, your mentality and your fun! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Because every champ has their powerspikes and playstyles, lux/jax/yi need to scale to become WAY stronger in mid/late game than Heca is in the early. > So why should no i one shot as lux or jax or yi @LEVEL 3 with boots of speed? Heca has good synergy with MS and predator works well for him and boots of speed help him to get a good burst. That's like asking: Why shouldn't I oneshot as darius @**LEVEL 2** with long sword, like Talon does?
You have a good point there.Thanks for the answer.
: It seems like Hecarim just came from base with probobly a kill from somewhere else. Seems like he got boots with predator, so your "no items" is a lie. Doe you were at 400 hp when the Q>E+Predator hit which will do around 350 dmg on hit. And as you Lux doesn't have much armor so it was an easy burst. Fun fact: Poke champions are the one who has to lowest defensive stats in the game, doesn't the name tell you that? And Hecarim is a champion who struggle with jungling, but essels in ganking. If you warded his blue. This wouldn't have happen. It's not about hecarim's damage, it's about you forgetting to ward properly.
My friend warded as you can see but i guess this horse fast as f****{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Where’s the one-shot?
ok not 100-0 then 80-0 in 1 sec.
Kalvix (EUW)
: So ye... not a 1 shot at not only did they have health missing a follow up rampage and hit was required to get the kill. Also you know what... I'd happily have E do reduced damage if it lasted longer and didn't have a 26s CD on the first level and not massively better later on. Hecarim is meant to be a mobile champion and that's the only skill he has to give him any real mobility (escape his R but thats on a mega CD and functions similar to Sejuanas dash in terms of moving about anyway so... ye). Also please note that is the ONLY good skill Hecarim has, rampage doesn't do enough damage and costs to much mana, spirits is only useful for the early jungle clear other than that it's not a thing you use really, and his R is handy to escape kind of (you can be hit while moving so you'll die mid animation most of the time) but the damage is laughable and the fear is 0.75 in a small circle, it only goes up to 1.5 if you use it as an engage at maximum range and as you also then need people to run in the right direct you need to make sure you land it behind them further reducing the area it hits in..
I guess you have a good point there.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dark Kimzark,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4ulo0weG,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-08-19T11:04:02.687+0000) > > also "no items" ... clearly he had boots already to unlock predator, which gives quite some extra damage when active... Indeed.
So why should no i one shot as lux or jax or yi @LEVEL 3 with boots of speed?
Cypherous (EUW)
: The beam is slightly below jhin, lux's R's particle does tend to make it look like something should have been hit, don't forget the isometric camera angle also makes these things look worse as if you were to look directly from above the beam would look even further away from jhin
it did hit pause the video and see that the R is over jhins leg, he even got the burn from my r look closely
: It missed, that's why it didn't do dmg. Cypherous explained already, but the view perspective of mobas can make some spells look like they hit even when they didn't, and vice versa.
lol it did hit pause the video and see that the R is over jhins leg, he even got the burn from my r look closely
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: There are new ones every year since the first set.
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: EUW is much more frustrating than EUNE imo. You get 1-2 very good players in one team then a bunch of people who are learning the game. The skill level is in general much higher. Lots of people have alt accounts in EUW from all over the place and play from silver up to gold. I met people that were diamond in other servers, high gold etc, high ranked in old seasons but retired and only played a few games very very often in my games and that from silver 5 to silver 1. Combine that with your team feeding like crazy and this meta and you're going to rage quit league cause you won't be able to carry anything and probably gonna get hardstuck in silver
Ohh that is bad, i guess i will play in NA then. Thanks for the advice.
: but at least you get less bad players as you did in bronze, don't you ? :D
Nope out of 30 games 27 felt like bronze. Feels bad.
: it should be like this all the time , I mean , in every game there are bad players or players who are pretty toxic and we cannot stop them xD
Yeah i know but i got from b4 to plat 5 dreaming of a better team and game play in general but this is just disappointing.
: plat EUW player here , would say at least 1 or 2 out of 10 games you got some flamers or trollers , probably slightly better overall, but I do somehow feel like I am playing in silver or playing against some kids for some games :(
So no difference at, all how can that be? Is the system that bad?
: I went form EUNE on EUW for the same reason. I find the playes on EUW server more chill and not so toxic. Maybe you can give it a try. Also you will gonna have high ping on NA so keep in mind this.
Are the players better in EUW?
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: Greetings. EUNE servers are having problems right now.
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Spearki (EUW)
: bot lane is mostly decided by the skill of the support regardless of the adc in solo q most times it's the support that decides how the lane is going to go in this meta so :)
I know i main sup but believe me that leona did nothing but flame me all game. I just initiated on the fight with a good r on Yi and everything went well leona was always 3rd on the engage
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: Everyone play ranked for any reason. Someone play for division, others for the victorious skin,others to become better players. And the fourth reason is to troll their teammates. I play ranked to become better player, but good division= good players in your game.
I hope if i ever get to diamond i will get to play better games cause so far i am not satisfied.
: You climb until you are the problem. And then you are stuck. It's (basically) the same at every MMR. What you have to understand is that this Silver III in your game didn't score 0/12 because he was bad. He scored 0/12 because he got matched up with a Gold IV. Or against someone who just "got his number". If you replace Silver III with Platinum III and Gold IV with Diamond IV it still works out the same. Things that gradually improve through the tiers are cs and warding. Kills/Deaths tend to be lower the higher up you are, but a lot less than you would think. Just take the #1 challenger player... his last games: 5/7/5 6/7/4 3/4/5 11/2/9 2/7/1 One of his last 20 games was a 0/7/0. Nothing about these scores tells you which tier he is.
Yeah i get it but i have to be really unlucky to get in 6 games in a row players who are having a bad game.
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: Well, since you only complained about positioning, maybe it was 1 game with your adc who got autofilled and went 0-10. Im the same, I can play every role on a very good level but, i think bronze 5 top lane main would rape my ass off.
Hahahah i hope not. I know some are auto filled but i am talking about those who are not. Dont get me wrong i have had 12 games on plat so far, give or take, in 2 of them i had some great adc and you could really tell the difference. BUt the thing is that in the rest no one ever said he was auto filled or even wanted to swap so i had to assume that they main.
: well the plat adc is against better people than the silver ones and adc carry is pretty shit in this high dmg meta (crit adc even worse) but next patch duskblade and dmg runes is gonna get some nerfs and the changes gonna indirect nerfs assains in the same time so i guess adc gonna get an easier time to deal dmg.
I hope that you are right. Because it is getting to support an adc now that everyone can one shot it.
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: Some poeple start rankeds, knowing that they will lose. Why even play Bard top, if you are experimenting, go into normal game, but even there people would flame you
You are probably right about the flaming in normal games but that usually happens if you teammates are low elo or have not played ranked games and take normal games too seriously. If that happens mute them and you are right people should not try new ideas in ranked.
: I think that he will be in the game when the new season starts, so we will be add somewhere between the end of this season and the start of the new one.
so in 3 months give or take?
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: I would never dodge a bard top.
Believed me you should
iSneez (EUNE)
: no
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: Server issues - loss prevent system was triggered.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its because loss prevention was enabled due to issues with the ranked queue, all LP gained from wins is halved and all LP lost is set to 0 for matches that are running while loss prevention is enabled
: ***
wtf dude sorry i can not let u write these stuff in my discussion.
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: We already kinda have that. Mewokai and kinda definetly not udyr. Both are wearing sleeping onesis.
I did not know that those skins were Pajama themed. But I really wanted to see a Pajama Party Lee sin skin to be honest
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: Wait wait wait, for years we had 6bans,3 bans per team (and only first 3 guys could do that) , now when riot listen us to give 10 bans,5bans per team you ask to give you 2 more? Isn't it a little greedy? And if you know that your team bans yasuo or akali , why you ban then? Reserve ban with yasuo, and in last second or when your team ban 4 other champs change to some other champ and let your enemy ban yasuo. Ez
Hahah true but i can not risk it, because the enemy team always has a god yasuo and mine has a trashuo. But i agree 10 bans are really good but the new akali is too broken, so it is a -1 ban that is my point here.
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NocaNoha (EUNE)
: Maybe not level 3, but instead, it requires a certain amount of games? Like, if you are willing to use "autofill" it should probably mean that you have played with that champion at least 10.. maybe 20 games on Summoners Rift [ARAM/Game modes excluded]?
Yeah i agree with you level 3 might be a bit much
Zulkrix (EUW)
: good luck i was p4 dropped to p5 75 lp and then i took a break now im scared i lost what it takes to continue to climb :(
We all take brakes at some point, I think you are afraid to play cause you assume you will get demoted to gold. But don't worry play a some flex games regain your skill and return on solo/duo.
Yraco (EUW)
: S3 here but I was hardstuck bouncing between S5 and S4 0lp so I think I'm doing something right.
Yeah i know the feeling of being stuck . I was stuck in g5 and after getting to G3 for the 3rd time everything worked out. Best of luck yo your climbing
: Well done
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